Monday, November 26, 2007

Buzz Buzz, Honk Honk, Gobble Gobble

Wow its been forever since I had a chance to sit here and blog.
Lets see..

Oh yeah..the title of this's an update...

1). We took the kids to go see Bee Movie..I have a obsession with Jerry Seinfeld and the kids wanted to see it too. So off we went to the theaters..(mind you this is Jack's first time ever in a movie theater..we brought a bag of M&M's to bribe him in case he got restless...I know I know..we're the best parents ever!!)

And my final synopsis...

Biggest waste of fifty freaking bucks! (Yep..cost that much for a family of four plus the snack bar.. jumbo diet Pepsi for $4.50 and then there is the nasty ass popcorn we all shovel down mindlessly while watching the 72 thousand previews). Disappointment is putting it lightly...I mean hey its starring Jerry Seinfeld..its gotta be funny, right? Justin and I laughed maybe twice. It just was dull and lacking. I was so bummed. But I still love Jerry..and I still want the dvd set of Seinfeld..that's the only show that makes me laugh..(so hubs..if you're reading this..hint hint!)

Moving on..

2) The Mother Goose Parade...

was fun I guess if you like seeing your tween and a few friends go ga-ga over stuck up celebrities such as Jesse McCartney and Emily Osmit..both of them had their nose so high up and gave this half ass wave to the adoring fans. Pft..whatever.

And finally

3) Thanksgiving.. so totally rocked..besides the fact our family wasn't here, it was pretty tasty. I made more cheeseball, then I wanted to make pumpkin pie, but Justin hates that so I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies..

Those were so good..and we are definitely making those again.

Then I made some herbed butter to baste the big guy with. I ordered a 24lb free range turkey from the health store down the way..

I chopped up some fresh rosemary, sage and thyme and mixed them in the melted butter, then stuffed the turkey with carrots celery onions and sprigs of thyme..


I also have done lots of shopping from the comforts of my home. Thank goodness for amazon and

Next weekend we are putting up the tree. Oh yeah..we bought Lily a new bed at Ikea..a double size, then got her the bedding she wants.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Jack's 'Cool Dude' Haircut

This morning I took Jack to the haircut Store for a much needed trim. He was a little nervous at first because he thought we were going to the Barber again where there are many old Italian men who wear way to much cologne and are loud and boisterous. Nice indeed, but frightening for Jack. He settled down when he saw all the women there..he asked me calmly "Wheres the guys Mom?" I let him know (for the 24th time) that we weren't at the barber and its different here. He settled in nicely and was so coy with all the gals who gave him the puppy-eyed faces and blew kisses. Seriously, it was kinda weird. Anyway, the lady who did his hair was awesome and new just how to win him over. She let Jack squirt me with the water bottle. A woman after his heart! After being doused for a few minutes he let her finish his hair. After getting 2 balloons for being such a doll, he told me on the way home that he had 'cool dude' hair. Haha

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mid Week Babel

Today is my least favorite day of the week. Don't really have a legit reason..just don't like it. My favorite day is Thursday. I love it..perhaps because the next day is Friday..or maybe because its my night for quality shows, and my personal favorite. Most of the time Justin watches ugly Betty w/ me, Lily is sleeping by then and Jack..well he should be sleeping, but most of the time he is lingering about and may fall asleep on the couch. I refuse to watch my shows in the bedroom because when you have this, why watch it on something that seems to feel like this in comparison? Snobbish I know.
Today is actually going smoothly..I am just waiting for something to go amiss. Lily did all the normal stuff she is expected to do in the morning...(perhaps its because I told her if she does it all without me telling her she could play Peggle.
Bribery works wonders.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I was asked out!

I was asked out on an official date! By the cutest guy you'd ever seen! No, no not this guy and not these guys was
It was so sweet. I was in the living room, cleaning up half-assed and listening to some music while Jack disappeared in his room for about 10 minutes. He came up to me and said
"Go put your costume on, we go on know at my restaurant."
Upon entering his room I found this

He set everything up for us to dine on SpongeBob table.

