Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekend Festivities

This past weekend we went to Seaport was a amazingly beautiful day..about 85 degrees. We watched the boats, saw the Midway and photographed the kids frolicking in the grass and climbing every tree.
On Easter I did a egg hunt in the front yard with my upstairs neighbor. I was pleased that she invited us,we don't really do anything for Easter..we are not religious and aren't huge fans of telling our kids a giant rabbit comes in the house and leaves a shitload of candy for them. I think this year will be the last time we buy them anything. I did get them some little retro pails and but a few 'goodies' in there..and they went in the morning and was happy the 'bunny' came. But I think Lily knows we do it now and Jack really has no clue. Next year we will just celebrate Spring, by doing something outdoors (if weather permits of course) like going hiking or having a picnic or something along those lines.

Despite having a wicked headache, I managed to make some spinach lasagna. It turned out pretty good. Lily set the table and made place cards for everyone..I thought that was so cute.

Today is my birthday and when I woke Lily had given me the most beautiful card. Last night when Justin came home he gave me gifts a little early..which was totally fine by me. On his lunch break he went to Macy's and got me a gift set of my favorite perfume..Beautiful by Este Lauder it had shower gel, lotion the spray and body powder..and inside the gift box was a Starbucks gift card!!
Oh yeah... :)
Today after hubby gets home we are heading out to shop for new bedding for our bed. I want something dark, rich and oh so soft.
Later tonight the neighbor is making me a batch of margaritas..
Can't wait!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

She was a skater girl....

OK all the sudden Lily has entered what I assume to be another phase. Or maybe not. Out of no where she wanted a skateboard. And begged and begged..She found the 'lucky' egg at the Easter thingy the other day and there was some cash in there. She had already had some money stashed in her bank too.
When I was fixing her hair the other day, she asked me to paint her nails black or green..which mind you I have no problem doing, but she was about to leave so I said no..they wouldn't be dry in time. Then when I was putting her hair up she asked and I quote"Mom, make my hair look all punk and rocked-out" Ha ha what! That's so funny.
We went to Target for some stuff and she found a skateboard..its a normal size board..looks like some graffiti on the bottom, its pretty cool, basic, but it'll do the job,. It was only $10 and then she bought knee pads and some elbow pads too.
She LOVES it. She wants to learn all kinds of tricks and shes wanting to go to the skate park down the street and watch all the skater boys. Awesome..I think its great that she is expressing herself as an individual and not caring what others think..skater chicks rock!
Apparently I need to do a search and find out where the closest skate shop is, she wants some cool stickers for her board.
In other news..I made the best ever beef stew last night..thumbs up from the whole crew. Move over Dinty Moore!

We did rock band last night..Jack is learning the drums. We need to get another guitar so he can start rockin' out with us!
I think we are doing birthday activities today, my bday is Wednesday so we may have some fun over the weekend. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My little humanitarian....

Today I went to the market to get some items for a few recipes and some juice for Jack..he has a slight cold and was asking for OJ. As we were walking there Lily noticed that a man had asked me for some money and I told him no, sorry. Lily was bit irritated..saying I lied that I did have money and why I didn't give it to him. I told her..if I gave him money, more than likely he would use it for booze and that would only make him feel good temporarily.Honestly I don't blame him..I mean if I was living on the corner with no where to turn I would be loaded 24/7... What he really needed is shelter and food.
Meanwhile we're at the store and I get the necessary ingredients for some meals and Lily goes and grabs a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos..I told her to put them back we don't need that, plus I had just bought Sun Chips at Target yesterday. Begging and begging..I caved and said whatever... She seemed pleased and was anxious to leave.
Walking home we went past the same man in the corner..dirty, cold, and obviously on some sort of something..(he was clearly trippin', talking to himself and making weird hand signals, that or he was crazy) anywho, Lily runs ahead of me to that gentleman and hands him her beloved bag or Doritos. "Here you go sir, some chips for you"
My heart swelled with compassion..I was so happy that she did that.
She told me she felt good and she was all smiles for the rest of the walk home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Much Better Thank You Very Much

Daughter is asleep..drooling
Son is asleep..twitching..
Dog is sleeping...again

I feel relaxed.
I took a bath with my word search..I am a total word nerd and I am obsessed with those things..when I only have a few left in the book I panic and immediately set out to buy another.
Hubs should be coming home with Mexican food. We are watching a movie. I got the kids their own movie to watch while we have our own impromptu living room date. :)
Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day..after all it is the first day of spring you know.

