Friday, May 30, 2008

Thats a 'Good Thing"

1) Finally got my damn Costco membership..(gotta love that place, I mean c'mon, who doesn't want a 5 lb gigantic can of Pork N' Beans)

2). Justin's sister and her cute lil' family will be coming for a visit in August. Haven't seen those folks for almost 3 years! (My niece and Jack are 11 hours apart!!) I miss them so much..they were the only ones we hung with and had over for my peeps!!

3). Have a party to attend tomorrow with the menu consisting of carna asada and all the fixin's...oh yeah...bring it on..

4). My house is clean, fed my crew, off for a bike ride..(wait can I even ride a bike anymore?) and back for a gig with my band...its been a while since we rocked out.

5) Its Friday!!!

Here's a pictures of my babies..(shockingly they aren't at each others throat for the moment I took this.).didn't last long though, Jack hit Lily , she screamed, pushed him, he yelled and got in a good pinching and took off...ahhh the joys of sibling rivalry. This was at 7:12am and I can pretty much guarantee they woke many neighbors... thank goodness I am the manager..hee hee!!!

And here is the 'oh so innocent' child who had nothing to do with spilling my coffee, pulling Lily's hair..oh and using marker on his bed sheets.
Mr. Mischievous at his best...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Grub....

Last night a made Chicken Tortilla Soup. I had never had that before and it sounded great. Justin grumbled a bit when I told him what was for dinner, and funny thing he ate two helpings..this was definitely a winner. Lily liked it at first, but then she realized she hated cilantro, so Justin made her another bowl and she gobbled it up. Jack..he ate the avocado out of it and snubbed the rest. Little stinker.

I refuse to make more than one dinner..sounds mean maybe..but the rule is you have to at least try it..and if you absolutely hate don't have to eat it. Jack asked daddy for something else to eat, because he knows I am NOT a short order cook and will not make multiple meals just to satisfy everyones palate.

The soup was awesome.....thick and hearty. It cooked in the slow cooker for 3 hours. I sliced up corn tortillas in strips to put on top of the shredded chicken and tomatoes. Then there was the cilantro, monteray jack cheese and avocado with lime when I was ready to serve it. Unfortunately the picture turned out blurry..guess I was in a hurry to eat it up.

Tonight's menu

..Cream Cheese Chicken w/ Broccoli....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Day

On Memorial Day we didn't anything exciting. Justin felt a little under the weather. We went and did the weeks worth of grocery shopping. Then I kicked it into high gear. I hate laying around doing nothing. Unless I am sick or have a severe case of PMS, I am a much happy person if am doing things, weather it be mundane things like cleaning, paying bills, whatever..that's just the way I roll.
I did 6 loads of laundry, washed all the kids bedding, made 4 dozen oatmeal scotties (why 4 dozen I have no idea..that's how many the recipe turned out)..

simmered a sauce all day

for a chicken pot pie.

After what seemed like a whirlwind of activity I finally sat down for a few only to realize I had to get up and get the laundry out of the dryer..ugg...I don't mind laundry at all, in fact I rather enjoy it, but I loathe the folding of the boring.
Then I bathed the kids and made tuna salad for Lily's lunch.

When all said and done I was completely wiped out and Justin made me a 'milky' (my term of endearment for a White Russian). Then settled in for some trashy, reality TV while the children read books.
Totally lovin' productive days!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Fun

Saturday while playing with the kids, Lily declared she wanted short hair. Like right that very moment. I took her to the hair salon where they cut her locks and gave her a really cute bob. I think this style is so fitting for Lily. She absolutely loves it and wants to keep it this way. Fine by there will be no arguments in the morning about hair styles and tangles. Here is the before and after shots.

Being a long weekend we thought it would be fun to have Lily's buddy come over and spend the night. I wanted her to have some fun because that potluck we were planning was canceled due to the cold rainy weather. Not really appropriate for taking a swim.
I took the girls to Blockbuster and loaded up on movies. They insisted on Bambi, Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, and Labyrinth. I got some weird freaky indie movie called Teeth. I have yet to watch that one. Here is the girls pre movie night mayhem...

