Friday, August 31, 2007

The Muffin Man

Despite feeling under the weather, Jack insists on cooking. No kidding. least..oh I'd say about a bazillion times I hear "I wanna cook" and "gimme everything mom!" How could I say no to this little coughing, snot-nosed, feverish child?
So I thought it fun to have him make muffins. He fancied the idea. Instead of doing everything from scratch like I normally do, I decided to take a short cut since he has very little patience to sift flour, measure out baking powder, etc. So with some help from Krusteaz, we open up a box of Banana Nut mix, add the ingredients needed, then add some of our own touches. He smooshed up some raspberries and blackberries and added those, then made a topping for the muffins with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Into the oven! That was the longest 18-20 minutes of my life..every 11 seconds Jack would say..'did the timer go off yet?' or 'I wanna eat my muffin!' or 'are they done yet?'
Finally time to chow! After cooling for what seemed like an eternity..Jack finally got to taste his creation. From his mouth and I quote "Mom these are tastic!" (fantastic) and "So delicious!" I am so happy he enjoyed the fruit of his labor! Every picture I took, Jack has his eyes closed...haha

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Like there wasn't enough...

There is an abundant amount of playthings at our home. Its great..but there are things that I don't like.. here they are in no particular order....(not that it matters that I don't like them..mostly I just don't like having to clean the mentioned items up)
1.Polly Pocket..(because its just too damn small)
2. The teen tiny Lego's..(you know the ones in the blue tub..hate those..again..small pieces get lost and ultimately end up in the heel of my foot)
3. Hotwheels..just because there are literally thousands at any given time strewn about the kitchen.
4. Play-doh..I am still trying to get that damn stuff outta the carpet.
5. creeps me out that there feet come off.
6. Last but certainly not least(for now anyway) is the supposed life-like ones..eeww..a neighbor lady gave a tub o toys to the kids and in there was the most fucking creepy, evil, possessed doll that cried and the face glows red..its like Rosemary's Baby..I need to get rid of that thing.. maybe I should bury it somewhere..I don't think any child deserves to have such a wicked toy. Who thinks of stuff like that anyway? I mean..if I was a kid I would have nightmares about it..I sure as hell wouldn't want to push it in a stroller and show it off to my friends.
But Justin bought a toy this afternoon at Target that I don't mind. 117 piece pretend food set for the kids..(well mainly jack because he is obsessed with cooking) On a daily basis he is begging for some garlic and telling me how he is gonna make something with tomatoes and apples...mmm..maybe he's onto something.. I took a picture of the baby when it was glowing, but it didn't come out like I thought..oh well, better that you didn't see the horrific creature..i will post it, but you'll have to use your imagination. Oh yeah and then there is the food.
I don't know why I am blogging about this, I guess I feel the need to bitch...

Yay for Us!

We are so getting a new..I repeat..a brand spanking new A/C delivered today...
I am so happy..maybe I should totally make out with the delivery guys to show my appreciation..them or my boss who ordered it! Woo hoo!