I was so impressed!

Return of the Beastie

Awhile back I may have posted that we got an iguana. Kamajii. Exciting at first, but then became just another chore for me because I had to feed him/her during the day..make sure the temperature was just right,and ya know up the reptile terds.
Eventually when he/she was bigger Justin made Kamajii a leash from my knitting yarn and let him roam about the house. It was so funny, the kids got a kick outta that.
Then the time came where Kamajii was being a asshole and whipping Justin with his tail and biting his fingers a few times..basically just being his wild beastie self, so with much thought we turned Kamajii loose in the back yard to be free. It was warming up and becoming springtime.
Months went by with Justin coming home from work and roaming out to the back and looking up in the trees to see his scaly friend. At times when it was warm..well actually hot..Justin would spray the trees and Kamajii would emerge and drink till his heart content. One hot summer afternoon when Hubby was doing his manly duties and tiding up the back yard..he decided to cut off some dead branches from the tree out there. (Mind you a few weeks if not a month or so have passed by this time). After he finished sawing a big branch, down plopped Kamajii right in front of Justin. Feeling like it was a sign, perhaps meant to be, my sweet little hubby scooped him up and off I went to storage to gather that tank and all the needed accessories to house the iguana.
I was in charge of feeding him, he needed fresh water and fresh veggies. He even ate better than we did at times.
Once again..we realize he is just a wild beastie and should be free..he must have been doing just fine because he survived this long out there, right?
Farewell Kamajii..again.
Now back to date..this past Saturday we were getting ready for Lily's friend to come for a play date and cleaning up a bit. Justin was watering the backyard and picking up miscellaneous toys covered in dirt. I just happened to glance outside the back door in my room and on the flowerbed bricks was a HUGE iguana. I thought for a moment that it was Jacks toy one..but then some sense came over me and I realized it was no that big and not that bright green and then I could muster up was to shriek like a fool"Holy Moly! Look at that!"
lol Justin'bout crapped his pants when he saw Kamajii staring him down. After all this time..again hes alive..he has doubled in size and he lived in our backyard!
Guess what I am doing next? I am trucking it to my storage room and lugging that bigass, heavy glass tank thingy back to the house and to start this whole fiasco over again.
So ya, we have beastie back, for the time being anyway.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Needing More..

I take a step outside myself often. I look and wonder. Is this where I am suppose to be? Doing this? Being a stay at home mom, managing a apartment complex? I don't feel 'right'. What I really want to be doing is not feasible at this time. I want and need to do humanitarian work. I can't really do this when I have young children. When they grow older I made a promise to myself to finally do something for me. I want to go on the Heifer Study Tours..I want to travel to either Kenya or Honduras. I want to help people. I want to get the training and learn sustainable agriculture and pass it on to those who so desperately need it for achieving self-reliance. I want to be there while helping build shelter for those orphaned children in Uganda who's parents have passed from Aids. This to me is the meaning of life. Helping. Doing what I can. We are so privileged in America..the country of plenty. Everyday we take the simplest things for granted. Like the basic nourishment of life. Food. I can do nothing but weep as I write this because it is so dear to me and its all I want. Ultimately I want my children involved but obviously they are too young. When they are older I would want nothing more than for all of us to be apart of a bigger picture and help..feed the world.
Everyone gets in the mode, especially during the holidays, of thinking of all the things they 'want'
for Christmastime. Obviously me included..I could go on and on of the items I would fancy that I think would my my life knife set, a mixer, hell even a composter would be awesome..throw in a set of organic towels and you'd have one happy lady. Right? Not really. I think I would be happy. But ultimately I would not, no matter how much stuff one gets, there is always more, its not good enough. The Dali Llama put it so eloquently when he said in a speech...'Those who are poor are happier than the rich. The poor have nothing to lose. The rich, well they have everything to loose and keep wanting more and more. The poor only want what is needed to get by.' In India, the most poverty stricken country in the world, there is a plethora of poor with smiles on their face and warmth gleaming from their eyes. I guess they realize that only inner peace lasts, all else is meaningless. In the West we are materially blessed, and spiritually lost.

