Monday, December 31, 2007

TMI (too much information)

Finally we are all well. Started Sunday the 23rd... the hubby woke up with bad stomach pain, and multiple trips to the bathroom and shivering fever. No appetite. This continued on through Christmas Eve. Back tummy pain. I must have had sympathy sickness because I felt crummy too. For Christmas dinner..guess what we had..freaking pb&j's..Yep. Sad I know. But I couldn't muster anything more. Justin was stuck on the couch. Christmas night..hmm Tuesday..he runs to the bathroom and pukes. Great. Finally he's feeling better. Wednesday rolls around all is well..then at 11:30pm Jack sits up and barfs all over my bed. And continues to puke in intervals of 15, then 30 then 40 minutes.. he finally stopped at 4:40am. It was terrible. He was dry heaving stomach was heart breaking to see him so sick. Thursday Justin stays home from work because he did not sleep at all. Then Jack's diarrhea sets in.
Fast forward to Saturday..early morning..maybe 5am..Lily wakes with a stomach ache. Pukes at 6. I head to the bathroom, turn...diarrhea and all
Lily throws up one more time. She lies on the couch all day achy and blah..I lay in my bed all day. Diarrhea and cramping..I never did actually throw up though..probably because I didn't eat much..I just was gaging or dry heaving..whatever..
Then Lily's diarrhea set in last night ..and it was freaking her out.
All seems well.
Lily ate.
Jacks poop is normal again..weee!!!
And I am going to make a turkey for dinner. I think I have an appetite now.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out of Commission

I saw a post the other day and thought it was so funny. Now I am using the same idea unfortunately.....

Dear Stomach Flu

I hate you. Why are you doing this to my sweet little family? Please go away and don't ever come back.

One of your recipients..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Beast and Me

Justin has a truck..a big truck, a Ford F150..well its big to me anyway. We were off this morning to grocery shop for our holiday weekend. Justin was putting Jacks car seat back in the truck and I nestled in the passenger seat. Still half-asleep and dreary eyed my door opens and Justin throws the keys at me. WTF!@# You want me to drive. Shit. I can barely see over the hood. Excited nonetheless, I hopped in the front seat. I had to adjust the seat as I couldn't really reach the brake. I made my seat as comfy as possible. Justin was just laughing. And off we went. Its not as intimidating as I thought. I was able to see over the hood. And we arrived at Albertsons in one piece. It was good. Driving home I wasn't as freaked out..more comfortable. In just a wee bit, we are heading to Target to buy a new vacuum and a few odds and ends. I will drive of course. Justin is looking forward to going out to dinner sometime and he can actually have a couple two three cocktails and I will be the designated driver. :) 'Bout freaking time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sick Boy, The Zoo, and Winter Blues

We went to the zoo last weekend. I am just now getting around to posting about it. We bought memberships for the whole family. We had a great time. I was especially looking forward to seeing the gorillas. Last time I was there long ago, one silver back came and sat right next to the glass window and starred at all of us , it was awesome. This time I had just finished telling Justin about that and like 5 seconds later, here comes a young gorilla, then the silver back comes along and starts munching on something, then the nursling and its mama. It was so see them so close like be literally a few feet away..such an awesome feeling..and to look at them and see all the similarities..
The elephants were also really cool to see. I was cringing at the sound they made when one African elephant started to scratch its was like sandpaper..unfortunately I could so relate with the dry, itch skin and all. Oh yeah that reminds me, my eczema is back. Weeee!!! So fun!

Lily had a slight cold last week..basically one day of a runny nose, nothing major..then Thursday roles around and Jack gets it. Snot galore..constantly..then that night..up all night, crying, did the steam in the bathroom..burned eucalyptus to try to comfort him. He wake's in the morning after Justin has left on Friday and he is sitting on the couch. He starts to do this weird cry and my mama instincts kick in and I immediately pick him up and face him the other way (not towards me) and step into the kitchen no sooner than the vomit starts spewing from him in record amounts. Lily was sitting at the table just about to eat some cereal and she high tails it outta there. I thought that was funny. So yeah hes all better now, only one puke..I think its because he was congested and the nasal drip made his tummy hurt. He did that last time too. All is well now in the land of children. :)

I have been in a funk..not sure what the hell is wrong..but basically feeling so depressed and I haven't got the slightest why this is going on. Justin mentioned maybe it could be the lack of sunshine..I think I have S.A.D. In other news though I finally got my sorry ass to the DMV and took the written test for my license..I have my permit now and Justin said we are going to rent a car with his next check so I could practice and then take the behind the wheel test in it too. And hopefully early next year (if i am successful with passing the driving test) we can look for a new car. I wish I could get a hybrid..but those are wicked expensive and where would I plug it in? My friend has a Santa Fe and I like that so maybe something similar.

I leave you with some photos from our zoo trip..Enjoy.. (if you look closely at the picture of the kids with the monkeys, you will see one monkey is grooming the others ass..we are so classy aren't we?)This is hands down the ugliest creature I have ever seen. Doesn't it look like its wearing a blonde wig? hahah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Festivities

Blogging has become a thing of the past these days... busy with seasonal activities and all. We put the tree up about a week and a half ago...then we made a gingerbread house with the kids..that was fun. Most of the shopping is done..a few more odds and ends and we're through. I heard through the grapevine that Santa will be coming to these parts sportin' a wooden tool bench and remote control monster truck for Jack and Webkins and Mio Pup for Lily. :)
This weekend we are taking the kids to the zoo..hopefully it won't be raining. It has been cold here..finally!!! Actually cold, where we have to bundle up with warm cozies and blankets..I heart that!!! We have heaters..but c'mon why waste electric when you got your hunnies all around to cuddle with you.
Justin already gave me a gift early.. it is a great book , so many neat things and tidbits in there. Love it. Oh yeah, I have been making home made herb pasta, tedious but fun nonetheless~!..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Buzz Buzz, Honk Honk, Gobble Gobble

Wow its been forever since I had a chance to sit here and blog.
Lets see..

Oh yeah..the title of this's an update...

1). We took the kids to go see Bee Movie..I have a obsession with Jerry Seinfeld and the kids wanted to see it too. So off we went to the theaters..(mind you this is Jack's first time ever in a movie theater..we brought a bag of M&M's to bribe him in case he got restless...I know I know..we're the best parents ever!!)

And my final synopsis...

Biggest waste of fifty freaking bucks! (Yep..cost that much for a family of four plus the snack bar.. jumbo diet Pepsi for $4.50 and then there is the nasty ass popcorn we all shovel down mindlessly while watching the 72 thousand previews). Disappointment is putting it lightly...I mean hey its starring Jerry Seinfeld..its gotta be funny, right? Justin and I laughed maybe twice. It just was dull and lacking. I was so bummed. But I still love Jerry..and I still want the dvd set of Seinfeld..that's the only show that makes me laugh..(so hubs..if you're reading this..hint hint!)

Moving on..

2) The Mother Goose Parade...

was fun I guess if you like seeing your tween and a few friends go ga-ga over stuck up celebrities such as Jesse McCartney and Emily Osmit..both of them had their nose so high up and gave this half ass wave to the adoring fans. Pft..whatever.

And finally

3) Thanksgiving.. so totally rocked..besides the fact our family wasn't here, it was pretty tasty. I made more cheeseball, then I wanted to make pumpkin pie, but Justin hates that so I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies..