Jack and The Snot Factory

How can so much snot come from such a small person. I mean seriously..I wipe his nose(when he's running by, because god forbid he stand still for a second to clean the mess) and by the time I go throw away the tissue I look at the little mucus monster and its pouring outta his nose! He feels fine other than his leaky nose. Lily was ill Sunday..she cried on and off all day due to a headache..which was a sinus headache because she was totally congested. I kept her home from school Monday..which was silly she didn't have a fever, and she felt totally fine..I just didn't want her to get worse or get other children worse..I'm considerate like that....
So we were watching Alton Brown Good Eats Monday night and he made Chicken Fried Steak..yum! So I go to the market and get all the stuff. (I should mention I missed the first oh..5-7 minutes because I was working on my 5th load of wash.) turned out so wicked gross.. I totally missed the most crucial step..tenderizing the meat..duh! (I was at the laundry room when they showed that part) And my gravy was brown, not white. And the meat..well lets just say your mandible got a helluva work out. Oh yeah the coating on the meat was suppose to be crunchy and mine was soggy and it kept falling off the steaks...haha oh well I totally suck at frying stuff..which may be a good thing because its totally unhealthy. I felt bad for the husband because he went after work and bought some beer called Anchor Steam? or something to enjoy with his meal that I got him all worked up about. (he hasn't had beer in a month!)
I have my doc appointment Sept 13..remember when I mentioned I am getting this rash all over..eczema I presume..well I Google adult onset eczema and about 4 sites list something like this:
'Adult-onset unexplained eczema may be sign of lymphoproliferative malignancy'
I am getting some lab work done and maybe a derm referral for my insane eczema that is driving my crazy. I am totally freaking out..which is silly ..because its probably nothing..right? I have to keep telling myself that. Maybe its from the cats? But I had a very small patch before they came..and also years ago, before Lily was born I had a cat too, and no eczema.. I know how your feeling B... I drank a whole bottle of wine the other night..(in the post with the kids making a huge mess)..I figured I 'm gonna die anyway, so what the hell....
I will spare you the pictures I took of the Chicken Fried looks a big gravy-ish terd..

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Lily and Jack were totally bored. I was thinking of something for them to do. All Jack wanted to do was get into my cooking utensils and bowls. No problem! He cleaned up some of his thousands of hot wheels and action figure dudes. I busted out tons of bowls, wooden spoons, etc.
Justin even got a box from a package that was delivered the other day (David Lynch's new movie ..'Inland Empire')..and made a makeshift stove for Jack.
Me, feeling spontaneous and excited (I guess a couple 2,3 glasses of wine will do that to ya) suggested to get some real food to play with. I went to the pantry and got some oats,an old pie crust that I never used, rice, crappy coffee beans (that I would only use in times of dire need..yes I am a coffee snob) and some sour jelly bellies and told the kids to have at it. I wasn't even worried about the mess.I am totally a clean freak and I didn't mind about the humongous mess they made..(again thanks to the Gew├╝rztraminer). they had a ball. It was so cute. I didn't mention that Jack constantly wants me to turn on 'cooking show'. He is particularly fond of Rachel Ray, Paula Dean y'all and Emeril..
I am sitting on the couch watching some decorating show and I can here the kids talking amongst themselves, then outta nowhere I hear Jack scream "BAM!" LOL I almost wet myself from laughing so hard. I watched him and he was throwing some rice into a pile of oats and then he did it again.."BAM!" Just like Emeril!
He goes through my kitchen looking for old spice jars, and pepper grinders which is his fav at the moment. I absolutely love it! I hope he continues this passion..maybe Santa will bring him one of those wooden kitchens for Xmas. haha

Just a quick note..

Lily is totally obsessed with playing Sims 2.. here is our conversation 2 nights ago

me: Lily bedtime..
Lily (insert annoying whining here)
me: Lily turn off that game and brush your teeth, what are you making them do anyway?
Lily: Sims character is just about to sneak out with her boyfriend and I want to see what they will do..

Those cats...

Those cats are driving me freaking nuts! Seriously..the white one..all she does is suck on you and trys to give you a hickey, and the black one, well she is so chatty..she loves to meow so loudly, and consistently at 2:23am in the morning...EVERY MORNING.
One night I was super lazy and just went to bed in the clothes I was wearing. The shirt had a teeny tiny hole in the front..seriously it was microscopic..but that amazing cat(Luna) discovers it and trys to suck on me through the damn thing. I have been trying to stay covered up at night because any flesh exposed shall become fair game for her to slurp away. Did I mention how hot it has been too? Oh sure, I push her away, blow in her face,tell her no, what have you, but she is a cat in heat needing to get some, shes searching and won't give up til she gets some skin to suck. I tried shutting my door at night but the two felines will howl and rip up the carpet. I think slowly she is getting the picture..I have no milk coming outta me..
Oh yeah, they totally went behind the TV and screwed with the cords that connect the surround sound speakers...Justin was thrilled. And honestly I can't believe the kitties have lasted this long with Jack in the house. He growls at them, chases them, pulls their tail, tries to break up fights, I've seen him kick Luna., and runs them over with dump trucks..I am sick of these cats, I am sick of cat liter, I am sick of my knitting being totally fucked because they got into my knitting basket..(which has a lid)..Anyone want 2 cats? Anyone? I am willing to drive, fly, walk, ride a bike, walk on my hands to a decent person who is nocturnal and loves hickeys..

