Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thats it..I am so done....

You know the whole saga of the Staph that has been going on? Yeah, I know, I am going to bore you with more mundane crap..
So I finish the whole bottle of these little blue pills..(Clindamyacin) which mind you made me feel like complete garbage and did a number on my GI tract for 10 days. I got it on with my nostrils, rubbing this weird ointment in there..I washed myself with the orange stinky-ass goo they gave me.
I followed the directions to a T.
So for shits and grins I decided to call and see the results of my culture they took that night in the Urgent Care.
A nurse called me back.

Nurse Boy : "Weird, you don't have Staph, nothing grew on the culture,"

Me: (chocking on my diet Pepsi ) regaining my composure,"What, are you kidding me? The Dr. said I had it."

Nurse Boy "Kelly, I don't know what to tell you..its not there"

Me: "You have got to be kidding me..I took this whole bottle of stupid antibiotics and did all this crap and I don't have Staph? But..but..I thought..."

Nurse Boy: (clears his throat) "Yeah I know..I don't know what to just don't have it. Maybe you had it the first time you came in for your c-section scar, but those antibiotics cleared that up, and this too,"

Me " Dude, I only took 3 of those antibiotics before, there is no way those 3 cleared up this case of so-called Staph..I didn't even have the 'bite' yet"

Nurse Boy "Yeah..weird"

Oh hell..
I hung up.
Why can't I ever get someone who knows what the fuck they are talking about? Seriously, didn't Dr. so and so go to medical school for X amount of years? And he can't tell me if I have/had Staph?
I am so done...

Composer of Bubbles

This picture is so funny..he is a little composer of bubbles, no?

Turkey Lasagna and Mushroom Roast

Here are a few things I made lately. Nothing fancy or exciting..but I like food. And I like pictures. So there you go.
I made the rockin' mushroom roast...
Its super easy..get a roast..quality cut..not like chuck..(because those are too tough..) maybe a rump roast..
Put it in one of those granny roasters..(you know the dark ones with white specs..yeah those) and dice up onion, garlic and a generous handful of steak McCormick and put it on top.
Then dump a can of cream of mushroom soup over the whole thing and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half.

De-Lish and melt in your mouth tender.

Next up Turkey Lasagna..

I wanted to use something a wee bit leaner than beef, so turkey it is. I cooked a pound of that in a skillet with some oregano and basil (from the planter out back).

Added a jar of sauce..can't remember what type..I think it was roasted garlic or something..anyway..let that simmer for a bit while the lasagna noodles cooked.
After that was done, just start assembling the lasagna.

I used fat free ricotta and low fat mozzarella..I also used a Italian blend of 4 cheeses. Normally I use fat free cottage cheese, but the ricotta was on sale.
Put in oven for 30 minutes at 350.
Looks perdy baking away in there, huh?

It was tasty.

Lily did NOT like it. She said it was too cheesy.
I couldn't disagree more. More and more she is not liking cheese. How is this possible? Can she really be my child? lol
Tonight I was going to make Ricotta Bowls. But after last nights dis satisfaction with that lasagna I need to think of something else since apparently my daughter loathes cheese..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My personal GhostBuster..

Lily has always been interested in spooky stuff. And when I say spooky, I mean like Goose Bump books/movies...Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and she loves Halloween. Lately she is getting a little obsessed about it. For instance..I took them to the library yesterday to get some books. We head over to the kids section and Jack runs immediately to the wooden fire truck box they have there in the middle of the story time rug. He likes to stand than for awhile and dream he is a fire fighter...way cute.
Lily does her usual. Scanning for scary stories.. Unfortunately she finds two books..2 of the most ridiculous joke books. If I have to hear a 'knock, knock' joke one more time....she loves them though..
She also picked out a Katie Kazoo Switcharoo book called "I Hate Rules" appropriate.
And finally she comes across this gem of a book..

She has read it cover to cover 3 times.
There is a ghost hunter in the book, her name is
"Dee Bunker", Lily has found her hero! She has been taking notes and such from this book, drilling Justin and I if we have had an encounter with a poltergeist. Now...she wants a freaking Ouija Board.