And finally we got around to taking these kiddos bowling. The website said $4 per person. However when we get there it was $40 something! And that was only for a 1/2 hour I think. Not to mention Jack couldn't bowl because they didn't have shoes small enough for him. SO we said forget this and walked over to this place called the Boardwalk. Basically a ginormous arcade. Loud, crowded and completely ghetto, we followed the kids around for 45 minutes as they bounced from game to game totally ignoring us. Surprisingly Jack did well considering the sound in there was so loud you basically had to shout to communicate to one another. There was a bazillion kids running around snot nosed and bare-footed with no parent in site. I can't emphasize enough how ghetto this place was..and about 70% of the games didn't work. Luckily we only spent $10 in that hell hole.

Next time we will definitely go miniature golfing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Napoleon and the stash....

Jack LOVES Napoleon Dynamite..he says he is just so funny..and look at Jack..with his little red helmet....take a moment and say awww...Napoleon is his hero..that I just need to get Jack some of those crazy boots.

And this is Jack's stash...he has more than this..but some are in the bedroom and some have broke due to me being clumsy and stepping on them, hot wheels become lodged in my foot..oh so fun.

I had to take that picture and clean up quick..Salsa was coming over thinking it was lunch time.

Sad, Sad Day

This is my Thursday morning round up.....
Jack was riding his scooter out front while I was chugging some coffee watching him. I was twirlin' my hair and gazing at the black beetle that was crawling on the stairs. Then I glanced at my hair. Starring back at me white as snow was one gnarly gray-ish, white-ish strand of my locks.
I thought to myself it was just a really, really blonde piece. My hair is light brown with tons of reddish blondish colors. Whatever. I don't color my hair..its from the sun.
At closer inspection I came to the grim reality that it is indeed a white hair. White.
I was so desperate in thinking..'hey earlier I was hugging Salsa so maybe it was her hair...' yeah that sounded good. But common sense kicked in unfortunately..shes a short hair hound damn it.
Dude, I'm only 31. I phoned hubs in desperation to spill out my sorrows. Instead of consoling me and hearing me out..he laughs. Thanks for the support dude.
I have saved this hair and it is currently taped to my computer desk whipping in the wind. I will show it to Lily upon her arrival from school and let her know soon I will look like Gandolf if she keeps stressing me out.
Guess its time to get to know Nice and Easy.
This day is starting off fabulously.

Schmoozing with the grown ups..

Tonight is Lily's open house at her school. There is a PTA meeting first, then you head off to the classroom and mingle with the teacher and all the soccer moms. Lucky me.

This is when the kiddos shine and show off to the parent folk all the hard work they have been doing over the year.
Lily is thrilled.
Me..not so much. I mentioned to Justin that I should stay home with Jack..because there is some movie to be shown and I brought up that fact the Jack would not sit still for it and make a big fuss.

Most of that is true.
He'll do his usual routine where he gets shy..and freaks a little due to the volume of humans wondering aimlessly around a over-crowded, stuffy ,classroom.
I want to see Lily's prized possessions at school..I really do. But to actually have to talk to other moms and pops and seem somewhat normal is making me wanna hurl.
I long for more adult interaction..because as all you know..I am slowly but surely going insane having only a 3 year old and a barfing dog to hang with.
But damn it I am picky. I have friends..or shall I say acquaintances.
I have the one friend..shes nice and all but dude..she definitely holds the record for the worst parenting skills. ....ever.
Won't get into details now..saving that piece of work for another post.

