Monday, July 20, 2009

Paranormal Experience....or perhaps a shoulder twitch

Last week....Tuesday ... I lie in bed..early morning. Justin already off to the office and the kids were nestled, all snug in their beds... I tried to sleep more as it is a rarity to snooze later than 7am these days...for whatever reason the kids slept in today... I tossed and turned trying to get the good, comfy know, when you flip the pillow to find that cold spot...put the long body pillow..a.k.a. 'sausage' in between your legs. I tried, and damn hard at that. I just couldn't sleep. So I just lay there. My back to the door. A few minutes later I felt a tapping on my left shoulder. I had my eyes closed as I was so desperately trying to catch some more zzz's with no avail. Three taps...tap, tap, tap...I assumed it was Jack..because he always does this when he wants to come and snuggle. So I continued to lay there, eyes closed. Waiting for him to hop in bed and knee me in the gut as always. There it was again... tap, tap tap...
Again..being a lazy ass I didn't turn around and get Jack in bed. I waited for him to crawl over me. Third times a charm... tap, tap tap...
I sat straight up and expected Jack, bright eyed and bushy tailed...nope...I leaned forward and peeked in Lily's room where they both slept peacefully.
Jesus...!?! WTF?????
My heart was pounding so loudly the neighbors could have heard. I got up and scoped out the rest of the house. Nothing.
I immediately phoned Justin and told him. Being such a skeptical person..he said it was Jack tapping and then he probably ran away after that.
Uh, no...
Unfortunately I am a ridiculously light sleeper and hear EVERYTHING....
There was no way he could have tapped me and then ran away that fast into Lily's bed. And besides, I would have heard Lily's bed squeak..(it's a Ikea bed after all....).
Saying I was terrified would be putting it lightly...I have always heard stories of other people having 'experiences' I have something to contribute.
I was not asleep.
It wasn't a shoulder twitch..(Justin thought it could have been, especially since we have been working out lately)
Justin was hoping it would happen again, only this time to him.
Dear Ghost,
Please do not disturb..I really need sleep..I have a weak bladder, so if you decide to haunt me again, be prepared for a mess....however, my better half would like to sit down and have a drink with you. He would be better company than I would.
Scared Shitless....

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So much has happened since the last time I was on here. Frankly I forgot about this here blog. I joined Facebook and was doing that all the time. I like those ridiculous could spend a long time doing those..(or perhaps its just me..I'm a dork).
Lily finished school in June...straight A's across the board...brilliant little girl she is. Jack starts kindergarten in about a month. We have gone shopping and he has picked out his backpack..(Batman), his lunchbox..(army/camoflauge type) and I bought him this cute, earth friendly 'Kindermat', new socks, new undies...I am waiting on the clothes and shoes because he is continuously sprouting. Lily too.
Jack finished up his shots finally (I spread them out over a long period of time) and he got a referral to an Allergist/Immunologist. They did the blood test thankfully and not that skin poking test...and he is HIGHLY allergic to cats, alternaria, mold, dander, elm.....No food allergies, so that's good. Unfortunately Sofie had to go. Oh, you don't know who Sofie is? Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged. Well back in March...we went to Friends of Cats and adopted a cat. She was a sweet girl, very pretty. At first she was kinda bloated and farted constantly and puked almost on a daily basis,(what is it with me and barfing pets?) She had worms so I took care of that and switched her food, but she still would ralph occasionally.
She was a wild one and we would let her in the back yard and she would mess up our back yard Eco system by killing everything in sight...lizards, birds, etc. We decided she would stay indoors from then on.
Anyway, Sofie moved out. But this story does have a happy ending..she moved in with Grandma..who lives right here in my complex. (Oh yeah, Grandma moved here in May...)
Lily can go over anytime and visit Ms. Sofie. :)
When the kids start school, I will have all day to myself. I decided not work during the time they are in class, just in case one of them is ill or I have to go get them for whatever reason..
From 9am to 3 pm I will have alone time. I have no clue what the heck I am going to do. I suppose I can focus on me. Do things I want to do... maybe yoga classes, go hiking, cook some exotic recipe and enjoy it without all the 'eww, what the heck is this' and 'oh man I want mac and cheese'.
However..this may be be good for a week, perhaps two, but then what? I already feel lonely and they haven't even started class yet. Lily thinks I should get a puppy to care for. She nuts!
I have been taking care of children for 10 years and suddenly it stops for long periods of time everyday. Maybe I will be the room mom in Jack's class. I already know his teacher....I was a part-time room mommy when Lily was in her class. Who knows.
Today we are all going to Belmont Park. Justin promised Lily a ride on that coaster. Then after that we are going to Alley Cat Festival .
Off to consume large amounts of coffee to wake up....Have a great day!