Oh hell no.
I don't remember how that came about..
There is a picture of items in the book you need to be a 'ghost hunter'..She is currently at the kitchen table writing down all this crap and gathering all sorts of weird things to become a ghost hunter. She is also wanting to research haunted houses in our area. This is so funny..she goes from playing fairies to hunting poltergeists..what a change..
If you ever need a ghost banished from your home, you know you can count on my 8 1/2 year old ghost hunter girl to take care of it. :)
She just asked me for her birthday if she can get a electromagnetic detector!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Domestic Bliss..well sort of anyway.

Monday was a busy day. Thus I enjoyed it fully. I hate doing nothing. I need to be busy and have things planned and stuff. I'm just weird and anal like that.
I babysat my friends daughter..(Lily's best friend) all day..from 730 am to 415pm. No fights to speak of. It was grand. I had told Lily I would take them somewhere..but unfortunately I wasn't able too. I had my plumber coming, the electrician, and the bug guy.
All she wanted to so was to go to the pet store and pet a dog.
Hello, there's a pooch right here you silly. Apparently Salsa just won't cut it. Whatever...
I made beef stroganoff yesterday..(forgot to picture it though), then being the awesome wife that I am I decide that it would be good to get up with Justin this morning and make him breakfast while he was in the shower. I had bought some pork sausage the other day. I have a herb box in the back yard with mint, cinnamon basil and sage.
I went to the back yard to harvest some sage to spruce up the sausage.
Yummy. I also harvested some mint and I mixed that with some lemonade I made..
that was really good.
Once I get started, its hard to stop. What next? Ahh, banana bread. We need banana bread!

That turned out good, and I made a crumble topping of dark brown sugar and cinnamon.

I have no clue what today calls for. My house is clean, the laundry is done, the backyard was raked..what can I do? I suppose there is organizing...yeah, I like to do that. Talk about anal, one time I organized my friends sock drawer. I arranged them alphabetically by color name..aqua, black, brown, chartreuse, etc. Its a sickness really. I guess I can make next week menu's. That's not done yet, I normally do that Saturday. Oh I will be so ahead of schedule, sweet.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I rocked the show yo!

I had my little shindig the other day and it was a great success! I sold over $400 worth of crap and I get all kinds of kudos! $60 free merchandise, 2 items at 50% and everything else 20% off... oh yeah..

I am getting some stoneware, a awesome baking sheet thingy, and a citrus press that I HAVE to have..I mean Hello, how awesome to use when making mojito's and vodka tonics. And of course when hubs makes his guacamole.

I made a totally easy dish tonight..I made it up kinda so it doesn't have a name...maybe something like..creamy chicken over rice dish..yeah that sounds good.

Threw a bunch of chicken in a crock pot..tons of fresh garlic,half an onion diced, and 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup..left it for 4 ish hours, made some rice and steamed some corn...poof, theres dinner and boy does the house smell good.

I have to get up early tomorrow because Justin is off to Comic Con..I am taking him to the trolley station, and he will go from there.

It will be just me and the kiddos, so I am going to take them to the Y for some swimming fun. Well fun for them, not for me. I mean..eewwww.. a public pool, that's just a cesspool of total and complete germs and grossness. And yes I am a total germaphobe. Ahhh the price I pay for the kids to have fun. And yes, I am the one who always has Purel in my pocket antibacterial wipes in my purse. Yep, I'm one of fun.

p.s. Thursday as I was telling Jack that I was having a cooking show (my Pampered Chef Cooking Show) he says this:
"A cooking show? Oh my gawd mommy, does that mean Rachael Ray is coming over to MY house!?!"
haha that was hilarious..he was so serious. Poor guy, unfortunately he just got a bunch of middle aged hens gathering around and gossiping instead of his beloved Rach. Maybe next time. I wonder if she does house calls?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You've got to be kidding..