Health, Happiness and My Swami

Funny, the older I get I thought I would be wiser..more know a everyday Buddha if you will..perhaps some sort of Swami. Buts its not turning out like that. I feel such a disconnect with myself and this life..I doubt myself and wonder if I am doing a good job raising my children. I want to be calm..clear-headed and the one my kids turn to for help and advice. I talk to Lily all the time, well try to anyway..I am the one that always asks about school days and get all the juicy details of the daily gossip and rumors meandering 'round the 3rd grade. Its like I have to ask her stuff, she doesn't really volunteer anything to me. And Justin..he doesn't do any of that and she goes to him with a heaping of the daily doses. I guess I will stop asking her questions and just let her come to me.
I really need to get my yoga on. Its been forever and a day since I have done anything. I love yoga. The way it makes me feel..physically and mentally. Clarity, still-ness..all the chatter in my brain just stops for the moment and there is a silence. The smell of the nag champa in the yoga room... the sounds of the sitar chiming throughout...
Something needs to happen in my right now..something big..a major change.
I know it.. I want it. I feel it.

Its only the 3rd day

OK, so Lily is on Spring Break..its only the 3rd day..3rd freaking long ass day. She actually went to a slumber party/Easter thingy yesterday. And as soon as she stepped foot into the house, the goddamn argue starts...its driving me freaking crazy...
The whining
The antagonizing
God, the pinching
Oh don't forget the tongue sticking out thingy too(mostly Jack)
and if someone cries one more time...
I think I seriously need a time out..
Its only 11:32am
Is that too early to start drinking?
And its only the 3rd day.
I am ignoring my kids right now, they are currently rumbling through the kitchen concocting some sort of lunch and knocking over and spilling shit ..
I don't care at the moment.
Cocktails anyone?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Musings from a bored Housewife

Its been awhile that I have blogged. Since then I have discovered my new drink..Vodka Tonics...yum. I was always downing white Russians just like the dude, but lately they just seem to heavy for my liking. Vodka Tonics are light fizzy and delicious.
Lily had a friend spend the night a few nights ago and they had a blast. Its so cute to hear these little tweens giggle uncontrollably.
I rented them the Nancy Drew movie, they loved it. I think Lily is already sleuthing!
Justin took Lily to see Horton Hears A Who on Saturday, they both enjoyed it. I stayed home with Jack.
Nothing going on so far this spring break..Lil is going to a friends house today for Easter activities..egg coloring, ham know all that jazz. Which is good, because we really don't do Easter. I mean I bought each of the kids a tin box and put a few treats in there..some candy and some organic lollipops and fruit leathers. I think I got Lily some jelly bracelets I can't remember.
Picture time!
Here Lily is baking me some wicked good chocolate muffins

This is Lily's new shirt I bought her..she loves cherries..too bad you can't see the back its a halter freaking cute.

Now just some others of my kids.. Well I just got my new issue of MotherEarth News so I will go relax and enjoy that with a cup of coffee..speaking of coffee, don't you just love this song?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday and stuff...