Then of course there is the 'organic or nothing' friend.
I understand her an extent..being semi-health conscious and all..but..I will eat a freaking whopper and I will enjoy every juicy, beefy morsel of that chemically laden cow damn it. Then as her eyes widens in horror I fully intend to chuggalug a ginormous diet Pepsi. Perhaps after all said and done I will sit back and have me a couple two -three beers, and put my hand down my pants and chill in the recliner... that friend didn't last too long if you catch my drift.
Don't forget the 'holy than thou' friend who is so upset because she knows for a fact that I will be charred to a crisp in the depths of hell because I am not a Christian.
Oh how she pity's me.
I really get a kick outta that one..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the OMG WHAT THE HELL!!

The good..
thank goodness we have such a tolerant dog..any animal that is willing to put up with Jack is a saint in my book. Maybe she likes it..its a hot wheel massage...
The Bad....

While outside yesterday Salsa decided it would be a genius idea to sneak into Lily's room and snag some random toy. Who knows how much she ate of this..I don't even know what the hell it is. Needless to say..puking ensued in the wee hours of the morning.

And finally the ''omg what the hell"
While talking to food lady at my door about the yummy pasta she was giving me..Jack asked if he could paint again. I said no being the mean horrible mom that I he plots his evil revenge and plops himself down right in the living room and starts to dump out paint on the carpet. When I realized what he had done I think I had a small coronary...I was about to grab food lady's cane because I almost collapsed to the floor.

Granted its kiddie paint and washable..well apparently it's false advertising because I couldn't get that shit out the carpet for the life of me. Yes I know it looks small..but it smeared into a giant footlong it looks like a murder scene in my livingroom.

So yeah...he'll have to wait until kindergarten for more painting classes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday

Today Jack and I felt our inner artist shinning after visiting my home away from home....
(oh..that's not me in the photo..but I guess you knew that because who would be taking the picture right?...'ahemm'..yeah glad we cleared that up)
-we got down and dirty and did a crap load of sidewalk chalk..fortunately for you I forgot to photo those..

Then we went out front and busted out the paint and my little budding Picasso went to town. I LOVE his work..

Food lady came over with the fantastic news that she is cooking me some pasta salad complete w/ fresh mozzarella and salami...swwweeeeettt!!!
Jack and I cruised over to Blockbuster..I rented 'No Reservations'..its all about food, AND hes in it....
I fancy him..he was great in 'Erin Brocovich' and freaking hilarious in 'Thank You For Smoking'...

Jack wanted Jay Jay The Jet Plane..but god those talkin' planes..have you seen the faces on those things?..creepy..not to mention those shifty eyes..
He settled on a movie with cats and dogs..ironically its called Cats and that's a real winner..haha
I am being instructed to play hot wheels now..ciao!

Just some food stuff..

Over the hot- ass weekend I managed to get my butt in the kitchen and start creating. Not that the following are any fabulous, one of a kind decadent meals or anything.. but hey they were pretty tasty nonetheless

First up we have some Picante' Lime Chicken...totally scrumptious and spicy...of course my kids have to put cheese and gobbs of sour cream. Apparently they haven't acquired a refined palate yet.. ah well.

Next up..
Mommy's lunch..hee hee'
Totally kidding...(although I did have my fair share of vodka tonics to cool down this weekend.)
Moving on..its suppose to be mixed vegetable quesadillas...which contain..artichoke hearts, red onion, roasted red bell pepper, chilies and of course the chicken and cheese. These ones in particular went without the hearts and onion....didn't have onion and was already hot and irritated in the kitchen and didn't feel like adding another step..oh well they still kicked ass.
Oh yes..the wild caught was decent..nothing to write home about..doused it with lemon and put on some fresh chopped was OK..the hubs liked it more than I did though...

And last but certainly not least organic home-made chocolaty chip-cookies..oh yeah......
Chocolate Chip Nirvana

This is what I feed my kids...

He has some mad cookie eating skills he takes quite seriously, no?
The new lady that moved in so so nice I just adore her! And to top off her old lady charm...she is a food critic and had her own catering business! We have been swapping food left and right. She is the one who made me that wicked good fudge. So far she is totally diggin' my eats! Yay me! She is teaching me all kinds of little tricks and food tidbits. I heart her!