Those were so good..and we are definitely making those again.

Then I made some herbed butter to baste the big guy with. I ordered a 24lb free range turkey from the health store down the way..

I chopped up some fresh rosemary, sage and thyme and mixed them in the melted butter, then stuffed the turkey with carrots celery onions and sprigs of thyme..


I also have done lots of shopping from the comforts of my home. Thank goodness for amazon and

Next weekend we are putting up the tree. Oh yeah..we bought Lily a new bed at Ikea..a double size, then got her the bedding she wants.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Jack's 'Cool Dude' Haircut

This morning I took Jack to the haircut Store for a much needed trim. He was a little nervous at first because he thought we were going to the Barber again where there are many old Italian men who wear way to much cologne and are loud and boisterous. Nice indeed, but frightening for Jack. He settled down when he saw all the women there..he asked me calmly "Wheres the guys Mom?" I let him know (for the 24th time) that we weren't at the barber and its different here. He settled in nicely and was so coy with all the gals who gave him the puppy-eyed faces and blew kisses. Seriously, it was kinda weird. Anyway, the lady who did his hair was awesome and new just how to win him over. She let Jack squirt me with the water bottle. A woman after his heart! After being doused for a few minutes he let her finish his hair. After getting 2 balloons for being such a doll, he told me on the way home that he had 'cool dude' hair. Haha

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mid Week Babel

Today is my least favorite day of the week. Don't really have a legit reason..just don't like it. My favorite day is Thursday. I love it..perhaps because the next day is Friday..or maybe because its my night for quality shows, and my personal favorite. Most of the time Justin watches ugly Betty w/ me, Lily is sleeping by then and Jack..well he should be sleeping, but most of the time he is lingering about and may fall asleep on the couch. I refuse to watch my shows in the bedroom because when you have this, why watch it on something that seems to feel like this in comparison? Snobbish I know.
Today is actually going smoothly..I am just waiting for something to go amiss. Lily did all the normal stuff she is expected to do in the morning...(perhaps its because I told her if she does it all without me telling her she could play Peggle.
Bribery works wonders.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I was asked out!

I was asked out on an official date! By the cutest guy you'd ever seen! No, no not this guy and not these guys was
It was so sweet. I was in the living room, cleaning up half-assed and listening to some music while Jack disappeared in his room for about 10 minutes. He came up to me and said
"Go put your costume on, we go on know at my restaurant."
Upon entering his room I found this

He set everything up for us to dine on SpongeBob table.

I was so impressed!

Return of the Beastie

Awhile back I may have posted that we got an iguana. Kamajii. Exciting at first, but then became just another chore for me because I had to feed him/her during the day..make sure the temperature was just right,and ya know up the reptile terds.
Eventually when he/she was bigger Justin made Kamajii a leash from my knitting yarn and let him roam about the house. It was so funny, the kids got a kick outta that.
Then the time came where Kamajii was being a asshole and whipping Justin with his tail and biting his fingers a few times..basically just being his wild beastie self, so with much thought we turned Kamajii loose in the back yard to be free. It was warming up and becoming springtime.
Months went by with Justin coming home from work and roaming out to the back and looking up in the trees to see his scaly friend. At times when it was warm..well actually hot..Justin would spray the trees and Kamajii would emerge and drink till his heart content. One hot summer afternoon when Hubby was doing his manly duties and tiding up the back yard..he decided to cut off some dead branches from the tree out there. (Mind you a few weeks if not a month or so have passed by this time). After he finished sawing a big branch, down plopped Kamajii right in front of Justin. Feeling like it was a sign, perhaps meant to be, my sweet little hubby scooped him up and off I went to storage to gather that tank and all the needed accessories to house the iguana.
I was in charge of feeding him, he needed fresh water and fresh veggies. He even ate better than we did at times.
Once again..we realize he is just a wild beastie and should be free..he must have been doing just fine because he survived this long out there, right?
Farewell Kamajii..again.
Now back to date..this past Saturday we were getting ready for Lily's friend to come for a play date and cleaning up a bit. Justin was watering the backyard and picking up miscellaneous toys covered in dirt. I just happened to glance outside the back door in my room and on the flowerbed bricks was a HUGE iguana. I thought for a moment that it was Jacks toy one..but then some sense came over me and I realized it was no that big and not that bright green and then I could muster up was to shriek like a fool"Holy Moly! Look at that!"
lol Justin'bout crapped his pants when he saw Kamajii staring him down. After all this time..again hes alive..he has doubled in size and he lived in our backyard!
Guess what I am doing next? I am trucking it to my storage room and lugging that bigass, heavy glass tank thingy back to the house and to start this whole fiasco over again.
So ya, we have beastie back, for the time being anyway.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Needing More..

I take a step outside myself often. I look and wonder. Is this where I am suppose to be? Doing this? Being a stay at home mom, managing a apartment complex? I don't feel 'right'. What I really want to be doing is not feasible at this time. I want and need to do humanitarian work. I can't really do this when I have young children. When they grow older I made a promise to myself to finally do something for me. I want to go on the Heifer Study Tours..I want to travel to either Kenya or Honduras. I want to help people. I want to get the training and learn sustainable agriculture and pass it on to those who so desperately need it for achieving self-reliance. I want to be there while helping build shelter for those orphaned children in Uganda who's parents have passed from Aids. This to me is the meaning of life. Helping. Doing what I can. We are so privileged in America..the country of plenty. Everyday we take the simplest things for granted. Like the basic nourishment of life. Food. I can do nothing but weep as I write this because it is so dear to me and its all I want. Ultimately I want my children involved but obviously they are too young. When they are older I would want nothing more than for all of us to be apart of a bigger picture and help..feed the world.
Everyone gets in the mode, especially during the holidays, of thinking of all the things they 'want'
for Christmastime. Obviously me included..I could go on and on of the items I would fancy that I think would my my life knife set, a mixer, hell even a composter would be awesome..throw in a set of organic towels and you'd have one happy lady. Right? Not really. I think I would be happy. But ultimately I would not, no matter how much stuff one gets, there is always more, its not good enough. The Dali Llama put it so eloquently when he said in a speech...'Those who are poor are happier than the rich. The poor have nothing to lose. The rich, well they have everything to loose and keep wanting more and more. The poor only want what is needed to get by.' In India, the most poverty stricken country in the world, there is a plethora of poor with smiles on their face and warmth gleaming from their eyes. I guess they realize that only inner peace lasts, all else is meaningless. In the West we are materially blessed, and spiritually lost.

Smooth Sailing..

Last night was much better, Jack didn't cough one time, but Justin and I were still on edge because his breathing was labored. We gave him the albuterol a few times. Whew.. what a weekend.
I can't believe the Chargers won last night against the was so by accident too..our defense was awesome..offense sucked ass.
The Colts punter missed..twice! AND.. Peyton freaking Manning threw 6 interceptions! HA! I hate that guy..and all his dumb-ass commercials..
So, yay.. today good, no coughing, no puking, and we beat the Colts..!
I am watching the neighbor boy for a few hours today..other than that nothing scheduled for the day.
Oh yeah... Justin bought Ratatouille last week and it was so funny! I absolutely loved it. I guess when you have 5 White Russians anything is hilarious!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sick Season Sucks..

