Friday, January 29, 2010

Life and then some....

Back to the blogging thing. I forgot about blogging for a while. Life seems to be taking up much of my time these days. Busy running errands, taking kids here and there and work.
My latest obsession is the 50's! I love that era. I am actually planning a retro 50's cocktail party...and dressing the part is required! We are going to have it in March, probably on my birthday. I have already bought some things...but there is so much more to do. I am a crazy planner and I love having something to do and to look forward to. Currently I am creating some invitations, roaming the thrift stores and concocting a beverage and appetizer menu. To my pleasant surprise Justin is totally on board with this idea! I am going to have him wear a blazer and a skinny tie and maybe a Fedora to boot. He will be the bartender. I bought a 50's CD that will be playing to create the perfect atmosphere to boot. The kids will be somewhere(not sure yet) this is going to be an adult party..
Tonight we are heading to The Corvette Diner...I am super excited about that. I was hoping to attempt a bee hive with my hair, but I am totally clueless...maybe I need those stupid 'bumpits' that are on those infomercials...
The kids are just peachy....Lily took a art class and it turned out to be utterly ridiculous. Supposedly they were suppose to teach to draw anime and cartoons and the like...however..when we got there, there were about 15 kids and the 'art teacher' was some random teenage girl who didn't even introduce herself and explain to the class what they would be learning and doing, instead she gives everyone a xeroxed copy of a black and white toucan and says 'draw this'. When the kids finished she just said "draw whatever you want"..and that was it! Nothing instruction, nothing! After spending $7 on the class, $6 on registration and $25 for a cheesy art kit that I could have got her at my work for $5, we felt thoroughly ripped off. Needless to say she won't be going back. We'll have to wait and try to put her in something more legit.
Jack is improving in kindergarten, thank goodness. At one point his teacher asked me if I was open to the idea of retention., I am not. How could she even acess something like that when there were 6 more months of school left?. However, she told me the other day the Jack is doing much better. He is finally reading...and he loves....LOVES puzzles...he is whipping through the 100 piece puzzles so we need to up the ante and maybe try a two or three hundred piece one for him.
I am organizing a Valentine party for his class at school. I am really excited about that and I am making 26 cupcakes.
This year marks Justin and my 15 year anniversary! Planning is inevitable as I want to do something really fun and special...maybe a weekend trip away, just the two of us. Wow...that would be we have NEVER been away, never had a honeymoon or even a wedding at that. Of course he doesn't want to think about it as it is 10 months away. Thankfully one of us is a planner!
Well of to tidy and do some laundry! Have a great day!