Hope you enjoyed this random installment of "just food stuff' if your lucky perhaps there will be more...
but this time I think it will be 'just cocktails' ..yeah...I like the sound of that. Cheers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Assult from the pines..

This morning after guzzling my big gulp sized coffee, I thought I should go scrub the pool furniture. Jack was excited. All he wanted was to squirt with the hose..he'd do that for hours if I'd let him.
The pool looked awesome..all clean..tidy and ready for all to use. Then it happened. Those pine trees started to assault Jack and myself and messing up the pool area with those needles and those weird orange things that resemble fuzzy worms. I hate those. This insane wind came outta no where and screwed up my pristine swimming area.
Dumb wind.
All my efforts were wasted so I said screw this and little man and I went in for some sugar filled snacks and quality cartoon watching.
Eventually we headed out to the pool. It was quite and still. But wouldn't you know it, it started to get windy again. Pine needles were flying left and right..poking my poor defenseless water baby. He almost started crying. Those little suckers hurt! I got nailed in the forehead and few were shot out like missiles and embedded into my shoulder..and yes folks..blood was shed. Can you believe that? So Jack and I were dodging needles and other random crap that was flying around. We made it back to the house safe and sound.
Who knew it could be so freaking dangerous to take a dip. Did I mention I promised the girl I would throw her in the pool when she gets home from school? I guess this scenario will be repeated again.At least this time we will be prepared by putting on a helmet and busting out the big ass umbrella. .

Thoughts for Friday...

Today is suppose to be hot..maybe 100 degrees. Which is nothing really, considering the fact we occasionally have 'Death Weather', that usually rolls around in July..
I think it was last year, or the one before I can't remember we were at a childs birthday and in the shade it was 113. The thought of that day makes we want to sob and go soak my ass in a cold tub.
But 100 degrees.. that's cake..... I can handle that. I am taking Jack swimming today.
This weekends agenda has nothing exciting on it...maybe some Vodka Tonics...maybe some June Bugs..and of course a heaping of Rock Band.
Last nights sleep was uneventful..except for Salsa doing her occasional dream tongue in which she makes these sounds that are not from this really creeps me out..and all the while she is doing this her eyes roll back and all you see are the whites..its really demonic. Maybe she should go sleep on hubby's side of the bed. *Shudder*
I am still on the hunt for some decent beef jerky for Justin. Trader Joe's so far has had the best damn stuff in town called Snack Masters..but, low and behold they stopped carrying it and now its Trader Joe brand..its decent...but no Snack Master.
Costco is probably in first place is pretty good. We have tried all kids of brands..and most of the time it is disgusting and taste like dog food. Bleh. I actually found some organic apple wood smoked jerky yesterday..texture.. fantastic..taste..moiste, smokey and pretty darn good..but damn it why did they have to ruin it by adding pepper to it. I didn't realize when I bought it that it was 'peppered'..but the only other flavor was pecan crusted or something ungodly. Anyway Justin is the real conesuor of beef jerky...I think this one was a big fat thumbs down. :(
I watched Lars and the Real Girl the other day and it was so quirky and odd and heartwarming..its really good. My kinda movie.
Well off to go down ridiculous amounts of coffee to survive yet another day with a puking dog, a screaming toddler and a hormonal complaining tween... Cheers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Screw you Jeromes!

Jerome's totally sucks..
Back in ..February ..remember this post..?? Well yeah..its now May. That damn TV console thingy was suppose to come in April..Nope. Then they said oh its May 5Th..Sweet I thought. I had called and they said no sorry, try like the end of the month. Apparently this item was on back order. That sucks...but I want it, its really pretty. So here we are..waiting patiently for this beloved TV console that matches all of the other stuff.
I called those folks over there last night and they have the nerve to tell me they have no clue when and if its coming in. Its sure as hell not going to be in May.
Shit. So then I say..OK well then just let me take the floor model..and throw in a small discount..(cause maybe it was slightly damaged) and we'll call it a day. And the lady says " Oh sweetie, we can't do that, if we do sell the floor model then none of our costumers will see it and therefore won't purchase that item"
Dude..first off don't 'sweetie' me.
Secondly, why the hell would they say that..because the costumers that already purchased it can't get it now anyway..wheres the logic?
So yeah, Jerome's sucks now and where are going back to get our $300 and do our entertainment unit shopping elsewhere.