Dude, what the heck are they thinking when they made this? Justin told me about this commercial yesterday and I totally didn't believe him.

(Sidenote: I was just informed they say Nut Snack..but it sure doesn't sound like it. )

Mid Week Babble...

Lily had a friend sleep over last night..again..she just had a slumber party the other day too.
Giggles carried on into the late hours last night. They did make-overs and put on my high heels..It was funny. I should have got pictures but I was trying to keep Jack out of there because I knew if he went in there, the girls would take over and he would come out looking like this

I made some simple shredded chicken tacos the other night. Throw some chicken thighs in the crock pot with one of those packets of taco seasonings and a bit of water. Forget about it for maybe 4 hours and come back and remove the chicken and use two forks to shred..I actually used my Pampered Chef chopper which is so awesome. Throw it back in the pot. Get some tortillas (we get the ones from Costco that you need to cook, so much better and taste so fresh!) throw on some cheese and sour cream. De-lish.

I am doing some deep cleaning today. I am having a Pampered Chef show Thursday and the executive chef lady will be meandering in my kitchen and doing her thing. I am really excited. I love to host events. So far I have 7 ladies coming to eat and oogle over all the over-priced items in the catalog. Some of which we just have to have! I am personally getting some stone cookware, the citrus press and maybe the muffin scooper thingy. I don't know why I want that. I don't make tons of muffins, but I just need it. Weird.

I am so sick of taking these antibiotics. They make me feel pukey all the time and leave a nasty taste in my mouth. And I had my whole beauty regime down pat, after I finally got my Mary Kay items. Now its all screwed because I have to wash my face with this orange, hospital smelling liquid stuff and its drying out my face. Grrr..damn Kaiser.
In other news..I have to fill up my car with gas tonight..I have already put 140 miles on her. Ahh I love my car..shes so cute.
I really like the XM radio, that is really cool.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Things...

Justin and I are off to the movies..again..
I can't believe we have been to two within the same year. We are going to see Batman at 9:30. I am still trying to figure out how to smuggle in my Starbucks without spilling it all over me.
Anyway..I thought it would be neat to post 5 things about me you may not know. Since I really have nothing else so blog about this morning..why the hell not? Feel free to join in and dish out some goods.

1. I can't go to sleep at night if there is dirty dishes in my sink. (I suppose that's where my OCD comes in to play).

2. Most of the time during a meal I like to mix everything in a pile of glop and then eat it. I don't know why I do this, and I don't do it every time, maybe 85% of the time. Lily can't stand this. If she has 2 items on her plate she will do her damnedest to make sure the two never shall meet. Weird kid..

3. I hate my feet. My feet used to be cute and a perfect size of 7 1/2, however after birthing 2 babies they have since awkwardly grown into the feet of Mr. Flinstone and I am now sporting an 81/2. Ahh..the price we pay to populate the earth. :)

4. I will admit publicly on this here blog that I am totally obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus 8. I will watch any one that is on, even the reruns I have seen 43 times. Something comforting about them. Maybe it makes my life seem so much easier..haha Also, my husband would be so embarrassed if I put this too, but I loved 7Th Heaven and was so sad they took it off. Just recently I found reruns on the Hallmark Channel!! Woot!!

5. When I sleep at night I can never turn and face the inside of the bed..I always need to face outwards. I think this stems from once as a child my father snuck in my room while I was facing the opposite direction of the door and gave me a wet willie(sticking his finger in his mouth then proceeding to shove it down my ear canal. How freaking gross is that?) As a kid I probably had a small stroke. So now I will never face the opposite direction of the door. That way I can see anyone who attempts to scare the shit outta me. Its totally weird, I will wake myself up in the middle of the night and turn the other way if I had managed to face inward. Regardless of how comfortable I was.
What a fun way to live huh?
So tell it out....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Awww shucks..

One of my fav ladies(Caroline) was so kind and thoughtful and presented me the The Arte Y Pico award. How fab is that?

Where to begin?

"First and foremost I'd like to thank the academy...sniff sniff.."


