Monday, December 31, 2007

TMI (too much information)

Finally we are all well. Started Sunday the 23rd... the hubby woke up with bad stomach pain, and multiple trips to the bathroom and shivering fever. No appetite. This continued on through Christmas Eve. Back tummy pain. I must have had sympathy sickness because I felt crummy too. For Christmas dinner..guess what we had..freaking pb&j's..Yep. Sad I know. But I couldn't muster anything more. Justin was stuck on the couch. Christmas night..hmm Tuesday..he runs to the bathroom and pukes. Great. Finally he's feeling better. Wednesday rolls around all is well..then at 11:30pm Jack sits up and barfs all over my bed. And continues to puke in intervals of 15, then 30 then 40 minutes.. he finally stopped at 4:40am. It was terrible. He was dry heaving stomach was heart breaking to see him so sick. Thursday Justin stays home from work because he did not sleep at all. Then Jack's diarrhea sets in.
Fast forward to Saturday..early morning..maybe 5am..Lily wakes with a stomach ache. Pukes at 6. I head to the bathroom, turn...diarrhea and all
Lily throws up one more time. She lies on the couch all day achy and blah..I lay in my bed all day. Diarrhea and cramping..I never did actually throw up though..probably because I didn't eat much..I just was gaging or dry heaving..whatever..
Then Lily's diarrhea set in last night ..and it was freaking her out.
All seems well.
Lily ate.
Jacks poop is normal again..weee!!!
And I am going to make a turkey for dinner. I think I have an appetite now.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out of Commission

I saw a post the other day and thought it was so funny. Now I am using the same idea unfortunately.....

Dear Stomach Flu

I hate you. Why are you doing this to my sweet little family? Please go away and don't ever come back.

One of your recipients..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Beast and Me

Justin has a truck..a big truck, a Ford F150..well its big to me anyway. We were off this morning to grocery shop for our holiday weekend. Justin was putting Jacks car seat back in the truck and I nestled in the passenger seat. Still half-asleep and dreary eyed my door opens and Justin throws the keys at me. WTF!@# You want me to drive. Shit. I can barely see over the hood. Excited nonetheless, I hopped in the front seat. I had to adjust the seat as I couldn't really reach the brake. I made my seat as comfy as possible. Justin was just laughing. And off we went. Its not as intimidating as I thought. I was able to see over the hood. And we arrived at Albertsons in one piece. It was good. Driving home I wasn't as freaked out..more comfortable. In just a wee bit, we are heading to Target to buy a new vacuum and a few odds and ends. I will drive of course. Justin is looking forward to going out to dinner sometime and he can actually have a couple two three cocktails and I will be the designated driver. :) 'Bout freaking time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sick Boy, The Zoo, and Winter Blues

We went to the zoo last weekend. I am just now getting around to posting about it. We bought memberships for the whole family. We had a great time. I was especially looking forward to seeing the gorillas. Last time I was there long ago, one silver back came and sat right next to the glass window and starred at all of us , it was awesome. This time I had just finished telling Justin about that and like 5 seconds later, here comes a young gorilla, then the silver back comes along and starts munching on something, then the nursling and its mama. It was so see them so close like be literally a few feet away..such an awesome feeling..and to look at them and see all the similarities..
The elephants were also really cool to see. I was cringing at the sound they made when one African elephant started to scratch its was like sandpaper..unfortunately I could so relate with the dry, itch skin and all. Oh yeah that reminds me, my eczema is back. Weeee!!! So fun!

Lily had a slight cold last week..basically one day of a runny nose, nothing major..then Thursday roles around and Jack gets it. Snot galore..constantly..then that night..up all night, crying, did the steam in the bathroom..burned eucalyptus to try to comfort him. He wake's in the morning after Justin has left on Friday and he is sitting on the couch. He starts to do this weird cry and my mama instincts kick in and I immediately pick him up and face him the other way (not towards me) and step into the kitchen no sooner than the vomit starts spewing from him in record amounts. Lily was sitting at the table just about to eat some cereal and she high tails it outta there. I thought that was funny. So yeah hes all better now, only one puke..I think its because he was congested and the nasal drip made his tummy hurt. He did that last time too. All is well now in the land of children. :)

I have been in a funk..not sure what the hell is wrong..but basically feeling so depressed and I haven't got the slightest why this is going on. Justin mentioned maybe it could be the lack of sunshine..I think I have S.A.D. In other news though I finally got my sorry ass to the DMV and took the written test for my license..I have my permit now and Justin said we are going to rent a car with his next check so I could practice and then take the behind the wheel test in it too. And hopefully early next year (if i am successful with passing the driving test) we can look for a new car. I wish I could get a hybrid..but those are wicked expensive and where would I plug it in? My friend has a Santa Fe and I like that so maybe something similar.

I leave you with some photos from our zoo trip..Enjoy.. (if you look closely at the picture of the kids with the monkeys, you will see one monkey is grooming the others ass..we are so classy aren't we?)This is hands down the ugliest creature I have ever seen. Doesn't it look like its wearing a blonde wig? hahah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Festivities

Blogging has become a thing of the past these days... busy with seasonal activities and all. We put the tree up about a week and a half ago...then we made a gingerbread house with the kids..that was fun. Most of the shopping is done..a few more odds and ends and we're through. I heard through the grapevine that Santa will be coming to these parts sportin' a wooden tool bench and remote control monster truck for Jack and Webkins and Mio Pup for Lily. :)
This weekend we are taking the kids to the zoo..hopefully it won't be raining. It has been cold here..finally!!! Actually cold, where we have to bundle up with warm cozies and blankets..I heart that!!! We have heaters..but c'mon why waste electric when you got your hunnies all around to cuddle with you.
Justin already gave me a gift early.. it is a great book , so many neat things and tidbits in there. Love it. Oh yeah, I have been making home made herb pasta, tedious but fun nonetheless~!..