This is the time of year which I dread. The rush, rush of the find that perfect gift, people are out fighting each other over a sale item at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving, and then on top of that its 'flu season' Bah.
Lily was out all last week except for Friday due to a terrible cold and this incessant cough. Shes pretty much better now..the stupid cough is still lingering though. And now Jack. He has it. He was up all night coughing and had the most snot imaginable. And to top it off, this morning he pukes all over me. Weee~!~~ Fun times!
I am not sure whats going on. I don't think its the stomach flu, he ate some granola this morning. Also he had some Kefir and I put Cherry Bark in maybe that made him throw up?? He has complained of his throat..I can't see anything in there though..I thought it could be strep and I was looking for little white pustules. Sigh...
Another long week in store for us over here. Blah..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The floor does exist!

I have been on strike from cleaning the kids rooms. I am so sick of it, so I officially announced my strike sometime last week..or the week before..can't remember.
And to my astonishment, they both cleaned their room today (Jack had dads help). I couldn't believe my eyes! I was simply amazed to see the floor again. Its been what seems like eons since that has happened. You see when Jack 'cleans' his room, he gathers up all the random toys that have been lingering the the living room and he puts him right in his door way. When all said and done, its about 3 1/2 feet tall and blocks the whole damn doorway. Anyone daring to enter, literally has to hurdle the gigantic pile and hope for the best.I just keep the doors closed. My efforts are wasted when I tidy because 16 seconds later the room is destroyed and we are back to square one.
Lily, well lets just say when she cleans ,her closet and underneath her bed become prime hiding spots for miscellaneous toys/clothes and whatever else.
I had to share with you this sight. Yes..clean rooms.. I needed to take a picture because that will last longer!

Stupid Americans..

Friday, November 9, 2007

Drama Queen of Mine

Today Justin and I went to the meeting with Lily's teacher to see how shes progressing in the 3rd grade. She did pretty good. She is actually on Honor Roll! Fabulous. She definitely needs help in shock there..and...(drum roll please!)
The teacher said that we need to be careful because " Lily is a drama queen." LOL No Shit..
I was shocked that the teacher said that though. I almost peed myself when she did and I tried hard not to burst out laughing like a complete idiot.
Justin liked her. She is VERY tough and has high expectations of these little tweens and she should. I am proud of her..she is good..and of course she is milking it big time. She wants this bedding set and since she made the honor roll it only seems just to purchase this for her. Funny how her little drama queen mind works. That's my girl. :)

Ode To The Hubs

This post is dedicated to my husband of 12 years, Justin.
Today marks our 12 years anniversary, and what an amazing ride its been. We were engaged while I was a junior in high school. Everyone I knew said how dumb I am and how it would never last. Ha! I was the only one in the career and family development class that really needed the help. Justin and I moved out on our own when I was a senior and had our own apartment. After school when most of my hoodlum friends would head to the park across the street to smoke a joint or just loiter..I tracked off to work at my first job..cashiering at Target.
Justin is the yin to my yang..we are seriously polar opposites, but yet we balance each other out. I can't imagine my life with anyone else. He listens to my silly issues I struggle with..always gives the most logical advice time and time again.
I think I bring out the more sensitive side in him(sounds cheesy I know) but its true. Feelings/ emotions..the whole nine yards.
And his innate playing skills are seriously phenomenal. He is so a kid at heart and I just love that in him. He has blown all of expectations of what I thought a father should be like out the freaking window. Seeing him with the children and how much they adore him, makes my heart curl up and feel all squishy and you know..weepy and reach for the tissue.
I love him more now than ever. I am looking forward to us growing old together. Another road..another odyssey waiting for us to go hand in hand. I love you now and forever

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creature Comforts...

Today was the absolute perfect day..for chowder. It was cold, grey and dismal..I just loved it. I took the kids to the market..(yep, Lily stayed home again..but back to school tomorrow for sure) and stocked up on supplies. We also made a apple pie.
Being the superb wife that I am I phoned hubby at work telling him the feast I was making would be so swell with a nice hard stout. Hesitate he did not.
The house was just say those with sensitive sniffers would probably be nauseous..a mixture of bacon, apples and spices and clams filled the air this afternoon. Blah...
I bought tiny sourdough bowls and filled them with clam chowder and topped with crispy bacon. It was so freaking cute.. Justin felt a little sad as the actual sourdough round was pretty much wasted. I mean we used the tops to soak up some stoup (term from Rachael Ray) but the rest was just decorative.
The pie was yum. I used a top crust and one for the bottom. next time I will just use one for the top because the bottom one was kinda soggy and seemed not cooked all the way... top it off with vanilla bean ice cream and who could refuse?
Tomorrow Justin and I go meet Lily's teacher for a conference. Quick stop at Starbucks first and we should be there at 830am. I need my pumpkin spice latte. I can't wait until December when they start having the eggnog. I order eggnog chai latte and it is insanely deliciously. Today I bought some pumpkin eggnog at the store. Justin hates anything w/ pumpkin and or chai. Such a travesty.

Busy Mom = Happiness?

I have read a few other posts, and also just talked to a dad about this so I thought what a good topic for a blog.
Growing up I was never involved in sports, no cheer, no extra stuff. once I tried out for track but miserably failed because I was coughing a lung because I smoked..(hey c'mon, I was like 15)I tried out for gymnastics but pulled something in my leg. I look at other families and see them,
..with busy in girl scouts, sons in baseball, mom's in a book club, whatever..and from the outside it looks so good and I feel so envious.
I have the absolute opposite problem., I am so not busy. Well besides the usual cooking, cleaning and rushing off to the market for a forgotten item for the nights meal, I am not busy. I am bored. Lily was in karate for like 2 seconds..and she no longer went..mainly because we kinda forgot..Practice was every Tuesday at 5. She missed one because she was sick, then another because we had to go somewhere..can't remember where.. .and of course Lily said she would rather go with us in hopes to obtain a new toy or something. I look at her and she is a thriving beautiful, blossoming young girl..she seems why is it that I feel the need to have her involved in stuff? Because I wasn't?
We are Never busy..its such a big deal when some of Justin's friends come for football..I love thinking up the menu...preparing, you know the whole ten yards. Justin loves this. He doesn't mind that we don't entertain often or go out with I am sure you got the hint that he is such a opposite of me. I am the extrovert of the bunch..I love people..(well most anyway) I am chatty..gimme a cocktail and I won't shut up. Justin and his whole family are introverts. After all these years it seems like since I have been 'stuck' at home( I mean that in the best of ways possible..I am so blessed to stay home and raise my children) I feel like I am forced to become something I am not. I sometimes leave the television on for that adult conversation. matter how cheesy it is like on Days of Our Lives ..I feel a little better. Having a 3 year old to converse with all day..well lets just say it can drive you crazy.
My point to this whole thing is a busy mom happier? If I get Lily in activities with things be better? Will having Jack in pee wee soccer settle my need for busyness? Should I join a moms group? I think it just boils down to me getting the car. Then I can get the heck outta dodge. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sick of everything...