P.S. Please do not leave dumb shit comments about how I am so cruel to animals, can't believe I was a vegetarian, or anything pertaining to animal rights. I am not in the mood and you can just kiss my ass. Seriously.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My mistake...

OK, so the kids didn't help for supper..not interested in the slightest..that's OK..Lily was on the phone and then played with Bratz, Jack..well he just wanted to play with Hot wheels. I really didn't mind. I love cooking either way. At least they were close by so we were all together.
So about the dinner..
Could it suck anymore ass!?! I mean really..the organic London broil was so freaking dry it was like powder..*gagging*, but I absolutely loved the veggies, Lily hated everything except the potatoes, Jack ate the summer squash and snubbed everything else.He did lick a zucchini however.. Justin..well he said dinner was a travesty, lol! He hates squash. Oh well. At least it looked pretty. Its always a hit or miss with meat in the crockpot. I just can't get it right.
In other news..I have totally developed all over! Its so weird. My elbow, my upper arm, my lower back and my knee..what gives? I know something is amiss with me..internally. I just feel it. My yin is unbalanced or something. My ankles totally hurt. I never lost the baby weight after having Jack, so I have never been this heavy and I think it is taking a toll on my tibia and fibula or talocrural joint or whatever its called. It sucks. I can't really run and play soccer with Jack because I am fearing it will snap again*shudder* that was horrifically painful.
OK enough complaining..tomorrow we are off to Seaport Village for a picnic in the park and to gaze at the boats going by. Its totally a tourist trap, but hell, the kids have a blast, we've been there so many times. Justin and I had our first date there even. We sometimes go into the bookstore Upstart Crow, (where we had a cafe mocha and flirted) to November will be 12 years..crazy!

Kids in the Kitchen...

Well hopefully..I would like to get the kids in the kitchen to prepare supper..
We are going to make some roasted veggies( zucchini,summer squash,carrots, onions, heirloom tomatoes and garlic, new potatoes all tossed with some olive oil, lemon juice and parsley,oregano and basil) and a organic London broil spiced up with some lemon pepper(to go along with the lemon in the veggies) thyme and tarragon..
I hope they are excited to help. Lily LOVES to bake. Personally, I think supper is so very important. I turn off the TV and we sit as a family and talk about everyones day and the events that took place. I want to teach my children the importance of family togetherness..and how so special it is,to bond with each other and just enjoy each others company. I wish I had more family around.Everyone is far away or I haven't spoken with them in a long time. If my kids decide to move away one day..we are packing up and going too! When the kids are grown and moved is totally MANDATORY to have Sunday Supper back home..haha

Morning Funny...

In the morning after I get up , get breakfast going, make Lily's lunch and help her with her hair and accessorise..(she's very picky and she wants to be oh so stylish..) I sit down with a cup of coffee and have a few moments to myself and I watch Sunrise Earth..
This morning it was one with birds on a shore, nesting or something. Luna heard the chirping and was going nuts..she was starring at the TV and looking behind it to see where those birds were coming from. I snapped a few pictures, I thought it was funny. The other day I was watching Funny Animals on Animal Planet and Zelda jumped up on the coffee table and sat and watched the whole thing. She was mesmerized by all the random animals on it. I should have taken a picture..she even lifted her paws up as to wave to the was too cute.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bring it on..

