Friday, September 21, 2007

Everything least for now...

I woke up feeling crappy this morning..not sure why. My boss was over for a little while looking at one of my vacant apartments..and when she was done I gave her the cat box I had and the rest of the litter I had too. I didn't need it anymore. An hour later I was sitting w/ Jack while he munched on one of his early morning it was goldfish and juice. And then it happened. I just sat there and bawled. I was completely consumed with guilt and remorse about ever sending my girls to Petco to be adopted. So what they caused trouble, that's what kittens do. So...I called Petco and inquired about the cats, wondering if they were still there. Luna~ she was gone..been gone for awhile, Zelda however..she was there. They said adoptions were on Saturday. I called Justin at work and cried for like 10 minutes.
Ok, I want her back. I felt like shit..number one for doing it in the first place, number two, her sister is gone, number three, I couldn't bare the thought anymore of her stuck in that insanely small cage..wasting away.
I called Petco was $100 to adopt her. That's fine. They made a few calls and they said I could get!
Jack in tow, we headed to the store to get Zelda back. I had to buy food, another scratching post and get my manager to bring my cat box back over.
Here we are, home and I feel good that she is home where she belongs. Sad, however, because of soon as Zelda came in she went to every room meowing..and looking for sis. :(
It has been a few hours and she is one happy kitty. She's purring and meowing and back on me kneading away at my clothes. Contentment..for both of us.
While she was there, she was spayed,de-wormed and given some shots, not to mention tested for FELV..(feline leukemia)
All is well.
Oh yeah, update on my skin issues..(I know how exciting for you)
I phoned yesterday bitching that no doctor has called me back about looking over my chart. They said a doctor did however look over my chart but forgot to call me (how convenient).This particular doctor would not give me the referral and said to be seen by another doctor! WTF!?!
Remember my doctor was out on holiday so his head nurse promised he would look over my chart again(he returned from holiday today,Friday) this morning she called me back and he agreed to send me to a dermatologist! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, it takes 3-5 working days to get the i can't even call to make the appointment until like Wednesday or Thursday next week. Sigh..
Oh well...this stuff isn't letting up, so I will have to wait. I am super glad I can go. I looked up a Holistic Dr. in my area and the office visit is $110. Yikes..
I will end up doing that if the derm can't help me.
Blah..enough about that.
I wrapped most of Lily's bday gifts this morning. I hope she likes everything.
I promise I will start to blog about more interesting things..but all that has been happening lately is the skin stuff. Justin even started itching last night..I think he was having sympathy itching though...sweet guy! haha

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rockin' Roast..

So I wanted to make a stick to yer' bones kinda meal since its all chilly. normally when I make pot roast it sucks so bad..dry is putting it lightly.
Not this roast..
This dinner rocked!
I bought 'rump roast' and put it in a roaster w/ Granny speckles..(you know the blue/black cookware w/ white specks all over it), seasoned the bad boy up and out sliced onions over it. Then I put about 1 1/2 cans of cream of mushroom soup over it and filled up one of those cans with water and dumped it over it too. In the over at 350 degrees for about 2-ish hours.
I steamed up some carrots and broccoli to go along side. I have never used cream of whatever..before. This was the best ever. I am so making this again. And so easy too. I am not using my crockpot for that anymore. Tomorrow I am roasting whole fryer chickens in there with rosemary and tarragon..then make some herbed new potatoes. I love it when i already plan out my menus..I was writing them down in this pagan/wiccan daily calendar thingy..but stopped for whatever reason. I am getting back on track now. Cheers!