Thanks so much!! Love ya!!

(P.S. That is suppose to be me blowing you a smooch, but damn it I don't have photoshop yet. )

Ack!! Staph Attack...!!!

I called the doc last night because Justin was being a pain and nagging me to do so. I finally get around to it at 7:45pm and I talked to the appointment lady. I tell her all the 'symptoms' of this mysterious bite like thingy. She immediately transfers me to a nurse. After speaking to 2 different nurses I get transferred back to the appointment girl. She tells me she has a 9:oo pm appointment tonight. She must be crazy. I tell her I will come first thing in the morning. 'What do ya have?' She informs me it is against medical advice to make an appointment for the morning..I have to go.. like right the hell now. Shit.
Justin had to come because I had no clue where to go and it was at night nonetheless.
After waiting for 20 minutes in the waiting room, some nurse calls me back, takes my vitals and sends me back in the waiting room because there are no rooms available at the time. It was so freaking crowded in there, it was nuts. Giant dude sneezing so loud and spewing bits of goo all over the place. Thankfully we were sitting on the opposite side of the waiting room so none of his wet snot-like substance could get us. Kids crying and throwing huge tantrums..(so glad it wasn't ours at the time, although normally it is.) The air conditioner must have been broke, because it was hot, muggy and stuffy in there. So know you get the picture of what it was like in the dreaded germ filled, hoarding sick people with various ailments room, we can continue to the actual visit with my MD.
OK..remember a while back I had to go to the doc because my c-section scar was messed up and weird? Ya that. Well I went and remember how they did a culture. The doc said take these here pills in case it is this weird bacteria called "Merca'. We will call you if there is something of concern on your culture. remember no news is good news.
So I took a few pills and waited. No call. Sweet. I can stop taking these dang antibiotics..the make me feel like shit and I was always on the verge of barfing. oh so fun.
Anyway, the doc takes one look at my thigh and immediately says' Oh my god, that's infected, that's really bad'. Then he looks on his handy dandy computer and says' oh I see you were just here on June 10th and had a staph infection,'..Huh??
I told him, yeah I was and but I didn't have anything because no one phoned to let me know. He looks a little uncomfortable in his stool and says ' Someone should have let you know you had a staph infection, it came back on your culture"
Damn one freaking called me.
HE asks me if I know for sure if this was a spider bite. Uh no.. I was just assuming. He said it could have started off as a small scratch and turned into this. Apparently one in five people are carriers for staph...AND it is in your nose!!!
Apparently the whole time what I thought were to be wicked bad spider bites and/or flea bites, could have been a scratch from who knows what and since I had staph it made it worse.
So once again I am on the same antibiotics as I had before. Then he gave me this antibacterial wash in which I need to scrub in the shower with daily..(it is orange and it stinks..bleh) and if that wasn't bad enough..I have this other stuff..some weird ointment that I have to put on my fingers and shove them up my nose and massage my nostrils..3 times a day.
Dear god what next!?!
Had I not gone to the doc, apparently I would have spiked a totally high fever and my leg would have swelled even more.
This totally explains alot. The fact that I always seem to have something going on with me..some type of sore or scratch. And plus the fact I feel crummy about 80% of the time. That's because my body is in overdrive, getting the little bastard bacterias out of me.
This big time..
Who would have known?
Certainly not me because the fuckers never even called to tell me.
OK..I am done..must go get it on with my nostrils.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Easy peasy Casserole