I am beyond sick of these freaking little ants that are currently invading my home. In fact one is crawling down my back as I speak. They are EVERYWHERE...last night Justin and I were watching some quality television..(high def travel show) and Jack wants us to come see the ants in his room. I figured there were a few stragglers left as they all congregate in the kitchen. We go look and they are in one of his buckets of toys. He has this wooden shelf thingy with different colored plastic bins to sort stuff. Anyway, the one filled with 'guys' (action figures) was swarming with ants. What! food in there. So we investigate, where the hell are they coming from? Justin looks around, and I decided to look behind the organizing shelf..and low and behold they are literally pouring outta the electrical socket! Eww!
We have tried everything to kill ants..all kinds of natural remedies..nothing worked(we have this problem EVERY summer). I have tried tea tree oil mixed with water, borax around the perimeter of the house, Cayenne pepper, salt, etc. Someone mentioned to me the only thing that works in we did try it(last summer) and does the job..I think that and a a combination of lemon. Justin got a lemon and cut it in half and rubbed it all over the counters and stove, dishwasher, etc. After that day, I swear we didn't see ants again. But they were just hiding out. A few weeks after they returned. I don't know what to do. I could call my Dewy guy, but my boss doesn't recommend that because he sprays inside the house and you have to cover EVERYTHING. Not to mention its nasty and toxic. Not good for anyone..They say its fine of course..well if that's the case why does he come all decked out in a face mask, gloves up to his elbows and big boots? (I had seen him come to one of my tenets home). Just figures too, that hubby forgot to take the trash out and that only beckoned the insects to come and take charge.
Other that this, I really haven't much to post. Lily is doing great so far in school. Getting super excited for her bday(which isn't even until the end of next month!) She is telling everyone about her "Hannah Montana" party. I am such a planner..its pretty anal..I bought her bday stuff before Jacks party. I love planning. I already have 2 things for Jack for Xmas. I know when I am ordering my free range organic turkey for Thanksgiving. It is terrible because Justin is 100% opposite of me..he doesn't plan ANYTHING. I ask him on Tuesday what we are doing on Sat. He doesn't even want to talk about it. He says wait until Sat. What! I love organizing and planning. I love that show Mission =Organization on HGTV..and House Hunters. OK, I am off to get my coffee, I have rambled on enough about dumb stuff.... ciao!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Death to my A/C

My air conditioner has to decided to crap out once again. The repair man was just out, what 2 weeks ago? As of yesterday we have been living with out our beloved appliance. And today it is over 100 degrees..He will be here tomorrow between 10 and 12pm and this time he should just give us a new was doing the same thing it was before after he 'fixed' it..he filled it with freon(sp?) and off he went. I keep everything closed up and right now its 'tolerable'..probably only because Jack and I just rinsed off in a cold shower.. I am making chicken enchiladas for supper and I am dreading to turn on the hot pot and cook. I hate hot. I hate it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Stupid Ass Bullies....

