Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally updated!

Finally I have a moment where I can add a few things. The holidays came and went..(I must say I am so glad its over!)Kids didn't even give a crap about the stuff they got..seriously..in the middle of opening presents Jack throws a gift down and asks if he can go play Donkey Kong...
So yeah..good bye holidays..
I am so ready for Spring..and warmer weather..and more importantly gardening! We are going to do container gardening this time and I can't wait.
In other news I started hiking with a good friend from work..(Hi Kara!) So far we have only been twice..but we shall continue, hopefully conquering a new place each weekend. I've lost 6 pounds which is awesome and better yet, Justin even wants to hike! He even bought himself some hiking shoes! :)

Now..onto some food...

First up is a wicked good Philly Cheese Steak Sammy...
*Thinly slice one onion and one green pepper

*Drizzle in some oil in a hot skillet

*Saute until onions are translucent(maybe 10 minutes)

*Next up add in some sliced roast beef..I get mine at the deli counter at the local grocery store. It tastes better than the pre packaged crap.

*Cook until thoroughly heated..then add some A-1 sauce...

*Slice open a long roll and add some Provolone and Munster,

put it under the broiler for like 2 minutes until its all eewy gooey, melted.

*Pile up the meat and veggie mixture over the top..

*Enjoy...p.s. have the napkins handy..this is disgustingly messy!

Now..for something a little more healthy...
*For lunch today I gathered these items...

3 parsnips, one celery root..(that's the weird monstrosity sitting there) and 3 potatoes.

*Clean and peel all veggies. Be prepared to get a serious workout when shredding these..that celery root is a bitch to grate! Use your cheese grater.

*Put all this in a bowl and add some salt, pepper and olive oil.

*Heat your skillet with some spray and throw down a pile of that shredded goodness. Cook for about 5ish minutes on one side..(you'll see it turning golden brown..that's when you flip it)

Cook for another 5 minutes.

Add some sides if you want..I used a bit of sour cream and fire roasted salsa..

Lily LOVED this...Jack..well whatever..hes so freaking picky these days..
I made some Oatmeal Scotties for a man at Justin's work..he always loved it when I made those, so he got a huge tin for Christmas...
Kids put together a authentic German gingerbread house...
and finally, Santa was pleasantly surprised when he stopped by our pad... :)

That's all for now..I will be a regular blogger again..now that all the holiday stuff is over...pinky swear!