I am totally not feeling good, in fact I feel like a pile of shit. My leg/thigh is hot and pulsating. I made a poultice and Lily applied the paste on for me. We'll see how its is tomorrow. If I am still alive I guess I will head to the dreaded doctor..uggg, I hate going. you all know my experiences with docs..not so good ya know.
I was not up for preparing some grand spread complete with caviar and sushi, so I threw some beef and onion in a skillet..browned it, drained it. Added 1 1/4 cup of water, 1 cup of rice, one can (undrained) diced tomatoes, one can (drained) green chilies, handful of sliced olives, a dash of Worecestershire, sprinkle of chili powder and a pinch of beef bouillon. Brought to a boil. threw in in the oven at the universal temp of 350 degrees for about an hour..took it out, dumped a bunch of cheese, and a dollop of sour cream, presto dinner in a serious flash. Its called Beef and Rice Casserole. You should also add diced celery to the pan while cooking the onion and hamburger, but I didn't have any and if I did I was way to lazy to clean and cut it up anyway..
This is a total hit with my gang. Anything with cheese and sour cream totally rocks. Who doesn't like that? Lily would eat a freaking cockroach if it were smothered in sour cream. Maybe I should just hook up an IV and have it delivered straight to her belly, haha..then there would be no clean up!

A quick side note: Jack kept saying how delish this was and how he will be a big boy and eat all his food. He also said about 10 times "Mommy, this taste just like blueberry pie, its so good"



Blueberry Pie..WTF???

The funniest funny, like ever!

Thursday funny..I love this!!!
(p.s. turn the volume down incase little ones are roaming about) hee hee!!

Arachnids just love me..yippee!!

The other night I woke in the morning scratching my upper thigh. Weird.
Throughout that day I realized it was probably another bug bite. They love me. And only me. No one else gets even a teeny tiny bite.
Yesterday I felt weird. Like all day. Strange headache..It wasn't a caffeine headache either, as I had my coffee in the morning. I learned my lesson way too many times and tried going without coffee. Then I realize, what the hell for? I love it, it loves me..when I don't get it, no one is happy.
Anyway, today the headache continues, more caffeine,and 2 aspirins later my head is still killing me. Its throbbing right behind my right eye.
I feel all hot and sweaty..(and no hubby is at work, so we weren't doing the wild thing either, sheesh). I look at my leg and see something. It looked like a freakish bulls eye or something. Its all red and swollen and hot as hell. In the center of this monstrosity, there is a scab like head that is oozy and totally making me want to hurl. Then there is this straight line, that is itchy and hard coming from the damn nucleus thingy. What the hell, did the spider get lazy and drag its sorry ass across until it found the right spot to start to dig in or what?
Anyone know what the hell this is? Or what spider was eating me? Mind you I seem to be allergic to almost every bug bite and have reactions similar to this. But shit, this looks kinda scary and it hurts like a bitch too.
Here are 2 pictures I managed to take..I know they may be blurry, but its quite a feat to photo your upper thigh. Oh and don't mind and cellulite and/or weird veins. Not responsible for those, don't know why they are there, my body does strange things.

Awww, I feel the love..

My very first award comes from Amy..she has a wonderful blog over at Escape To Thought..she awarded me 'The Smile Award'..this is awesome, thanks Amy..

Now this is all so new to me and lets hope I get this right.
Here are the rules:
1. The recipient must link back to the awards creator (
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.
I am suppose to send the love on to 5 other bloggy chickas that I adore..also the creator of this award is here.
First up is Honey Pie.. I love reading her blog and she is hilarious..I am officially in love with V. Ice..go check him out.
Next is Happy Meals and Happy Hour..I am sure you all know the infamous Bathtub Gangsta..if not, where the hell have you been?
Caroline at The Zen In You is a lovely lady who makes me think. Her blog is so peaceful and thoughtful.., stop by, you'll totally get your zen on. Ommmmm....
The Mom at Cheaper Than Therapy is a totally awesome blogger and she has the cutest kids, like ever. Love her posts about The spot on. I totally heart her!
And last but certainly not least is Evil Chef Mom. I recently found this one and I totally love it. The food she makes looks scrumptious and I am totally jealous of her mad cooking skills. She totally rocks.
And there you go.. Happy Award Day! Woo Hoo!!!

I've been a little busy...