Crisp and Chilly

According to our local weather man, a winter storm is coming our way. I'll believe it when I see it. So far the past 2 days have been abnormally cool. I love it. The kids actually wore long pjs the past two nights. I love autumn..the changing colors, the crisp, cool air. And the smells..ahh..cinnamon,apples,cloves..all make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I have a apple-cinnamon candle that smells great while burning, however when you blow it out, it totally and completely smells like kidding, my house wrecked of salmon yesterday! I wonder if Target will take it back..I think it was genetically modified or something.
I put some cloves and cinnamon in a pot with some water and put it on the back burner of the stove and it simmers and makes things smell wonderful.
We already picked out October 6th as out Halloween night. We make a big deal out of decorating. Hopefully the weather will be cool. I am going to make some spiced cider and maybe some stuffed squash for supper. Dessert..hmm..pumpkin spiced cookies perhaps. We have so much Halloween decorations..more than Christmas in fact. That is Justin's favorite holiday. Mine..Thanksgiving..I love being in the kitchen, football on..friends, family. All good. Justin's family is gone to Washington..and mine..sister is in, but we haven't really talked in a great while (hopefully that will change), clue, father, no clue...
Last year I was going to take Lily to a local homeless shelter where we were going to help in the kitchen and serve the folks. When I called to confirm, they no longer needed us. :( That was a disappointment. Maybe this year we can donate some goods to a woman's shelter, or Children's hospital..or something like that.
Justin and I have been watching a program called The Truth About Food..with Dr. Mehment Oz on the Discovery health Channel..and its will be on again tonight at 8pm. He conducts all sorts of experiments and finds out interesting facts about food. It is really informative. He is the Dr. that is always on Oprah.
I finally made some chicken soup last night. I was planning to make this a few days ago, but just didn't have time. So while Justin and Jack went with Lily last night to karate, I got it done..and it was good and warmed our bellies. I made extra because I told Lily's teacher (who had fallen ill last week) I would bring her some.
Lily is begging to be in Heartlight again. She did that last year and performed at some college football game at half-time. this year however, they will perform at Qualcom at a Charger game! Cool, now we can get in either free or at a cheap price. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want to go to a Charger game and then see there offspring shred it up out on the field at halftime?
Jack is insisting on watching Over The I will go make a latte and join the little guy..
Later we are going to the market and get some goodies to make up a Wednesday feast.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Random stuff....
Lily came home today in tears and just wept in my arms..I wasn't sure what was wrong because she didn't want to talk. Finally after what seemed like forever, she told me Nancy, her best friend, moved and today was her last day. :(
So sad..Lily said there is only 4 other girls in her class now. None of which she is too fond of. But she did get Nancy's number and she will be coming to Lily's birthday bash.
It seems like forever since I posted anything about food and/or cooking. I have been incredibly lazy as of late..not cooking at all. I have been incessantly scratching myself instead. Today we decided to have a salad. I had everything on hand already, so no last minute trips to the market, thank goodness. I sent Lily and Jack out back to harvest all of our organic sweet cherry tomatoes. They were excited to do that and proud of the loot they got.I had already some heirloom ones as well. Blue cheese, scallions, seasoned grilled chicken and hard boiled egg, throw in two types of lettuce..some shredded aged shard cheddar and poof...dinner. Pretty tasty.
I did make a trip to the market later in the evening with the kids to get a few ingredients for some home-made ice-cream. I needed some eggs, and heavy whipping cream. I also bought some organic Newman O's (I was planning to make cookies and cream). It turned out pretty good. The kids loved it, and I took some to my neighbors..It was the talk of the evening..haha they too enjoyed it. So much fresher and better tasting than store bought stuff..if I may humbly say so.
Tomorrow we are getting the kids Halloween costume. I know its way early, but I am such a compulsive planner..and besides, I want to go when the costumes aren't sold out. Lily is going to be a corpes bride..and Jack..well he's not sure..either a fireman or something creepy with spiderwebs is what the little guy wants. I am not sure if I will dress up..I may be a pregnant nun..a friend of mine has that costume..or I could be a Geisha again..I have that. Justin is going to be the mad scientist..again...I am so sick of that. Oh well..saves money since hes got all the necessary items. Later in the afternoon tomorrow my friend is watching the kids..Justin and I are going to go shopping for Lily's birthday and maybe grab a bite to eat, I already bought her 2 Cd's (Gwen Stefani..and Ashley Tisdale) and 2 pairs of shoes, air -walks she has been wanting and some other little black ones. Lily said tonight that she wants me to make home-made ice-cream for her party. Yeah! I am excited for that. She's having 8 girls and one boy (neighbor) at her shin dig..which is Hannah Montana themed..
She is so excited. :)
Off to bed..well not really, I am going to watch 20/20..Micheal Moore is going to be on there discussing health care in America and the like..and I want to watch that.