Lily stayed home from school, just like yesterday. She has a bad cough and is congested. School does that to a kid. During the illnesses..but seriously after a week in school its cold after stinks..and ofcourse double trouble because whatever Lily gets she brings home and so lovingly passes it off to Jack.
Besides, they aren't doing much in class..same ol' this, test you on it the next day..memorize this..test..very routine.
I have been considering trying the homeschool thing once more. Jack is older now and not constantly on my boob so I could actually do lessons and he could do some things too!
I discussed this with Lily and she firmly refuses. Who knows..maybe she'll reconsider. Hopefully by the time 4th grade comes I will have a car and she may want to homeschool and we have all kinds of field trips to attend. I would sign her up for a charter school just like last time.
The kids are out in the back yard playing. I am making baked chicken, some Asian coleslaw and some organic steamed broccoli for dinner. Justin is buying Ratatouille and we'll watch that with the kids tonight.
Lily should be going to school tomorrow..but that's what I thought yesterday too..seems to get worse at night..It definitely could be a result of all the crap that is still in the air from the fires.
I am starting to feel kinda sad lately..things are weird. I don't like how early it starts to get dark..our garden has died, and I am seeing Christmas commercials! Already! The day after Halloween... Christmas. Already. Not. Even. Thanksgiving. What. The. F*%#K?
I don't want my kids to want so many material things. Its hard. Television plays a HUGE part in that. Jack is only 3 and starting to say " Oh mommy I want that..and that ...and that!" I am limiting their TV viewing..Lily watched Hannah Montana..fine but then there are the commercials. That's what I don't like. Most if not all are for some ridiculous toy, sugary foods or how cool it is to eat at some fast food joint. I don't want to be the mean mom that doesn't let their kids watch television...but its getting so outta hand. Alot of the times the TV is on discovery channel, national geographic and/or food network..which is my favorite. I suppose I can just turn the dern thing off. I would like to go for a week w/o TV. What would we do? What kind of activities? Hmm..And sheesh..what about my shows. I mean Thursday..Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy.??? I need my fix of grown up shows and not little tweens on Disney channel or Little Bill..or Max and Ruby.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Proud..

I was very worried about what we were going to do about Halloween. We were invited to Justin's boss house in Alpine. Beautiful, huge..perfect, home. Jack was already mad and said he didn't want to go and be around all kinds of people. We told him a few days in advance. Fought it tooth and nail. Justin went to work on Halloween until 10am and then headed up to Alpine to help with the decorations and whatnot's. He came to pick the rest of us up at 4ish. We got outta of the truck and headed toward the house..(they have a huge drive-way). We wanted to go while it was still light so Jack could see all the decorations and not freak. He loved it. All of it! Not scared at all. He talked to everyone..played with another little girl and had a great time. You would have never known he is or was terribly shy.
On the way there I realized I left my camera behind. Sigh..
Jack was a fireman of course and Lily was a corpse bride. They both looked great! I am so proud of Jack. Justin even said we just need to get him out and around lots of people and he would get used to it and sure enough that's what happened. We were home at 830pm. On the way home Lily felt kinda sick and started to cry.. said her tummy felt weird and her head hurt. When we got home, she brushed her teeth, showered and went to bed. She was just fine. It was past her bedtime and she was way overstimulated so thats probably what happened.
So far, shes had maybe 3 pieces of candy. Jack has had one tiny pack of M and M's 9his fav). She picked out 3 other pieces she wanted and the rest is gonna go.
Today Justin was going to surprise us with a trip to Legoland..until he went online and saw that it would be $204 for all of us just to get in the damn park..
I would rather have a new coffee table for that price, the kids could play Lego's here...hahaha

Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Hit..

Yesterday I was so I wanted to make up a recipe. Looking into the pantry I wasn't sure what to do. I saw canned Alaskan salmon..breadcrumbs..hmmmm.. DING! Got it. I would make salmon cakes..kinda like crab cakes. So I used to cans of salmon, an egg, breadcrumbs, chives, and parmesan cheese and fried them in a light coating of vegetable oil. Then I thought I need a dip too. So..I got out some sour cream, and some dill..and what else could I add..?? Lime juice to give it a kick. Along with some salt and pepper I made a killer dip for my fish cakes. Approval from the hubs..Lily, we'll lets just say her gag reflex works pretty damn good..(she hates fish unless its a tuna sandwich). I have a few left over i will eat for lunch. Jack loved them too. hurray for creative thinking. They were so tasty and perfect football food. By the way the Chargers smeared the Texans yesterday! Woohoo!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantastic Flank

Last night I tried out a new recipe called Flank Steak with Balsamic Bacon Glaze. Sounds ritzy I know. These days we are in love with Flank. We use it so many different ways. The only thing I didn't like was the smell of the balsamic vinegar. I was reducing it down to a thick glaze and the whole house stunk. But oh my good. Its this delicious grilled flank..than you use a pastry brush and lightly (and seriously don't use too much) brush the glaze over the the meat. Then you sprinkle crunchy bacon pieces over the top than garnish it with scallions. After I cooked the bacon I left some bacon drippings in the pan and a few crumbled pieces of bacon..then I poured in about a half cup of good aged balsamic vinegar to render up all the goodness at the bottom of the skillet..then I added half a cup of beef broth that was mixed with 2 tsps. of corn starch. Let that cook for awhile until thickened and reduced and presto..a glaze. Justin wants me to make this again. Very delicate flavors and great different textures..We gave this an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Indoor Activities

More salt dough fun...

Smokey sunset

Friday, October 26, 2007

Something Different

This year Justin and I wanted to do something different. We want the kids to have the whole trick-or-treating experience..however dread the aftermath. The bucket full of sugar laden 'treats'. Last year however I was so excited to see one conscious household handed out little toys instead. Jack got a little ball and Lily some jacks I think. You can find things like this at party city. What a awesome idea!
What we decided to do this year is let the kids go trick-or treating in the neighborhood. They love that. However, we will let them keep maybe 3 pieces of candy and the rest will be set outside the front door for the 'Candy Fairy' She comes in the middle of the night and takes all the candy and leaves a small prize in its place. Perhaps a book, a puzzle, something like that. Justin told Lily that the Candy Fairy works with Tooth Fairy..that way the kids don't eat all the sugar and keep their teeth happy and healthy. Lily was so excited about that idea. I read about that somewhere. I think some blog..Waldorf -related or something?? Can't remember. But I am glad we are doing this. They still get the experience of trick-or-treating AND get to have a piece or two of situation in my book.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can't breathe, need air...fresh air!

OK, we are safe, we never had to be evacuated. The fires have somewhat settled and aren't any danger now. I feel so badly for all those who have been hurt and/or lost everything. So awful.
The air. It is downright nasty. You can still smell smoke. The quality of the air is so unhealthy. Its hazy and weird outside. Last night we made the big mistake of going out to Target to get a few necessities..(toiletries, paper towels, etc.) We didn't smell anything at that point. The children and I were going nuts staying indoors since Sunday afternoon. When we returned we thought..well its OK to open the doors just for about 15 minutes or so, to get some sort of air flow in here. Big mistake. Lily got a migraine last night..Jack was coughing so hard last night and this morning to the point where he is literally gaging and almost vomiting. Justin was up all night coughing..and I have coughed non-stop that my chest and my ribs are so tremendously sore. I have the air purifier going and the A/C on. We don't plan to go out again..not even briefly. Lily has had a friend over almost everyday to play with her and Jack. And as far as school, not sure if I am going to send her back Monday. There are warnings of the terrible air quality and even the weatherman said this morning that this will last for about 2 weeks. Ick..
Apparently Arizona has been getting some smoke affects as the gigantic smoke/particle cloud is drifting in that direction. I am going to have Justin pick up some Elderberry to give to the kids to help w/ respiratory issues. I just gave Jack some Cherry Bark to ease throat/respiratory problems as well. You never realize how much you take stuff for granted, just like the nice clean air we normally have..going outside on a sunny day for a walk around the neighborhood, going to the market to gather some produce. I would want nothing more right now than to have all of us go outside in the sunshine and breathe in deep, fresh, clean air..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Storm..