We took the kids to the zoo again today. We brought along Lily's friend too. The first time we went we saw one half of the zoo. Its so nice to have passes, then you don't feel so rushed to see everything all at once. This time we headed over to the Children's Zoo was fun. We went into the 'Bug House' and 'The Petting Zoo'.. There was some random peacock wondering about and Lily was so excited she insisted on chasing it just to touch its feathers.
The bug house was...uh..unpleasant for know...the ones that loathe anything creepy crawly...
Seeing some of the exotic bugs and strange insects was cool...for awhile...but Jack was very antsy..(no pun intended!) and needed to high tail it outta there. Fine by me. Fun was had by all.
The only part I really didn't like was seeing the Galapagos Island tortoises...they were awake and slooowly walking around. And you could hear their skin crinkling..because it was so dry..reminded me of my own. Blah..I have wicked dry skin and believe me I have tried every lotion and potion..and yes I drink ton s of water, so hydration is not an issue. So far the only thing that remotely gives any relief is Eucerin. I am still and always will be on the search for a kick ass cream that helps my poor skin.I am only 30 and I don't want to have 80 year old looking if anyone knows of any miracle cream please do tell. Oh yes..and I have tried Miracle Foot (you've seen the infomercial, right?) don't bother, doesn't do diddly. Justin bought that for me. Don't waste your $.
God, enough of talk about that crap...sheesh..I guess I was kinda going off on a tangent..but c'mon cut me some slack..I am enjoying a few cocktails and everyone is in bed so yay me!! Alone time!!!!
I made Chicken Cordon Bleu the other day but sadly forgot the photo the end result. I wonder what I should cook this week?
Well I should go relax and get me off this here lit up screen and enjoy some peace..and boy do I need it.
I think I will watch a movie..all by myself..with a nightcap and no distractions...hmm.. what should I watch? Maybe Holy Smoke or Ghost World.. or one of these.. Decisions, decisions..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Finally Friday

This week was relatively smooth..oh with the exception of Sunday..all kinds of chaos...the cops, fire dept. ambulance were in my complex and they came pounding on my door for the keys to a apartment. there was a stretcher out and ready to go. WTF? I gave them the keys and they were able to get in but no one was there. Needless to say I am still in the dark as to what actually happened. Then, there is more issues with another of my tenants...older man,,like 87..sweetest thing you'll ever meet, but slowly going down hill. :( I had to take away his booze...again..(not suppose to drink) but without getting into too many details he will soon be going to a assisted living facility where they can watch him 24/7. Sad, but its what is best for him.
This weekend we may go to Old town..Lily loves anything affiliated with spooky,haunted or scary. We may try to go in the Whaley House..I love that kinda stuff too. Justin and I also love abandoned buildings and places..after seeing Session 9 we really were interested in that kinda stuff. I think that is the most psychologically scary movie I have seen, oh and Blair Witch..minus the fact that I wanted to puke throughout because the camera. Freaky shit.
I totally kicked ass in the backyard yesterday and did all kinds of domestic chores..cut the grass...a.k.a. clover, cleaned up poo, threw away old toys and I still have to clean the BBQ. It is going to warm this weekend and I can't wait. I am ready for some warmth..I need to lay in the sun and soak up all the goodness of spring. Blossoms are blooming, birds are chirping..and before we know it, we'll all be out there tending to our little patch of garden. We are going to make another patch under the kitchen window for Lily..I don't think she wants food per say..just some lovely flowers for the fairies and butterflies that live in the back yard according to her brilliant little mind. Speaking of brilliance..she is on the honor roll for the second time this year and she gets the 'royal treatment' a private field trip to the middle school right down the street from her own elementary where she gets private swimming and diving lessons! She is stoked about that. Although I feel nervous about the diving its high..I may have to accompany her, because in my crazy head I am already picturing rushing off to the ER because she tried to dive and landed on the diving board and/or the concrete. I know, I know...I am a wicked pessimist..but can't help it. I thing it comes along automatically when you look at the two pink lines on your pregnancy test!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tuckered Out Tyke...

Jack must have forgot he was in the middle of a afternoon snack when he zonked out...mid raisin

A rare but so precious moment with my babies...I guess I ruined the moment when I told them to stay in that position so I could snap the picture..oh well it was a genuine hug..can you feel the love?