Sweet Dreams...

Too good to be true..

OK, so yeah, I thought the herbal remedy was working. Maybe I wanted it to work so badly that I was imagining the rash/eczema/bumpy/yucky/itchy/ whatever the hell it is taking over my go away. Its not. Its spreading. What am I suppose to do? The doc won't give me a referral to a dermatologist...maybe I should go elsewhere..different doctor and get a second opinion and beg for a referral...
This is seriously become a major catastrophe.....
Maybe I will post pictures of this plague and hope one of my loyal readers will recognize it and say.."Oh well, Kelly my dear, that is simply...blah, blah, blah, and all you need to do is simply...blah, blah, blah..." That would make my day..
Any herbalist out there??

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sad Day...

Well as you know there has been many issues with our feline family. So today was the day. They are gone. I relinquished ownership to the pet store where they will arrange for the kitties to be adopted. It was sad..I was already preparing Lily for this to happen..due to my eczema, Jack's 'environmental sensitivities' etc.Last night she even came up to me and hugged me and said "Mom, its OK for the cats to go, whatever it takes to make you better" My sweet girl.. While I was filling out the paper work, a cute little old lady came over and was checking out Luna and Zelda and I think she scarfed them up..(yeah!) At least I know they went somewhere safe. I asked what would happen to the girls and she said they would spay them, and keep them there until someone adopted them. I made sure she swore they don't go to the pound. The lady put my worries at ease.
Upon returning home, I felt sad..normally when I get back from being out, the girls are right on the sofa ready to greet me. :(
I stopped at the store and bought lily a Fairy Bear with wings.. its adorable and of course some bubblegum..just to make her feel better. I know shes going to be sad.
Farewell Ms. Luna and Ms. Zelda Pants...
You will be missed!

Kicking Ass...

That herbal formula I bought the other day for my eczema is working! My arm doesn't look so diseased and the bumps are fading. Woohoo! Don't get me wrong, there is still a way to go before I can fit in with the adult population and not be a leper anymore. But I am seeing results and that is making me totally happy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yep, more complaining.....

Today for me, totally sucks. I woke up dazed and confused..I took 2 antihistamines before bed last night. And this is how my morning goes...I was fixing Lily's hair, putting it in two ponytails and as I was doing this I noticed a reddish-purple mark on the back of her neck. At a closer look I realized what this is. Its a giant hickey from Luna! Yep. Hickey. On my 7 year old. From a cat. Nasty. Luna slept with Lily last night on her pillow, and as you know from my previous posts in this here blog, that cat sucks..on any and everything. After this..Lily is complaining about her clothes,(they aren't stylish enough,or they aren't glittery..) then her hair doesn't look good. I think I will let her dress herself from now on..because apparently I am too old to know what stylish and hip things being 30 and all. Then I sent her to brush her teeth, wash her face, and then clean out the litter box. This was at 730am. At 7:54 I happen to walk by the bathroom and she hadn't even done the box yet. It took her 24 freaking minutes to brush her teeth and wash her face?!? Ok I am already in a pissy mood with my procrastinator daughter. Reminder..still no caffeinated beverage.. then I go in my bedroom for something and notice those felines were on my dresser and knocked over my 2 bamboo plants, spilling the tiny rocks and water all over the place and behind the dresser. Then there is the son... I must make an appointment him, because you see folks, it seems his ears aren't working..and he keeps telling me "NO" and I ask him to clean up a mess he made or to put something away or whatever and his latest is "But Mom, I don't know how!" I forgot to mention too, that while I was away at a Mary Kay thingy..Jack thinks it a great idea to just stop what he was doing pull his pants and undies off and proceed to crap on the floor..(thank goodness I was out hanging with the make-up ladies!)
There's more.....
Lily keeps getting her name on the board at school, and when questioned about this..apparently the teachers are lying and Lily didn't do a damn thing.. whatever...but c'mon twice in 3 days?
Sunday..while correcting papers for Lily's teacher..( I am a room mom) I notice Jack running around with the brown tube from wrapping paper..(Justin gave it to him a few days ago and said "Here you go son, a sword.") Brilliant. Jack decided to practice his fencing skills in the kitchen and he hit my cappuccino machine and the carafe came tumbling down and shattered into a zillion pieces. God No! I saw this happening in slow motion. It was like a bad dream.I got up and ran yelling 'NOOOOO!!! Thank goodness no one was hurt of course..(well that is the kids..I pricked my finger cleaning the glass). So now I am using a glass measuring cup until I can order another. I refuse to go without my cappuccino...
Oh don't worry, there is bound to be more..its only Wednesday
Yeah yeah, alota bitching..I know...but hey, its my blog..