I haven't blogged for awhile..hmmm maybe it could be because I got my car on Tuesday!! Weeeeee!!!!!
It is absolutely fabulous. It is so cute and sporty and I love it so much. Independence never felt so good. When I got it there were only 6 miles on it. The guys filled up my tank and spruced her up and made her all perty for little ol' me. Aww shucks... :)
Here is some pictures of her..(haha its a girl)..and shes all mine. :)

I have only used a quarter tank and I went so many places yesterday. 30 miles to a gallon is not to shabby me thinks.
If there had to be a would just be that 'new car smell'. Seriously, its just came out of the factory and its is wreaking of newness. Its fine at first, but it is so overpowering. Lily got a terrible headache the first night. Yesterday I got one..we were in it most of the day. I did have the windows down for awhile, but it got to hot so the a/c came on. Oh well it will fade soon I hope. I know people buy the little air fresheners with this smell on it. I actually have a little tree that is vanilla/coconut scent, but that's just adding more chemicals to the air.
Whatever, I am not gonna complain and I will get a bazillion headaches I don't care because I got me a car...hee hee!!

Other happenings around here have been grand too. Lily is cooking up a storm and made some mean rigatoni for us all. This cooking thing is great. Now if she could just be this excited about cleaning, we're all good.

Over the weekend we decided to make some kabobs. They were so delish. Here are some pictures of them and my sweet hubby assembling the good eats.

Today the kids and I are off to Costco to do some shopping..after that, I need to get caught up with house-y stuff that I have totally cleaning, laundry, etc. I suppose I should do my manager stuff too.
Have a great day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A good laugh..

This is so funny I had to post this....made me feel better after the hellish day I had.

Go ahead ladies go check it out..

Date Day..gone bad..

Today Mary..aka 'food lady' was so kind to babysit the children so hubs and I could go to the movies..and grocery shopping..alone..with no kids..whining and complaining the whole time..and throwing random stuff in the cart while we're not looking..and knocking shit off the end cap and running away from us and begging for junk food. Ahhh pure bliss to shop without kids. :)
I made her up some Italian pasta for the kids and her to eat for lunch. A pitcher of lemon ice tea and she was happy as a clam. Little did she know what was in store for her, poor little ol' lady.

The movie was good..not great, but good..Red is totally rad and I would love to have a drink with this fellow..he is just complete awesomeness. Everyone else kinda sucked..but Hell Boy rocks my world..whats not to love?

After the flick I phone home to see if the babysitter was still alive and kicking. Sure enough Lily answered and I knew something was wrong. I could tell by her voice. mothers intuition I suppose. here is the following conversation:

Me: Hi Honey hows it going babe?

Lily: Sigh..ehh its ok

Me : Whats the matter?

Lily: Nuttin'

Me: Dear god, is Mary OK? Where the f*ck is Jack?

Lily: Ma, please come home. Jack is so freakin' bad.

Me: (whispering to hubs..all is well, let's go get a drink..the kids are fine)...

Damn it..
We power shop at Albertsons. The whole time all I could think is I better enjoy this as I will never have a babysitter again. We are so f'ing screwed.

Upon entering the house with groceries in tow..Mary is on the couch looking sorta out of it..Lily is all sweaty..and Jack..Ahh that boy..Jack has that 'didn't mean to do it look' glazing over his whole face. His pants weren't pulled up and his undies were sticking out. Just looking at that kid, you'd know he fucked up..BIG time. He immediately walked to his room because he knows that where I would be sending him.

Apparently his listening skills diminished while we were away and he grew horns he was his own version of Hell Boy..How ironic.

Lily embraced me like never before and muttered " Thank god you are home".

After spending about 45 minutes on his bed..I told him to come forth and face the wrath of Mom. I let into him, telling him I was so disappointed in him and how I expected more and blah blah blah...and when all said and done , he says " OK now can I have a cookie?"

Eventually he konked out after torturing the babysitter..see here's the proof..

Sigh..these kids..

Today is my turn for cocktails..Jack is currently in his room drawing a picture for Mary and Justin in the kitchen whipping me up a Vodka Tonic...

Any volunteers to babysit? Anyone?

I am willing to leave my kids with total strangers at this point..because I know it will be a long good while until Justin and I go out..ALONE again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday failure..sort of anyway..