There is fire..everywhere. We are located pretty much right in the middle. There is fire to the north and south of us. Lily has been out of school for two days and they will probably close it for the rest of the week. They have evacuated Spring Valley which is the city next to us. The air quality is horrendous. The winds are wicked, blowing debris and all kinds of stuff in the air. There is 2% humidity. The lights are flickering and the TV went out last night. We are sealed inside the house with the air cleaner and humidifier on..and at times the A/C..but we are trying to conserve. Scary times..its not as bad as the Cedar Fires of 2003, when we could see the fire from our bedroom window. We were next to evacuate. The shopping center across from Lily's school was evacuated and that is right down the street. There is no mention of evac for us at this time, thank goodness. I feel for all those who are hurt and/or lost there homes in this terrible fire. My thoughts are with all those affected by this, and I pray we aren't next.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 'oh so needed, I can't live without it, I want that or I will freak out all day' Bee

Things are finally looking up, The skies are clear, the snot has stopped and the coughing has ceased..for now anyway. Yesterday was just awful. Jack was literally out of breath all day. he could barely get any words out as he was so wheezy. He used the inhaler a few times with the albuteral. Well he inhaled on the long tube thing that connects to the inhaler. Poor guy. Justin has asthma and Lily was prescribed an inhaler at one appointment awhile back too. When either of the kids get ill, they both have to use the inhaler. Its so scary. I hope they don't develop asthma later on. Jack is doing much better today. no inhaler and he has his appetite back.

So my morning was going fine..(besides the usual argument with Lily regarding clothes..shocking isn't it?!). While doing some dishes this morning, Lily was sitting peacefully at the dining table writing another story(she is constantly bustin out stories left and right, she loves to write), and Jack was mulling about, playing cars and generally causing a ruckus like he normally does in the morning. Then I heard a scream. I stopped the dishes and ran to see what the matter was. Jack was hysterically crying. I tried comforting him and asked what was wrong. He let out with great intensity.." I want to go to Blockbuster!" Uh..what? Then he continued "I want to go..I need that Bee, I need it Mommy! (insert about 6 minutes of insane crying and sobbing here) I had to take a moment to wonder the the hell he's talking about. hmmm.(insert dumb-founded looking mommy who has not had any coffee yet standing and wondering what to do next, here) Oh ya..!! Finally OK..I remember. The other day, Tuesday to be exact..I went to Blockbuster to rent Transformers and while waiting in line I noticed a stuffed 'Bee' from the upcoming Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld perched on top of the Coke refrigerator thing they have there. I showed Jack and he was like 'oh..cute'. Didn't say a word about it.

So yeah..that's what he was talking about. Needless to say I went to get it for him. But..we had to wait because it was 8:20 am when those events took place and he didn't understand that they didn't open until 10am. Normally I wouldn't do such a thing, normally I would just say..something like "Uh maybe another time, lets go play" but he was going nuts and if starts crying again then the asthma would come again. So...thank goodness for Blues Clues..we watched that and played for awhile. I was hoping he would forget. But to no avail, that little stinker kept saying 'cmon lets go get the Bee'. Oh well.

Tonights dinner is fajitas..yumm..I will post some pictures of Jack sleeping with his Bee. When we got home and I removed Bee from the ridiculous package..(those things are like Fort Knox to get out..espcially Barbies..and oh Polly Pockets..and Bratz..I could go on and on), Jack promptly named his new prized possession.."Boy Bee'. Aww..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have been thinking about this whole job issue alot lately. We are totally fine financially without me working. The only reason I wanted to work was to have the extra for furniture I want and other material things. What is wrong with me? Sure it would be nice to have a new coffee table, and hey a new dining set would so rock..but really, how materialistic can I be? Not to mention..whatever job I did, I would work from 5 to probably about 10 I would guess and Justin would have to come pick me up because I am not walking home that late, then he would have to wake the children. Jack won't go to sleep without me...I have a tuck-in routine with Lily..and other cook...not Justin...he says sure he would make dinner, but c'mon..its not like he would cut up vegetable to steam or anything like that. Dinner is my thing. I would miss it. Maybe I could make the dinner early and then they would have it to eat together, but then I would miss out on that too, and that stinks. I am not sure what I should do. The extra $ would be so nice..the money I make would be just fun money. Is it really worth it?? I do need to work no matter what since we plan on getting my car next year..but the question is when should I start? And what if no one will hire me? I have a letter of recommendation from the previous employer..(Hallmark) Too many questions..too many thoughts racing through my head.. feelings of total guilt for wanting more when I have everything I could ever want. God, i need some coffee. I am going to Blockbuster to get Transformers at 10 and I could apply then, however I don't Jack would be too happy.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Home

I kept Lily home today. This dumb cold has everyone feeling crappy. Of course its always worse at night. Shes feeling fine, but has a pretty wicked cough, so I thought it a good idea to keep her home.
It is only 7 o'clock and she has already made a 'staying home from school to do list' ..some of the items are..'get cozy', 'play Bratz', 'play cooking Mama' (its Nintendo DS game) and 'play with Jack'.
Jack feels pretty crummy too. He keeps itching his eyes and sneezing. Poor boo.
Well I have decided to look for a part time job in the evenings. I really just need to get out and the extra $ would be great, there are so many things I want. Sounds terrible I know..but I want a new coffee table, a new dining table, Lily needs a new get the picture. Its all house stuff..until January or so when we get my new car..then most of the $ will be for a car payment. I haven't worked since July 2004, I was going to go back to work after I had Jack, but the store I worked at (a Hallmark store) closed, so I just stayed home and raised my kids. Prior to that I worked at a animal hospital for 3-4 years and before that Target for about 5 years. I am not sure where I will apply. I was thinking Blockbuster..its about 1 minute walking distance from my home, and they are open late which is good for me. Or maybe Walgreens..hate to do retail.again...but at this point I will do it.
The Charger game was great. Its always a good feeling beating the raiders... :) hee hee.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gigantic Stuffed Burgers,Sucky Chicken Bake and Totally Hip Toddler

Other than being sick as a dog, nothing exciting has been happening here. A few days ago I made a new recipe called something like Chicken and Vegetable was in my(oops, I mean Jack's) Rachael Ray magazine (which btw, I had to buy because while we were standing in the check out line at the market, Jack saw Everyday w/ Rachael Ray and went bonkers). This recipe looked yummy..and I only had to buy a few veggies for this, as all the other ingredients I had on hand.. Cream of mushroom was the base for this dish and it was beyond nasty. It was dry, mushy and basically tasteless. The kids took a few bites and were practically begging for chicken Dino's. Damn.. Oh well..

Then..last night for supper I wanted to grill and I thought it would be cool to make stuffed burgers. I made a few for the kids and I (just making a small patty then topping that with tons of cheese, then making another small patty to top that). But Justin's, I made a huge one. I stuffed that thing up with blue cheese..but I tripled his..meat, pile of blue cheese, meat another pile of blue cheese, and another meat patty. Of course we put even more cheese to melt over the top. So healthy, I know. Justin's took forever to grill since it was so thick. It turned out fabulous according to him. I don't dare try as blue cheese in my opinion smells and resembles barf..and ewww gross. I hate it..oh and provolone cheese too...that is so stinky, I call it the armpit cheese. However it is good melted on the phillycheese steak sammy's I make.