I was so excited to have Lily come home and tell me all about her day. I met her teacher briefly this morning and she seems nice(fingers crossed she actually learns something this year, last year the teacher flat out told me Lily was the smartest kid in the school and she ends up helping the other kids..not being challenged whatsoever) Anyway..Lily was pretty chatty after girl (you know the one I posted about previously..Angela..) anyway she totally ignored Lily today which is kinda funny because they chatted on the phone yesterday..hello?!? And some other snot girl stuck her tongue out at Lily..(she is the one that was calling Lily a 'dark pixie' last year)..pftt..whatever..dark pixies rule..haha Lily said that this particular girl is now her enemy. Then the second incident was during lunch time. I make Lily's lunch every day and rarely if ever let her buy that toxic sludge which the school calls food. Anyway, this girl who happens to be in her class sits next to Lily and her friend,another girl named Lily. She starts bulling Lily into giving her the lunch I made. She took her organic chocolate milk..and said 'gimme your ham and cheese sandwich, all my mom gives me is pbj' then she continues to grab Lily's bag of trail mix out of her hands! WTF kid! Lily is not allowed to get outta her seat(bench) and say anything.(those are the rules I guess). Lily just grabbed all her stuff back from this oversized third grader and said leave me alone this is my lunch. Nothing came about this..of course the lunch duty lady was not around..(how convenient). I told Lily next time this happens to 1. grab your stuff back and 2. get up and tell the lunch teacher.. i don't care if she gets in trouble, this kinda shit is not OK. Oh ya..just like in first grade..Lily was at the top of the slide and some huge fifth grade boy came up there and knocked her off and she fell from the top of the slide and had bruises on her lower back. She told the teacher and he got a 'time out' by the water fountain. Are you kidding me? Justin wrote a letter to the principle about this and a few weeks later the principle got Lily from class and took her around the 5Th grade classes looking for the culprit. Of course she can't remember what he looks like and never finds him. Punishment at the school seems non existent. Perhaps I am just an over-protective mom..either way the whole thing sucks.
Hopefully my girl will have a better day...damn those bullies..

School and Lily's 'bling bling'...

Over the weekend we went to the mall to get Justin some new glasses and to get Lily's ears pierced. $450 later Lily has some cute earrings..(which are April birthstones , which is a diamond) and Justin got some cool specks..I helped pick them out. I wanted him to get those rectangle black nerdy glasses..I love those.. he wasn't down with that, but he did get rectangular ones..they are cute. And they are black, just not as thick as the ones I liked. The girl that pierced Lily was great..Lily loved her..she had piercings of all sorts and tattoos. She was so gentle with Lily and Lily didn't even cry! Ya! She just looked like a deer caught in the headlights..When we got home she had to show all the neighbors her 'bling-bling' haha They are 14 k gold, but I highly doubt they are real diamonds..maybe a sliver of a diamond in there..I mean they were only $34. She loves them nonetheless. Today was the first day of school. We went to Starbucks first and got some chai...(I went w/ my friend) Lily didn't know anyone in her class at first..but then eventually realized there was a gal in there she used to hang with. Its weird not having her here..I miss her. Jack keeps wondering where Lily is. Hope she has a fabulous day. I can't wait until 3 to see her and find out about her day. I have been sucking in the kitchen lately, not doing recipes..nada. Its just too damn hot. Yesterday I just cooked some chicken and then made some bow tie pasta, then added some Alfredo sauce and shredded carrots..then topped it with some fresh parmie..quick and easy. Jack is currently napping, so I should get up and do something...I will post a few pictures of Lily this morning..before school. I totally forgot to take pictures of her getting pierced.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jack's Bday...

We had a small party for Jack..just a few kids from the complex and my boss and her grand kids..funny it was all girls except for the boy upstairs. Jack had fun. It is so weird to see him in social situations because he is so painfully shy..(which is so not the case at home)..he hated it when we sang happy birthday..he hid inside Justin's shirt. He made out like a bandit..getting all kinds of cool things. We got him some 'home depot' tools,toy story pj's, a firehouse play tent, book, little Einsteins memory game and of course there were the cars..lots of them. Even a monster truck. My bff got him a outfit with a firetruck on it, some books and a toothbrush with a firetruck shaped handle and it lights up and it moves around..(the brush that is) he loved it! Gift cards and dump truck shaped flash lights were opened too!
Today at 10am we are going to the mall and Justin is going to Lenscrafters for new glasses, while he is doing that I am taking Lily to get her ears pierced. She is super excited. I found out yesterday that Lily did indeed get the teacher I requested, so I was happy about that. I need to go make breakfast for the kids..Jack woke up at like 5 something and wanted to play with his new toys..thankfully just coaxed the man back to sleep for a bit longer. Haha Jack is currently 'drilling' the coffee table. He looks so cute with a drill in one hand and a wrench in the other..needless to say he is still wearing his hulk and spider man undies..he needs a tool belt..haha..Bob the Builder has nothing on "Jack the tool tike" lol

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poor Jack..