Gimme' a break already pooch!

I am so tired. Didn't sleep well last night. Was it Jack? Nope. Lily sleep walking again? Nope. Sirens howling in the night. Nope. Not that either. It's Salsa. Again.
I let her out last night during a commercial break of Hell's Kitchen..which was..oh lets say 9:30pm. Turned off the TV after my show and drifted off slowly but surely. 11:30 rolls around and there is Salsa at the door wanting out. I know when she gets up because every single time she does she shakes and it wakes me up. No problem doggie-o! Outcha go. Settled back in nicely..
One hour later..same thing..but this time she doesn't pee or poop, she is running around like a mad dog scarfing up what little grass is left in what is now my backyard toilet.
OK picture 4 more times last night. After what seemed like the millionth time I said oh the hell with this and left her out there..this was at 5am. And of course I couldn't back to sleep, the alarm goes off in an hour anyway. Damn. Why is she doing this? Surprisingly and thankfully she didn't ralph all over the carpet like I figured she would..*fingers crossed!*
And to top it all of, she wakes Jack up from a much needed nap by hacking and/or coughing outside. Probably choking on some weeds...pft...whatever Salsa..
We have spent and arm and a leg buying all this holistic, organic expensive, allergy free dog food..and she goes and eats freaking plastic...brilliant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jack's Tuesday Night Funny

Lily has a Hello Kitty clock radio in here room. She used the alarm for the first time this morning..she wanted to wake up to music.
Just a few minutes ago Justin, Jack and Lily were in Lily's room and were talking about the alarm clock.. then Justin yelled for me to come I went in Lily's room, and Justin told Jack to repeat to me what he just told Justin.
He had told Justin 'I really, really want a alarm clock'. But, my friends, you must understand that Jack doesn't enunciate everything fully. Granted I knew what he was saying however it sounded like "Mommy I really, really want a long cock" I high tailed it outta there trying not to wet myself. I still have a pain in my side from the laughter.

Monday, May 12, 2008

That's what I'm talking 'bout!

Today I made some vegan pate that is super yummy. Besides the fact it looks like vomit, it totally rocks my world! This is what it looks like before you cook it..And here is the finished product..mac'n eats yo!

Moving on to dinner..
First you get this stuff
Put it on top of theseand then add a New York Strip and a cold one ... you get his
and hers..

I forgot to photo the kids..and no they didn't get a beer they got some milk.
We are planning a pool party potluck for memorial day and I am already brewing up some tasty treats. This time I am totally taking pictures.
Only one month left of school for Lily. I can't effin' believe how fast this year flew just seems like I just posted this last week. One more year and she'll be off to middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL PEOPLE!!! Lockers, training bras ,clicks and boys..oh my...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day...

So totally rocked..I actually slept in a wee bit and woke to the smell of bacon and freshly ground coffee. Ahh life is good. I came out in the kitchen and sat down to scrambled eggs with salsa, half a onion bagel with cream cheese with sliced tomato and pepper on it, 2 pieces of bacon and some sausage..steamy cup of coffee and a tall glass of o.j. Breakfast for a queen. Of course I had my Sunday paper next to my plate to read. Afterwards I got up and watched some quality HGTV while they cleaned the kitchen..ahhh so nice. Then we went to buy a new computer desk. Poor hubby, took him 3 hours to put this thing came in a bazillion pieces. The end product is great..looks so good. I love the hutch it came with. Oh yeah, my new tenant came over and gave me gobbs and gobbs of homemade fudge...god I love that woman! What a fantastic day. I think I shall declare Mother's Day once a month, we deserve it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Go Bowling...!!