Anyway..that was a good dinner.

And a quick funny..

Jack and Lily were messing around last night and Lily did something Jack thought to be amusing and he says" Sis, that was tight!" haha What!!!

And Lily is always saying things like.."Dude, that's sick" or is it spelled sik? or sic? Too cute!

Tonight, hubby is bringing home food, I really don't wanna cook tonight. I rented a few movies to of them is Surfs Up, we'll watch that with the kids. Justin and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Knocked Up..that was such a freaking awesome realistic..its kinda scary! Some situations Justin and I looked at each other and started cracking up because we would so say or do the same thing. 4 thumbs way up!!!

I leave you with the pictures..

the good


the bad

meals that is.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I feel miserable..AF came with a vengeance on Monday..then I woke up in the middle of the night Monday night,early Tuesday with a wicked sore throat. I swear I could have spit was on fire. Today my body aches and my neck is tender. I did a whole lot of lying around for the past 2 days. I feel bad for the kids, because I really don't have the energy to play. Jack was I was laying on the the sofa he told me "I am gonna fix you Mama" so off he went to collect his tools and his hat. He has a spongebob hat that is his 'doctor hat' . He uses his pliers to pull my toes, and a wooden screwdriver chiseled away at my stomach. Then, he has this wooden hammer.mallet thingy and starts pounding away at my thigh. OMG, that hurt. Mind you I was in and out of consciousness at that point. (not really, but it seemed like it).
Funny the difference between Justin and myself when we are ill. I, drug my sorry ass to the market and bought some fruit and tons of Green naked that stuff. Justin he goes to the liquor store and buys this Russian Imperial Stout type beer. Hmm. Not only does he drink this stuff..he put a shot or two of Vodka in the glass before he poured it in . Gross!
For dinner I made some chicken quesadillas with artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers. It was yummy.
Hopefully tomorrow I can function like normal. I hate being sick..Even worse when hubby and I are sick at the same time. Blah..

My Seven..Tagged

Alrighty..I have been tagged by the delicious B, author of "Random Acts of Motherhood", a blog that is just absolutely fabulous and I read everyday. So here it goes..!!

1. I am a hypochondriac..if there is a new 'epidemic' going round..I am sure it will land in my home and nestle its way in my body. Fun times, huh?

2. I don't drive..nor do I have a car. Sad I know. I mean I am 30 and don't drive. But hey, I look at it this way..I am doing good for the earth and not contributing to pollution and all. Alas, we are getting a car for me..with Justin's holiday bonus. Yay me!

3. I secretly wish I was living with the Amish community. Nuff said. Or living at The Farm..a hippie commune in Tennessee.

4. I want to become an herbalist..or a doula..either one would be great.

5. Coffee is my blood type. Seriously.I can't get enough of it. :)

6. When kids are grown and moved out..Justin and I plan to become seasoned travelers. Look out Rick Steves!

7. I regret having a tubal ligation after the birth of my second child.
*(I say that now, but change my mind when I am having a rough day with the boy one,(just the other day he was yelling at Lily and said "Lily you are such a f**k!",)and then there's fighting with the girl one about why she can't wear make-up on picture day because, hello, your 8!)

OK folks, there you have seven.. thanks for the tag..that was fun dishing up some stuff.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Open House..Fire Trucks Galore

Today we took the kiddos to the annual Open House at the local Fire House. We went there last year too. There was some robot named KC there..and last year Lily was freaked out by it..this time 'round she and him chatted it up. Jack sat in a fire truck and was in total bliss. Then there was this weird polar bear mascot named Shiver..not sure what he was all about..but needless to say Justin snapped a picture of me and the kids with him. He was like 7 feet tall. Mother Goose was there too, but there was a humongous line and we didn't want to stand there for 45 minutes. Besides Jack probably would have not liked her know because his obsession with feathers..he hates them. He will list the things he does not like for you..and it goes like this: feathers, fuzz, spiderwebs, string, and hair. That's it for now..but I'm sure the list will get longer. He is a very picky boy, my Jack.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Autumn Chill

Today is absolutely glorious...brisk, super windy..the smell of smoke wafting through the air from fireplaces..leaves starting to change..delicious day. I love days like today.
1.Lily and I didn't argue this morning..woohoo!
2.Went to the market and bought lots goodies.
3.Helped a injured praying mantis off the sidewalk where he would eventually get smashed by someone and Jack and I re-located him in some foliage.
4.Wheels in my head are turning..thinking of all kinds of comfort food to make.
Already thinking of something interesting to cook for Thanksgiving..that is my favorite holiday by far..I get to do my thang in the kitchen and Justin gets to clean up the tornado of a mess I make..Love it!
Tonight we are going to Spirit..a Halloween store. Justin is sick of the current decor and wants to update. They will hopefully have some fall/autumn decor which I would like.
Update on my eczema..still there yo! Not going away. Like I thought it would. I am still so sceptical of his diagnosis..I have a re-check appointment on the 16th and when I go and if its still there (the eczema, which I know it will be) I will be demanding a referral to an allergist. I was talking to Justin last night and we may just save some cash and head to a holistic practitioner.
Oh one more thing before I go... The other night Jack was finishing up going pee..Justin and I were in the kitchen..and we heard Jack coming out of the bathroom shouting the following " Oh my goodness..I have a big penis!" we turn around and look at our little man with his pants around his ankle and his undies pulled up but his wee wee hanging over the top. I so wish I had my camcorder at that very moment..that's the kinda stuff you show his girlfriend when she comes to the know so we can embarrass him and all. We didn't get Jack circumcised either.. so he is always yanking his thing!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ditched and left high and dry..

Today Jack and I were working on the alphabet..writing the letters, etc. I make up little catchy phrases that he repeats as he is writing them, for example..letter A is " Up, Down, Across", and B is "Line, Bump Bump" Ok yeah I am dorky like that, but hey whatever works right?
As were were in the middle of B he turned his head in the direction of Rachael Rays TV show..I think its called Everyday w/ Rachael Ray or something..any way he does not like that show.(as its not all cooking).but it came to the part of the show where she cooks something and he jumps up straight ,yells "she's cooking now, she's cooking now" and ditched me and our schooling to go spend some quality time w/ his girl. Totally my fault for having the TV on during our 'learning time' but have to think like a 3 year old..and weigh your options..alphabet with mama or oh la la Rachael Ray and all her spices (yes, Jack notices her rack..spice rack that is..c'mon get your mind outta the gutter sheesh! lol)
Lily and I argues again this morning..shocking I know. I hate days when this happens. She wants to pick out her own clothes..thats all fine and dandy..however..she picks out her old, wrinkly after school play clothes when she has brand new items hanging in her closet. And when I ask her about this she replies she doesn't like any of it! What! Shes the one who picked it all out when we went shopping! What gives?! Oh and her thats another story. I like to fix her hair and put cutesy ribbons and/or bows in it..but she likes it down..whatever, its your least just brush it. Besides on the rare occasion she does let me fix is only allowed to be in a pony tail..not high..very low. But whats the point because when she comes home from school its she takes it down when she gets to class. Anyway..she does brush her hair, however, she stops mid way due to a tangle and then goes back to the top leaving a huge tangled up mess in the middle of her hair and it poofs out so much. God forbid I do it because she will cry and then say I am doing it on purpose. Sigh..I know I should pick my battles..really I do, but can't there be some sort of compromise? Picking the outfit out the night before..done that..pointless because she changes her mind in the morning. I am at a loss. I am just going to not care anymore and make sure she has her teeth brushed and her homework. A teacher at school told my friend that the parents should not bring them their homework if they forget it..or to keep reminding them to study for a test..that they are old enough to do so and if they don't then they will have to face the consequence and receive a bad grade or whatever. hmm..not sure I totally agree with that, but I am getting to that point.
Growing up, my mother picked out my clothes and fixed my hair every morning..I never thought to question her.
I am turning into my mother which I swore i would be the total opposite and strive to not be the way she was. Justin says I have been all over Lily and riding her too hard. But c'mon, he doesn't make sure she does her homework..or study..not to mention he could give a shit if she had any chores or responsibilities..I do. I think she should. Shes 8 and old enough to make her around the house, etc. Justin says just to lay off. Whatever.
I am just venting and AF is just about to come knocking on my door. Blah...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Diagnosis: Me...