I made that recipe I mentioned last night..the red roasted pepper soup with creme fraiche and cilantro. Well it went off without a hitch and I didn't have enough herbs to make the herb butter compound crap I was going to spread on the garlic rubbed bread. Oh well.
The soup only took about 15 minutes..that's it. I think it was the fastest damn supper I ever made, other than slapping some cheese on some bread for grill cheese..that's on my lazy days. Still my kids get mad because I don't want to just use the sliced american processed orange shit that kids gobble up..(well my little one does anyway). I like to mix it up a bit and try Havarti..or even some herbed brie and saute some red onions and add some smoked turkey. Anyway..where was I going with this...
Ahhh..that's don't appreciate the good stuff.
Back to the meal.
I loved had a serious kick to it from the cayenne pepper, but it was cooled down by the creme fraiche. My husband, the big terd, snubbed this gourmet soup and wouldn't even take one minuscule sip. Pffftt.. And it goes without saying, like father, like son...Jack ate a granola bar.
I always make stuff and give some to food lady.(.a.k.a. food critic) and my other tenant who happens to be my bff, Lina. She said she'd love to try it and asked what type of meat is in it...haha. She was hesitant to try due to the absence of flesh..but low and behold she totally dug it and ate it up lickity split. Food lady liked it too. Cool.

Prior to making this, I decided to make some cookies. having an idea from another blog in which she mentioned about cookies that were like chocolate chip coffee cookies..I thought I'd give it a whirl and try some on my own.
I made a normal dough for chocolate chip cookies, but with the wet ingredients I add one cup of freshly brewed strong coffee.
I was totally winging it. Now I think about it I should have tried instant coffee..but being a coffee snob, i don't have that crap in the house. The cookies were ehhh..mediocre..nothing to write home about. They turned out to cake like..but totally chocolaty. And damn it I couldn't taste a hint of coffee. What a waste.

Oh well..not sure whats cooking for tomorrow..Justin and I are off to see Hell Boy 2 while food lady babysits. I hope my kids don't kill her..she is quite fragile and my kids are obnoxious!
In other exciting news..I am totally getting a freaking ear infection! WEEEE!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tonights Menu

I haven't been getting it on in the kitchen lately. I guess I am just too anxious..waiting for this car is complete torture. I was suppose to get it Monday. Bad weather in Kansas City delayed it until the end of this week. OK..I can wait. Then Justin calls me and asks if I want the bad or the good news. Bad news first: its still stuck on this slow ass train somewhere in Oklahoma and won't be here until Monday or Tuesday. Sigh. This is a test..a major test of patience. That is one virtue that I so do not have. I am the most impatient person one will ever meet. The phrase "patience young grasshopper" keeps repeating in my head. The good news? It has a 6 disc cd player. Oh hell I don't care about that.

So I sit here waiting. I can do this..Patience... Ommmmm......

Oh yeah, back to the food.

After much deliberation and looking I found something to make.
I decided on herb crusted salmon cakes with a lime dill dipping sauce and a black bean salad. (Kudos for my big sis for that salad idea.) I have never made black bean salsa stuff. I think it looks so pretty with all the colors.

The rule in my house is you have to at least try whatever concoction I create if it totally and completely makes you gag then I'll bust out the Easy Mac,..but you HAVE to try. And it goes without saying, Lily takes one glance at this beautiful salad and mutters something under her breath that sounded like"omg, like what the heck is that stuff? I am so not even touching that, its gross and disgusting. Mom, why can't you just make mac and cheese or something..God..*rolls eyes and turns up her nose in that snotty tween way*(Insert 3 1/2 minutes of annoying whining and blah blah blah here).
She knows how I am and succumbs to my rules and takes the first bite. And then another, and another. What a terd. She loved it. Jack..well he did actually almost barf and he ran to the trash..apparently his refined taste buds haven't fully developed, poor kid.

A enthusiastic thumbs up from the hubs. Sweet.