Karate Kid...

Lily started Karate class yesterday and she was so excited. She tried Tae Kwon Doe in kindergarten but she didn't follow through..(due to her fashion sense..she didn't like the way she looked in her Gi..(pronounced ghee) aka her outfit. ) I think she is way more mature now to worry about such trite issues as that..although she still has more fashion sense then me!
There were about 15 or so kids in the was totally disorganized and chaotic..there were 2 sensei's(masters) and they were completely clueless as to how to get these children in line. Hopefully next class will be better and not so crazy. At the end of the class, Lily's sensei broke a wood board with his hand..the kids were thrilled. Towards the end of the class there will be competitions and then Lily will get to graduate to the next color belt ..which is..err.. yellow maybe. I have no idea.
Not much going on here..oh yeah so I went to the dr. Thursday of last week..the doc had no clue what my eczema is from..he ordered a boatload of lab tests..(all of which came back fine) he wrote a script for some sort of prednisone,a antihistamine, and some cortisone which I didn't buy because I have that at home. So far I have taken 2 antihistamine's..because I was insanely itchy. I am not taken the pred. You know the papers that come with the Rx that the pharmacists gives you, you know with all the warnings? Well this particular steroid says 'This medicine makes you more susceptible to illness' and on the paper for the cortisone stuff it says this 'Additional monitoring of your condition is needed if you are taking prednisone' Huh?
Needless to say I do not plan on taking the pred.I don't even know why I bought it. I thought the doc would maybe refer me to a dermatologists.. Nope. He said it could be stress and/or the cats..he really was not sure. I am sure the doc knows what he's doing..who am I to question a doc right? Wrong..I asked him about altering my diet and changing things in that respect and he said "Nah, don't bother"I even asked about any herbs/homeopathy,etc.. of course you know his answer.. It is so upsetting in my opinion that the docs that I have dealt with don't even consider other options..they just assume I want them to write out a script for some random pharmaceutical and have me be on my way.They won't even consider it..I assume they aren't trained in diet/herbs/etc. or perhaps they are, but so far the dr.s I have had blatently said no..don't even try they know it won't work. So sad. Maybe I just haven't found the right doctor. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect (for the most part) the people who are in the medical field that care for those in need and was thankful to have them when I broke my ankle. Maybe I should look into a holistic practioner, but that is not covered in our insurance so we would have to shell out $100 just for the office visit..(I already checked). I did find a pediatrician that was OK about delayed vaccines and the like. It wasn't a total waste of $60, I mean I got everything checked out..blood wise that is. All good. I am not one to take medicines..anyone who knows me knows that I will try an alternative route first..and then if nothing works then do the conventional mumbo jumbo.
So I am starting to eliminate things to see what the hell is causing this..
I am cutting out dairy..well cutting back..I need my coffee creamer. I switched laundry detergents to a free and clear sensitive skin type..I am currently using rice dream instead of milk. I bought some Eczema Rescue from the health food store..which has Poke (anti-viral),Bloodroot (anti-fungal),St. Johns Wort (nerve-quelling), Arnica (wound healing) and a few others that I can't think of right now. I used it a few times and will continue today. I feel like I am turning into a giant red bump, because this is spreading..and its driving me batty. Hopefully I get some relief soon or I am gonna go nucking futs..