I finally went to the dermatologist yesterday afternoon. Yep. Eczema. Ok. What gives? I told him how the original GP Dr. I saw said it was from stress..and the derm Dr chuckled..and he said if that were the case we'd all have eczema. What happened was there was a insect bite..ok..then I scratched it..and scratched and that started the eczema! From my scratching!?! WHOA! You mean to tell me I did this to myself?
I have had bug bites in the past and they were itchy and it never resulted in eczema. I told him how Jack was diagnosed with 'environmental sensitivities' (basically I don't think the pediatrician had any idea what was wrong so he gave Jack that label). I asked him if I could have sensitivities too and he said not from outside because everyone is outside in nature..HOWEVER..your inside home, that's a different story. Yikes.
He did a culture swab on one of the open sores I had on my leg and gave me a steroid shot in the butt (I sound manly this morning..haha, j/k) and he gave me some crazy antibiotic like penicillin but it starts with a D just in case the culture comes back and I could have an infection. Just to be on the safe side. Oh yeah and I bought some Eucerin cream.
Yeah. So, all this drama stems from my itching. Nice. And all this itching stems from a freaking flea. Nice. And they were moved in way before I had the cats. They are chillin in the back yard after they hop off the couriers...the possum, the coon, the skunks..etc. Nice.

Monday, October 1, 2007

True Love...

All toddlers have things that they obsess over..some like baseball or Dora or perhaps they only eat goldfish crackers and slice cheese(Jack was on that kick for awhile..that and Kefir)..but this..this obsession of Jacks has me totally tickled pink!
During the day Jack is only sitting still for brief when hes eating or going poo..other than that..its like a whirlwind of action and activity. In the evening there is one and one thing only that I have come to depend on to get some things done. Good ol' Rachael Ray. Yep. He. Loves. Rachael. Ray. He will park his tiny tooshie on the couch and stare mesmerized at the boob tube for one whole hour. When the commercials come on he yells out desperately "Rach! Rach!!"
Its so cute! Her 30 minute meals comes on at 6pm and is off at 7pm. This evening after her show ended,,he growled and stomped off. Pushing some of his 200 plus hot wheels around on the coffee table he hears that Emeril is coming on..Oh baby..throws the cars with no care in the world and parks himself again to watch Emeril. He asked me if he is going to say "Bam" again. I assured him he probably would. This particular episode was about meat. Different types of sausage, heirloom chickens, lamb chops..beef from Australia..etc. While Emeril was grilling up the chickens he then slathered them with BBQ sauce and I hear Jack say.."Now thats what I am talking about!" lol Funniest damn thing I heard in a long time!
I received a catalog in the mail today called One Step Ahead(even thought I told them I need Leaps and Bounds because Jack is too old for One Step Ahead) anyway on the cover was a child cooking with this totally rad, red, retro kitchen. Jack was begging for it! HAHA I looked to see how much..It was only $249.99 Sheesh..I saw a cute one..wooden too, at Target for $99. Santa is so bring that for him. I wonder if he will be a chef or something..?? That would be so cool We can cook together! Nice...

Birthday Bash~ Lily's 8!

Friday was Lily's 8th birthday. We had a little party for her in the evening..with just a few gal pals from school and the boy next door. Grand time was had by all. The theme was no other than the beloved Hannah Montana .. I am so sick of her now! haha. She got lots of goodies..Hannah shirt, singing Hannah barbie doll, a Hannah microphone that does karaoke..oh tons..of music Cd's. Billy Ray Cyrus, Gwen Steffani, Ashley Tisdale just to name a few. A double edition of Goosebumps hardcover even..she loves those books! And of course Target gift cards from relatives..(which she ended up using the next day and bought My Sims for the Nintendo DS and a Barbie and Jack a pack of hotwheels).
Next year party..maybe we'll just take her somewhere. It was utter hyper excited running amuck and all these girls singing at the top of their lungs 'The best of both worlds' Hannah ofcourse.
Well B, I so know the feeling about pets..I just had Zelda of my tenants sons, girlfriends brother took her. I just feel so relieved. I thought I was a pet person too..hell I worked at the vet for about 4 years...but I am not liking having to clean up after another someone..its hard enough to keep my house tidy and get dinner on the table, let alone, clean the cat box, change water, put out food, sweep up an liter that she kicks from the box while she's doing her thing. Doesn't sound like much..but when you have a tween, and a rambunctious 3 year old, not to mention tenants in and becomes too much.
I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow..about freaking time. I will post about the results when I get back. Lily has karate tomorrow..maybe I'll take pictures of her in action, in her horse stance or something. Dinner tonight is tiny bean and cheese burritos with the fixin's..I am feeling totally lazy and have no desire to cook.
Jack is turning into a little hermit. He hates going anywhere..and he always asks if there will be alot of people there..if the answer is yes he promptly replies, 'I do not want to go there.' he hates being around alot of people and has stated multiple times.."I don't like people" and ofcourse Charger Sunday is his nemesis...we hosted yesterday..and let me just say Jack was not happy. He hates it when anyone yells,hollers or cheers..heck if you even talk louder than normally he will cry and cry. He does not like any loud noise. He is super sensitive. Terrible game by the way yesterday.. :(
I went to my storage room and got out the tubs of Halloween decorations..we may do that today.. Jack was already crying about that too..he loathes Halloween decorations..*sigh* I will post some pictures of Lily and her buddies...and cake..Who doesn't love cake?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Everything least for now...