Lily is oh so thrilled about tomorrows menu:

Roasted Red Pepper soup with creme fraiche and cilantro with grilled herb garlic-y bread, stay tuned!

My Dark Lord...

Everyone knows how much I love this man and his hardcore cooking skills..he is a God on Earth..a real Saint..and a totally fucking asshole all bundled up in one British yelling ball of dick-headed energy..Whats not to love, eh?
And now..
I can have him in a video freaking cool is this?
I guess I'll have to steal Lily's Nintendo DS..that or buy a Wii.
I can't wait to play.
I am totally bummed Hell's Kitchen is over..Christina won..I was sorta hoping Petroza would win, besides the fact he is sloppy as hell, he is a good guy. But I knew it was going to be a female..have you noticed that every other year its the opposite sex as the winner prior? Last years winner was Roc, now Christina, next year will be a get the picture.

Kitchen Nightmares returns soon and I can't wait for the meantime..I am bringing Gordon home to play... :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

K-9 Vacuum

Awhile back I bought these totally cute barrette like clips for my hair. Little daisies They looked like this:

My hair is getting crazy long and instead of cutting it like I always end up doing I decided to get a bunch of hair accessories to jazz it up a bit so I won't get bored with it and chop it off.

The other night I had taken BOTH of them off (yes that's right, there were two of these cuties in the package) and set them on my dresser next to my bottle of water. Off to sleep I went. I woke once to drink some water. Five minutes later slumberville.

Fast forward a few hours to me waking to Salsa being totally annoying and wanting outside. Whatever.

She heads to the minuscule patch of greenery we have left and starts eating. I just figure she ate shit again or some of Jack's toys. Nothing new here. But you know come to thing about it, she hasn't had a vomit episode for over a month, that's impressive. I think that is a record for her.

After Justin is off to work and I make my coffee I make the kiddos some breakfast and go wonder to my room to make myself presentable..after all my tenants will be showing up at my house and paying rent..(I have this one, and only one tenant that I have to write out a receipt for and then he comes inside and talks to me for 5 hours..sigh..whatever).

I grab my water bottle which was empty from me chugging it in the middle of the night . Next I grab my two cutie pie clips that I just totally heart. Hmmm..theres only one. Maybe I knocked it over last night when I reached for my water. (I should note here that Salsa sleeps in our room and her bed right next to my side of the bed on the floor). I look under that..nothing. I look under my bed..nothing. Maybe it fell in my underwear drawer in the dresser. I dump the whole damn thing out looking for this clip. Can't find it anywhere. I get distracted again because Salsa needs to go out again and Lily wants coffee..(yeah she likes it now that I taught her to make it..I give her like a smidge in a tea cup and of course just like her mama she needs a little coffee with her creamer..haha and we drink together and toast the day together. She loves it and feels so grown up..its cute)

Salsa is out frantically searching for some more green. Sorry doggie dog, you ate the last two strands of green weeds last night, your shit out of luck.

Then like a freight train it finally hits me. Duh..I knocked it over last night when I grabbed my water. I just picture it slow motion falling and heading straight for the K9 vacuum. NNNOOOOO!!!!! It awakened the eating machine and promptly eats my lovely hair thingy.

Bingo. She totally ate my clip and that's why she is having tummy issues. Grrr..that dog is driving me up the wall and around the corner. How many times does she have to eat some random object before she learns her lesson. The other day Justin ate a hot dog and left the napkin on the love seat. Well duh..that's snack time for Salsa..I came into the living room and saw her blissfully eating it.

Any sane person would just say..'hey go back to Target and buy another set' ..however I bought the very last one. And I am not going to spend another $6 for them either. Frugal is my middle name now that I am getting my car and my insurance is more than the car payment!

I am just waiting for Salsa to barf or crap it out..then I'll clean it off and put back in my hair...

Totally kidding, thats disguting! Although thats what Lily had mentioned to do! Haha

Oh and look at these..aren' they so freakin' cute? I love these lil' muffins. I used the tiny muffin tin from Pampered Chef to make like 5 thousand of these things. Adorable!