Today we are taking the kids bowling. I am so excited to go, I love to bowl. I am wondering how Jack is going to do. It is pretty loud there.
Finally the sun is out today, man I hate this overcast crap...
My friend bought me a pair of bowling shoes for my birthday when I was a freshman in high school. I loved them..I wore them all the time..
Last night we rocked out w/ the kids in Rock Band.., we played Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I got a 97% in vocals, Justin got a 98% on drums and Lily got 100% on guitar! She is so good at that! You should see her play Enter Sandman..that is one of the hardest songs on there and she kicks ass! I can't do guitar..I really am a retard and feel totally lame like I have claws or something..I can't get it!
Here are some pictures of last night..we were also teaching Jack the drums..he was practicing to Creep by Radiohead..he was having a blast!
Oh yeah, I made up some awesome blueberry crumb muffins the other day..tasty stuff yo!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not just Salsa...

This makes me feel a little better!! Crazy canines...

She's driving me nuts..

And no, not my daughter this dog..
I have met my match...she is a puker..and I always have to clean it up. But the thing that drives me crazy is that she will eat random toys, plastic, poop..(I know.. eeww!) and then it makes her sick..She will go outside for awhile and eat as much grass or whatever we have out there and within oh maybe 15 minutes she starts to hurl. Last night during dinner we all heard a very loud crunching..and Salsa was in the living room..and so were the box of tiny legos Jack and I were playing. So, needless to say around 5 am I woke up to here running in the living room(which is weird because she always goes to the door when she needs to relieve herself) where she proceeded to barf up some bile and the remnants of a green plastic thing. It wasn't a lego though. Weird.
Jack caught her dining on a steamy pile of poop....and I also saw her with a giant terd in her mouth, licking her chops and all. I feel like puking just at the thought..blah..
Shes driving me nuts..she is doing this to herself. Its not like she's a puppy would think she would know better..I mean c'mon, the toys don't even smell like food, (or maybe they do cause Jack doesn't wipe his hands very good).
Whatever..I fear she is going to eat something and the object will block her intestines or something horrible.
I try to have the children play with toys, in their room, but if they do come out here in the living room, not to leave the toys unattended.
As I am sitting here blogging, Salsa in sitting in her bed next to me and all I can here are weird noises coming from her belly. Gosh, its so loud. I am just waiting for her next puking episode..she better get outside quick, because I am tired of cleaning it up. Unfortunately, if this continues, we have not other option then to send her back to Operation Greyhound and have her adopted by someone else..preferably without children. You would think I would have learned my lesson with the kittens..guess I have to learn the hard way...again.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Another three-year old

We have yet another three year old in the house. Today is Salas's 3rd birthday! Happy birthday my Cinco De Mayo girl! Maybe we'll have some margarita's to celebrate. So's to you, my little hording, talking, smiling, allergic to everything, greyhound. You so totally rock, you're the most awesomest dog..ever, I love you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Post

This Saturday Justin and I are going to see Iron Man..I am really see that movie yes, but also to have alone time with the hubs. Yay me!
We received our stimulus check today through direct deposit so that was good news. We need to buy a new computer desk..and of course these kids insist on growing so we need to buy bigger clothes and shoes.

I had Jack helping with chores yesterday...he threw a fit until I let him vacuum. Here he is doing his thang..go Jack! Salsa was terrified to say the least..she need to go outside when the vacuum comes out. She hates it.
We watched the Golden Compass the other night with Lily. It was really good. She loved it. Once again, another movie that has alot of controversy...just like Harry Potter...sigh..why can't kids watch movies and let their imagination run with them. Didn't they pull Potter books because of the magic and witchcraft or something? Rubbish...Because of the Magisterium was suppose to be 'the church' and people started to question them..I think that is what all the hype is. Whatever..the movie rocked.. You can read more here
Happy Friday!