I went in my bedroom to wrap a few gifts for Jack and left Lily to watch Jack for a few minutes. And this is what I find when I come out. She dressed him up and said she was taking him to a ball. Lucky I came out when I did, she was about to get some make-up and doll him up! Poor Jack..Ofcourse I had to snap pictures of this..I must be pure evil...hahaha

All Set....

I have finally finished getting things ready..getting all of Lily's things for school, clothes, backpack, etc. I also went grocery shopping and got stuff for her lunch. I make hers and Justin's..I rather her bring her lunch because it is crap at school. Once in a great while I will let her buy when they are having 'galaxy pizza'. I stopped sending juice boxes in her pack and instead I buy the boxes of organic milk by Horizon..she likes the vanilla and the chocolate, or sometimes she just gets water. I went to the market yesterday to get some trail mix and every one I came across had partially hydrogenated something in I just made up my own..which is raw almonds, cashews, peanuts, sesame sticks and tiny chocolate chips. She won't eat any dried fruit..
She has all her folders, (which are of course Hannah Montana) and tons of pencils, pens, crayons, etc. Jack was bummed because he wants a backpack and a lunchbox too, maybe I will get him a backpack..if they have a firetruck one, haha. Tomorrow is his party. Justin is stopping at Toy's R US after work today to get him a bike..(maybe) if they have a small one. At Target they had the hot wheels bike with training wheels and it was only $59.99 but it was a 16 inch..way to big for him..we are thinking perhaps a big wheel..I saw a hot wheels one.. so we'll see. I am so glad school is starting...for Lily that is..she misses her friends. Lily is getting her ears pierced Saturday and she is super excited. She was telling me how she wants these huge hoop earrings...haha shes trippin' , shes lucky shes even getting earrings in the first place. Oh of my tenants came to my door for something the other day..and she has a huge black/brown mole on her face..with little grey hairs sprouting out of it..and while I was talking to her through my screen door, Jack came over and wanted me to hold him, so I picked him up and continued to chat with the lady. Then Jack interrupts us and says "Mom, what is that big, gross thing on her face ? What is it? Eww....!" Lol is was so embarrassing. it took all I had to not explode with just say the funniest things. I felt bad for the lady..(well not really, shes the previous manager of my complex and she is trying to steal my job..which she was fired from because she didn't do shit) Never gonna happen, yo, NEVER!
Anyway..have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Drills, Saws, Planes, Oh My!!

Jack received a Target gift card from Grandma and Aunts and Uncle yesterday for his birthday. So off we went to his favorite place..Target. First he had some tools..he loves that stuff..he had a Black and Decker drill thing...then he had a Bob the Builder saw thingy..but dropped those when he feasted his eyes on a huge Playmobile Jet Airplane w/ Pilot.. He Loves it..and of course Lily loves it too..she has alot of Playmobile stuff.. We may get him a bike w/ training wheels..we'll see. His party is Friday and he is so excited...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aviation Museum

Saturday we took a trip out to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. It was so neat to see all the old war planes. They had open cockpit for a f-a 18 hornet. So we all took a turn and climbed up in it. Very tight squeeze. Scary to think that it was all you had between you and the other oncoming planes firing bullets and missiles. I thought Lily would be bored, but she actually enjoyed herself. After we finished we went to the doughnut shop so Jack could get one. He picked out one with red icing....need I say why? (He said it was a fire truck doughnut) haha.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fixin's

Today for dinner I got some chicken breast tenders and cut them into little bite size pieces. Then I breaded them in some Italian bread crumbs and then mixed that with some Parmesan cheese. Fried them in evoo. Then I made some home-made tarragon cheddar biscuits. Those were yummy. Then I made some veggies..seasoned potatoes,red peppers and snow peas. Lily ate the potatoes, Jack didn't like it because he said the peas were like mushrooms?? I didn't get it. Maybe he means the consistency? He hates mushrooms..and tomatoes. I think I am going to make some home-made cinnamon rolls in the morning..oh wait I can't..we are taking a family trip to the doughnut shop. Haha! That's funny. Aren't we so exciting! Happy Friday folks!