Smooth Sailing..

Last night was much better, Jack didn't cough one time, but Justin and I were still on edge because his breathing was labored. We gave him the albuterol a few times. Whew.. what a weekend.
I can't believe the Chargers won last night against the was so by accident too..our defense was awesome..offense sucked ass.
The Colts punter missed..twice! AND.. Peyton freaking Manning threw 6 interceptions! HA! I hate that guy..and all his dumb-ass commercials..
So, yay.. today good, no coughing, no puking, and we beat the Colts..!
I am watching the neighbor boy for a few hours today..other than that nothing scheduled for the day.
Oh yeah... Justin bought Ratatouille last week and it was so funny! I absolutely loved it. I guess when you have 5 White Russians anything is hilarious!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sick Season Sucks..

This is the time of year which I dread. The rush, rush of the find that perfect gift, people are out fighting each other over a sale item at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving, and then on top of that its 'flu season' Bah.
Lily was out all last week except for Friday due to a terrible cold and this incessant cough. Shes pretty much better now..the stupid cough is still lingering though. And now Jack. He has it. He was up all night coughing and had the most snot imaginable. And to top it off, this morning he pukes all over me. Weee~!~~ Fun times!
I am not sure whats going on. I don't think its the stomach flu, he ate some granola this morning. Also he had some Kefir and I put Cherry Bark in maybe that made him throw up?? He has complained of his throat..I can't see anything in there though..I thought it could be strep and I was looking for little white pustules. Sigh...
Another long week in store for us over here. Blah..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The floor does exist!

I have been on strike from cleaning the kids rooms. I am so sick of it, so I officially announced my strike sometime last week..or the week before..can't remember.
And to my astonishment, they both cleaned their room today (Jack had dads help). I couldn't believe my eyes! I was simply amazed to see the floor again. Its been what seems like eons since that has happened. You see when Jack 'cleans' his room, he gathers up all the random toys that have been lingering the the living room and he puts him right in his door way. When all said and done, its about 3 1/2 feet tall and blocks the whole damn doorway. Anyone daring to enter, literally has to hurdle the gigantic pile and hope for the best.I just keep the doors closed. My efforts are wasted when I tidy because 16 seconds later the room is destroyed and we are back to square one.
Lily, well lets just say when she cleans ,her closet and underneath her bed become prime hiding spots for miscellaneous toys/clothes and whatever else.
I had to share with you this sight. Yes..clean rooms.. I needed to take a picture because that will last longer!

Stupid Americans..

Friday, November 9, 2007

Drama Queen of Mine

Today Justin and I went to the meeting with Lily's teacher to see how shes progressing in the 3rd grade. She did pretty good. She is actually on Honor Roll! Fabulous. She definitely needs help in shock there..and...(drum roll please!)
The teacher said that we need to be careful because " Lily is a drama queen." LOL No Shit..
I was shocked that the teacher said that though. I almost peed myself when she did and I tried hard not to burst out laughing like a complete idiot.
Justin liked her. She is VERY tough and has high expectations of these little tweens and she should. I am proud of her..she is good..and of course she is milking it big time. She wants this bedding set and since she made the honor roll it only seems just to purchase this for her. Funny how her little drama queen mind works. That's my girl. :)