I woke up feeling crappy this morning..not sure why. My boss was over for a little while looking at one of my vacant apartments..and when she was done I gave her the cat box I had and the rest of the litter I had too. I didn't need it anymore. An hour later I was sitting w/ Jack while he munched on one of his early morning it was goldfish and juice. And then it happened. I just sat there and bawled. I was completely consumed with guilt and remorse about ever sending my girls to Petco to be adopted. So what they caused trouble, that's what kittens do. So...I called Petco and inquired about the cats, wondering if they were still there. Luna~ she was gone..been gone for awhile, Zelda however..she was there. They said adoptions were on Saturday. I called Justin at work and cried for like 10 minutes.
Ok, I want her back. I felt like shit..number one for doing it in the first place, number two, her sister is gone, number three, I couldn't bare the thought anymore of her stuck in that insanely small cage..wasting away.
I called Petco was $100 to adopt her. That's fine. They made a few calls and they said I could get!
Jack in tow, we headed to the store to get Zelda back. I had to buy food, another scratching post and get my manager to bring my cat box back over.
Here we are, home and I feel good that she is home where she belongs. Sad, however, because of soon as Zelda came in she went to every room meowing..and looking for sis. :(
It has been a few hours and she is one happy kitty. She's purring and meowing and back on me kneading away at my clothes. Contentment..for both of us.
While she was there, she was spayed,de-wormed and given some shots, not to mention tested for FELV..(feline leukemia)
All is well.
Oh yeah, update on my skin issues..(I know how exciting for you)
I phoned yesterday bitching that no doctor has called me back about looking over my chart. They said a doctor did however look over my chart but forgot to call me (how convenient).This particular doctor would not give me the referral and said to be seen by another doctor! WTF!?!
Remember my doctor was out on holiday so his head nurse promised he would look over my chart again(he returned from holiday today,Friday) this morning she called me back and he agreed to send me to a dermatologist! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, it takes 3-5 working days to get the i can't even call to make the appointment until like Wednesday or Thursday next week. Sigh..
Oh well...this stuff isn't letting up, so I will have to wait. I am super glad I can go. I looked up a Holistic Dr. in my area and the office visit is $110. Yikes..
I will end up doing that if the derm can't help me.
Blah..enough about that.
I wrapped most of Lily's bday gifts this morning. I hope she likes everything.
I promise I will start to blog about more interesting things..but all that has been happening lately is the skin stuff. Justin even started itching last night..I think he was having sympathy itching though...sweet guy! haha

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rockin' Roast..

So I wanted to make a stick to yer' bones kinda meal since its all chilly. normally when I make pot roast it sucks so bad..dry is putting it lightly.
Not this roast..
This dinner rocked!
I bought 'rump roast' and put it in a roaster w/ Granny speckles..(you know the blue/black cookware w/ white specks all over it), seasoned the bad boy up and out sliced onions over it. Then I put about 1 1/2 cans of cream of mushroom soup over it and filled up one of those cans with water and dumped it over it too. In the over at 350 degrees for about 2-ish hours.
I steamed up some carrots and broccoli to go along side. I have never used cream of whatever..before. This was the best ever. I am so making this again. And so easy too. I am not using my crockpot for that anymore. Tomorrow I am roasting whole fryer chickens in there with rosemary and tarragon..then make some herbed new potatoes. I love it when i already plan out my menus..I was writing them down in this pagan/wiccan daily calendar thingy..but stopped for whatever reason. I am getting back on track now. Cheers!

Crisp and Chilly

According to our local weather man, a winter storm is coming our way. I'll believe it when I see it. So far the past 2 days have been abnormally cool. I love it. The kids actually wore long pjs the past two nights. I love autumn..the changing colors, the crisp, cool air. And the smells..ahh..cinnamon,apples,cloves..all make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I have a apple-cinnamon candle that smells great while burning, however when you blow it out, it totally and completely smells like kidding, my house wrecked of salmon yesterday! I wonder if Target will take it back..I think it was genetically modified or something.
I put some cloves and cinnamon in a pot with some water and put it on the back burner of the stove and it simmers and makes things smell wonderful.
We already picked out October 6th as out Halloween night. We make a big deal out of decorating. Hopefully the weather will be cool. I am going to make some spiced cider and maybe some stuffed squash for supper. Dessert..hmm..pumpkin spiced cookies perhaps. We have so much Halloween decorations..more than Christmas in fact. That is Justin's favorite holiday. Mine..Thanksgiving..I love being in the kitchen, football on..friends, family. All good. Justin's family is gone to Washington..and mine..sister is in, but we haven't really talked in a great while (hopefully that will change), clue, father, no clue...
Last year I was going to take Lily to a local homeless shelter where we were going to help in the kitchen and serve the folks. When I called to confirm, they no longer needed us. :( That was a disappointment. Maybe this year we can donate some goods to a woman's shelter, or Children's hospital..or something like that.
Justin and I have been watching a program called The Truth About Food..with Dr. Mehment Oz on the Discovery health Channel..and its will be on again tonight at 8pm. He conducts all sorts of experiments and finds out interesting facts about food. It is really informative. He is the Dr. that is always on Oprah.
I finally made some chicken soup last night. I was planning to make this a few days ago, but just didn't have time. So while Justin and Jack went with Lily last night to karate, I got it done..and it was good and warmed our bellies. I made extra because I told Lily's teacher (who had fallen ill last week) I would bring her some.
Lily is begging to be in Heartlight again. She did that last year and performed at some college football game at half-time. this year however, they will perform at Qualcom at a Charger game! Cool, now we can get in either free or at a cheap price. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want to go to a Charger game and then see there offspring shred it up out on the field at halftime?
Jack is insisting on watching Over The I will go make a latte and join the little guy..
Later we are going to the market and get some goodies to make up a Wednesday feast.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Random stuff....
Lily came home today in tears and just wept in my arms..I wasn't sure what was wrong because she didn't want to talk. Finally after what seemed like forever, she told me Nancy, her best friend, moved and today was her last day. :(
So sad..Lily said there is only 4 other girls in her class now. None of which she is too fond of. But she did get Nancy's number and she will be coming to Lily's birthday bash.
It seems like forever since I posted anything about food and/or cooking. I have been incredibly lazy as of late..not cooking at all. I have been incessantly scratching myself instead. Today we decided to have a salad. I had everything on hand already, so no last minute trips to the market, thank goodness. I sent Lily and Jack out back to harvest all of our organic sweet cherry tomatoes. They were excited to do that and proud of the loot they got.I had already some heirloom ones as well. Blue cheese, scallions, seasoned grilled chicken and hard boiled egg, throw in two types of lettuce..some shredded aged shard cheddar and poof...dinner. Pretty tasty.
I did make a trip to the market later in the evening with the kids to get a few ingredients for some home-made ice-cream. I needed some eggs, and heavy whipping cream. I also bought some organic Newman O's (I was planning to make cookies and cream). It turned out pretty good. The kids loved it, and I took some to my neighbors..It was the talk of the evening..haha they too enjoyed it. So much fresher and better tasting than store bought stuff..if I may humbly say so.
Tomorrow we are getting the kids Halloween costume. I know its way early, but I am such a compulsive planner..and besides, I want to go when the costumes aren't sold out. Lily is going to be a corpes bride..and Jack..well he's not sure..either a fireman or something creepy with spiderwebs is what the little guy wants. I am not sure if I will dress up..I may be a pregnant nun..a friend of mine has that costume..or I could be a Geisha again..I have that. Justin is going to be the mad scientist..again...I am so sick of that. Oh well..saves money since hes got all the necessary items. Later in the afternoon tomorrow my friend is watching the kids..Justin and I are going to go shopping for Lily's birthday and maybe grab a bite to eat, I already bought her 2 Cd's (Gwen Stefani..and Ashley Tisdale) and 2 pairs of shoes, air -walks she has been wanting and some other little black ones. Lily said tonight that she wants me to make home-made ice-cream for her party. Yeah! I am excited for that. She's having 8 girls and one boy (neighbor) at her shin dig..which is Hannah Montana themed..
She is so excited. :)
Off to bed..well not really, I am going to watch 20/20..Micheal Moore is going to be on there discussing health care in America and the like..and I want to watch that.

Sweet Dreams...