Doughnut Excitement...

Lately Jack has been talking about going on a 'trip to the doughnut shop'. I do not know where he got the idea. I think its funny. We don't even eat doughnuts. So Justin is taking him down the rode tomorrow morning and Jack gets to pick out his very own doughnut.He was so excited. I took this picture this afternoon while he was going on and on about doughnuts. He talked about getting a firetruck doughnut, you know because he is obsessed with fire trucks. And hoses. So he will make a perfect fireman..he'll be the one holding the hose and squirting the water.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Farm..that wasn't there.....

There was a cute little farm down the road from Lily's school..(which is just about 10 walking minutes from here) She visited it in kindergarten and Justin and I took the kids awhile back. I was on a search for some fresh local eggs.
Anyway..I thought today was a great day for a walk. So we packed up the stroller and headed out to 'the farm'. We left here about 930am. It took us about 25 minutes to get there. We noticed some construction but didn't think anything of it. Wouldn't you know it the farm was closed and they were selling it. What! I guess I should have phoned ahead of time. I felt so badly for the children because they were looking forward to feeding the cows and seeing the goats and the black pot bellied pig. I, was excited to get some fresh eggs and any other organic goods they may have. I know they have some local honey, but i just bought some at the market the other day. Disappointed..we started to turn back, but then we noticed a horse and a small barn up the road from the farm. It was a ranch with a few horses(Lily's favorite). We walked up there and Lily fell in love immediately with a friendly white horse..who was quite fond of her too. Jack was fascinated by the 'big, big poop' that was in the horses pen.

When we got home I made some lunch and then I took Lily to the pool for awhile. Saturday we were going to go here.. but they are closed til the 15th! We'll have to think of something fun. Here are a few pictures of Lily and a four legged friend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hanging out...

I walked by the children's bathroom last night and found this. I thought it was so funny.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Luau

We had our luau today and it was fun..I made the best ever kabobs(even if I humbly say so myself), there was salsa, an Arabic meat dish called 'Gus', beer bread with this amazing garlic dip, and the most chocolaty brownies, that were so moist and couldn't just eat one. Well maybe it was just me, cause I had two pieces of that heavenly sweet. I had a few sips of a strawberry daiquiri..not into it I guess. Also for the first time I chatted with some of my tenants, that I've only said hello to in passing. They are so nice. They are all into renicanse and mid evil stuff. The guy even brought out some 16th century fencing swords..he also had some daggers, but didn't bring those out. They showed pictures of them 'renewing their vow' in a beautiful mid evil ceremony. It was really cool. I am actually going to go with them in October to help cook a mid evil feast for about 70ish around All Hallows Eve..I think on October 27th..not sure. But i will be outfitted in a cool getup. Fun..can't wait. It is actually called a Harvest to different religious people who don't celebrate Halloween or something. Anyway, should be totally fun. I love to cook. So learning to cook with methods that were used in that era is going to be neat.
Well off to bed I go..
P.S. I totally forgot to take pictures..Oh well...

Saturday Yummies...