Ode To The Hubs

This post is dedicated to my husband of 12 years, Justin.
Today marks our 12 years anniversary, and what an amazing ride its been. We were engaged while I was a junior in high school. Everyone I knew said how dumb I am and how it would never last. Ha! I was the only one in the career and family development class that really needed the help. Justin and I moved out on our own when I was a senior and had our own apartment. After school when most of my hoodlum friends would head to the park across the street to smoke a joint or just loiter..I tracked off to work at my first job..cashiering at Target.
Justin is the yin to my yang..we are seriously polar opposites, but yet we balance each other out. I can't imagine my life with anyone else. He listens to my silly issues I struggle with..always gives the most logical advice time and time again.
I think I bring out the more sensitive side in him(sounds cheesy I know) but its true. Feelings/ emotions..the whole nine yards.
And his innate playing skills are seriously phenomenal. He is so a kid at heart and I just love that in him. He has blown all of expectations of what I thought a father should be like out the freaking window. Seeing him with the children and how much they adore him, makes my heart curl up and feel all squishy and you know..weepy and reach for the tissue.
I love him more now than ever. I am looking forward to us growing old together. Another road..another odyssey waiting for us to go hand in hand. I love you now and forever

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creature Comforts...

Today was the absolute perfect day..for chowder. It was cold, grey and dismal..I just loved it. I took the kids to the market..(yep, Lily stayed home again..but back to school tomorrow for sure) and stocked up on supplies. We also made a apple pie.
Being the superb wife that I am I phoned hubby at work telling him the feast I was making would be so swell with a nice hard stout. Hesitate he did not.
The house was just say those with sensitive sniffers would probably be nauseous..a mixture of bacon, apples and spices and clams filled the air this afternoon. Blah...
I bought tiny sourdough bowls and filled them with clam chowder and topped with crispy bacon. It was so freaking cute.. Justin felt a little sad as the actual sourdough round was pretty much wasted. I mean we used the tops to soak up some stoup (term from Rachael Ray) but the rest was just decorative.
The pie was yum. I used a top crust and one for the bottom. next time I will just use one for the top because the bottom one was kinda soggy and seemed not cooked all the way... top it off with vanilla bean ice cream and who could refuse?
Tomorrow Justin and I go meet Lily's teacher for a conference. Quick stop at Starbucks first and we should be there at 830am. I need my pumpkin spice latte. I can't wait until December when they start having the eggnog. I order eggnog chai latte and it is insanely deliciously. Today I bought some pumpkin eggnog at the store. Justin hates anything w/ pumpkin and or chai. Such a travesty.

Busy Mom = Happiness?

I have read a few other posts, and also just talked to a dad about this so I thought what a good topic for a blog.
Growing up I was never involved in sports, no cheer, no extra stuff. once I tried out for track but miserably failed because I was coughing a lung because I smoked..(hey c'mon, I was like 15)I tried out for gymnastics but pulled something in my leg. I look at other families and see them,
..with busy in girl scouts, sons in baseball, mom's in a book club, whatever..and from the outside it looks so good and I feel so envious.
I have the absolute opposite problem., I am so not busy. Well besides the usual cooking, cleaning and rushing off to the market for a forgotten item for the nights meal, I am not busy. I am bored. Lily was in karate for like 2 seconds..and she no longer went..mainly because we kinda forgot..Practice was every Tuesday at 5. She missed one because she was sick, then another because we had to go somewhere..can't remember where.. .and of course Lily said she would rather go with us in hopes to obtain a new toy or something. I look at her and she is a thriving beautiful, blossoming young girl..she seems why is it that I feel the need to have her involved in stuff? Because I wasn't?
We are Never busy..its such a big deal when some of Justin's friends come for football..I love thinking up the menu...preparing, you know the whole ten yards. Justin loves this. He doesn't mind that we don't entertain often or go out with I am sure you got the hint that he is such a opposite of me. I am the extrovert of the bunch..I love people..(well most anyway) I am chatty..gimme a cocktail and I won't shut up. Justin and his whole family are introverts. After all these years it seems like since I have been 'stuck' at home( I mean that in the best of ways possible..I am so blessed to stay home and raise my children) I feel like I am forced to become something I am not. I sometimes leave the television on for that adult conversation. matter how cheesy it is like on Days of Our Lives ..I feel a little better. Having a 3 year old to converse with all day..well lets just say it can drive you crazy.
My point to this whole thing is a busy mom happier? If I get Lily in activities with things be better? Will having Jack in pee wee soccer settle my need for busyness? Should I join a moms group? I think it just boils down to me getting the car. Then I can get the heck outta dodge. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sick of everything...

Lily stayed home from school, just like yesterday. She has a bad cough and is congested. School does that to a kid. During the illnesses..but seriously after a week in school its cold after stinks..and ofcourse double trouble because whatever Lily gets she brings home and so lovingly passes it off to Jack.
Besides, they aren't doing much in class..same ol' this, test you on it the next day..memorize this..test..very routine.
I have been considering trying the homeschool thing once more. Jack is older now and not constantly on my boob so I could actually do lessons and he could do some things too!
I discussed this with Lily and she firmly refuses. Who knows..maybe she'll reconsider. Hopefully by the time 4th grade comes I will have a car and she may want to homeschool and we have all kinds of field trips to attend. I would sign her up for a charter school just like last time.
The kids are out in the back yard playing. I am making baked chicken, some Asian coleslaw and some organic steamed broccoli for dinner. Justin is buying Ratatouille and we'll watch that with the kids tonight.
Lily should be going to school tomorrow..but that's what I thought yesterday too..seems to get worse at night..It definitely could be a result of all the crap that is still in the air from the fires.
I am starting to feel kinda sad lately..things are weird. I don't like how early it starts to get dark..our garden has died, and I am seeing Christmas commercials! Already! The day after Halloween... Christmas. Already. Not. Even. Thanksgiving. What. The. F*%#K?
I don't want my kids to want so many material things. Its hard. Television plays a HUGE part in that. Jack is only 3 and starting to say " Oh mommy I want that..and that ...and that!" I am limiting their TV viewing..Lily watched Hannah Montana..fine but then there are the commercials. That's what I don't like. Most if not all are for some ridiculous toy, sugary foods or how cool it is to eat at some fast food joint. I don't want to be the mean mom that doesn't let their kids watch television...but its getting so outta hand. Alot of the times the TV is on discovery channel, national geographic and/or food network..which is my favorite. I suppose I can just turn the dern thing off. I would like to go for a week w/o TV. What would we do? What kind of activities? Hmm..And sheesh..what about my shows. I mean Thursday..Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy.??? I need my fix of grown up shows and not little tweens on Disney channel or Little Bill..or Max and Ruby.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Proud..

I was very worried about what we were going to do about Halloween. We were invited to Justin's boss house in Alpine. Beautiful, huge..perfect, home. Jack was already mad and said he didn't want to go and be around all kinds of people. We told him a few days in advance. Fought it tooth and nail. Justin went to work on Halloween until 10am and then headed up to Alpine to help with the decorations and whatnot's. He came to pick the rest of us up at 4ish. We got outta of the truck and headed toward the house..(they have a huge drive-way). We wanted to go while it was still light so Jack could see all the decorations and not freak. He loved it. All of it! Not scared at all. He talked to everyone..played with another little girl and had a great time. You would have never known he is or was terribly shy.
On the way there I realized I left my camera behind. Sigh..
Jack was a fireman of course and Lily was a corpse bride. They both looked great! I am so proud of Jack. Justin even said we just need to get him out and around lots of people and he would get used to it and sure enough that's what happened. We were home at 830pm. On the way home Lily felt kinda sick and started to cry.. said her tummy felt weird and her head hurt. When we got home, she brushed her teeth, showered and went to bed. She was just fine. It was past her bedtime and she was way overstimulated so thats probably what happened.
So far, shes had maybe 3 pieces of candy. Jack has had one tiny pack of M and M's 9his fav). She picked out 3 other pieces she wanted and the rest is gonna go.
Today Justin was going to surprise us with a trip to Legoland..until he went online and saw that it would be $204 for all of us just to get in the damn park..
I would rather have a new coffee table for that price, the kids could play Lego's here...hahaha