Today I made home-made clam chowder for Justin. I have made this once before and i didn't like it. This time I used a different brand of clams. I actually liked it alot. Justin liked the first batch better. Lily even gobbled some up. The first batch was to fishy tasty for me. I am not a huge fan of fish. He's the one who wanted the chowder in the first place.
Second I made a beef and rice casserole and it was splendid. This could actually be used for nachos or a burrito. Yummy.
Some of my tenants wanted to have a Luau at the pool. So today is the day. There will be tiki torches, grass skirts and frozen drinks. I am making chicken kabobs. There will also be beef,burgers and dogs for the kids..(don't think their palate is developed enough to appreciate kabobs just yet). I am doing 2 batches of with terriayki and peppers,onions, mushrooms..the other I marinate the chicken in Italian dressing and some of the veggies. That is my favorite. Its so tasty. I am going to have only one drink. Justin is having zero..not even beer. He is on a diet and doing so good! I am so proud..he is really keeping at it and won't budge, there is no more beer in the house. I am starting too. Here are some pictures of the dishes I made Saturday. I will post Luau pictures later.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wondering the neighborhood....

Its muggy, sticky, icky and downright nasty. So we decided to go out and about the neighbor look for our insect friends. Jack equipped with his water bottle, Lily sporting her net and bug container.
Jack squirted us, the ground, trash cans and peoples parked cars. He loves to squirt things. He hates to be squirted though. He likes to swim, but hate it when I get him wet with the hose. Go figure. Lily found a red and black beetle. We examined it and then Lily let it go. When we got back I took Lily swimming. Jack was just content to sit at the table and of course, squirt her with that water bottle. Justin gets home about 3ish today, then we are going to watch 300...finally. We were going to watch it the other day, but i forget why we didn't. Oh well. Justin asked Lily to 'babysit' Jack while we attempt to watch it. Basically that means she plays with him in her room or his room while we are in the living room. But it never really works out because they always come out here for a snack..then there is inevitably a fight, then Jack has to poop, then Lily needs a drink. You get the picture. Lily still gets her $5. At least she tries. It usually works for about 20 minutes. Oh well.
Tonight's dinner is baked chicken with thyme and rosemary..steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes. Oh so good. I am not looking forward to turning on the oven though because it is too hot. Maybe we'll do something else.

Anyhoo..happy Friday!

Shoe Store Chaos!

I went with my dear friend to Payless last night and we took the kids. Jack found some girlie red shoe that he was obsessed with for about a half hour. He promptly removed his sneakers and slipped them on. He thought they looked like fire trucks. And they were red. He LOVES firetrucks and he LOVES red. Every morning when he eats his bowl of strawberry hemp granola, he has to have 'the red spoon'. If I don't give it to him, he goes into hysterics and has a complete meltdown. Even if it is dirty or in the dishwasher, I have to clean it and give it to him. I much rather do that and avoid the drama that early in the morning. Oh well. Lily found some black boots..and she also wanted some airwalks shoes. Not to mention there was *gasp* High School Musical shoes too! OH my! I ended up buying Lily the black boots and a white Nike look alike sneaker. Maybe for her bday she'll get the the airwalks and/or Bratz shoes. (I forgot to mention they were there too..cute lil velcro ones). Its crazy how these girls are so into style and fashion and at the ripe 'ol age of 8. (Lily will be 8 in September).
I didn't find anything for the little one. Sorry hun, no firetruck shoes today. So there you have it folks, my very exciting blog about shopping with tweens for shoes. Fun times yo!
Lily got those boots becasue she thinks they make her look like Lara Craft from Tomb Raider. She loves that game. She often pretends that she is Lara on some sort of exotic adventure. Its so freaking cute, its disgusting!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Dinner

I made this beef and broccoli dish tonight served it over some fried rice. I added a bunch of other veggies too. Success! Lily had to pick out the green and red bell peppers, also she didn't like the celery, *whatever* so picky these days, sheesh. The boys seemed to like it.

In a few minutes I am off to go with a friend shoe shopping..(I wish it was for me!) but Ms. Lily won't stop growing and i am having to buy her bigger things. We will take the girls (she also has a daughter a year older than Lily, they are totally BFF, its cute) to the shoe store than we must hit Starbucks for our Thursday Chai. I may take the camera to document two tweens going wild over Cheetah Girl Boots and Bratz Sandals...stay tuned!