Thursday, September 6, 2007

About Last Night......

Besides being a cool 80's flick, About Last Night will also be the title of this installment about yet another sleepless night.

*Last left eye would not stop twitching.
*Last night ...Jack was thrashing about in bed and smacking me, then Justin, then me again, and back to Justin..he was asleep(and yes we co-sleep, he's still in our bed)
*Last night...Lily woke up crying, turned on her light, then came in my room holding a pink pillow and asking about the music?? She was swaying back and forth(she was sleep walking)
*Last night...I heard three different sirens within a 20 minute time frame
*Last night...the crickets were out in full force..there musta been a billion outside the door...damn crickets.
*Last night...Justin was snoring...again...
*Last night...I was so itchy, my skin was crawling.. hopefully the doc can help me out in that department..(I finally got up the balls to go and see what the heck is going on..stay tuned)
*Last night...I was seriously considering looking into getting Lunesta..that or downing my bottle of Valerian.
*Last night...those damn cats..need I say more?
*Last night...totally and completely sucked major ass.
I hope you have enjoyed this edition of 'Kelly Can't Sleep'
But don't you worry, part 2 coming very soon..I assure you.
Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Little Fibber..

Today I took advantage of the wonderful was only 91 degrees..woohoo! So instead of lying around and pushing hot wheels across the kitchen floor with Jack..I had energy to clean house. When it is a million degrees outside I can barely muster up energy to to cook, let alone clean. And having the house closed up for several days because of the air conditioner, I feel like I am suffocating and need ventilation..fresh air. So I started in the living room and then to the kitchen. I noticed some hot pink crayon mark all over the bottom half of the fridge. Hmmm..Jack was coloring I go over to where he is playing and casually ask if he did this on the fridge. He stops what he is doing and comes over and glances at the scribbles..then proceeds to look up at me, bat his eyes and politely say "Oh no Mommy, I didn't do that, Luna did that." Lol..Then I told him cats don't use crayons..(well maybe they do, but I hope ours never learn), then he says matter-of fact-like.."You're right, it was Lily who did that." His first only 3..wonderful....

Monday, September 3, 2007

Death Weather

Ok so yeah, it was 111 degrees today on the way back back from Cost Plus World Market..

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chicken and then some....

When chicken breast is on sale..I buy..lots..and then freeze it. Lately I have found so many recipes for chicken..

I made some homemade chicken noodle soup for Jack because he has been sick..(summer colds are the worst because the kids is already burning up cause its like a million degrees outside, then there is the gooey snot..and oh the fun times in the middle of the night waking up with asthma/wheezing. try getting a 3 year to take an inhaler!) Little man is soo much better today, thank goodness. Where was I? Oh ya, chicken..

so yeah, the soup..that was pretty good..then last night I made the best EVER homemade chicken pot pie! Move over Marie Calendar! Shes got nothing on these! haha And today I am making chicken veggie quesadillas (chicken(which I cooked last night), artichoke hearts chopped, roasted red pepper, and red onions and moneray jack cheese..I actually saw this on Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller yesterday and it looked delicious!

In other news we slept in the living room last night..plopped our mattress right in front of our wonderful new AC. And boy lemme tell ya that is no easy task. The mattress we have I swears weighs 250 pounds. We bought the family bed from Ikea in March and its a California King size..but its like a futon dense as hell but oh so cozy. We are leaving it here tonight too as there is a heat warning again today..its only gonna be 103 but with the humidity it'll be like 110. Nasty. Not much going on as its too freaking hot do anything..we may hit up the grocery store and then drive by Lily's school because she wants to show us 'the haunted house' that is right across the street from the playground or something. Her and her little buddies dare each other to go and touch the fence or yell"I'm not afraid of you!' get the picture. i think its hilarious. She says the people that live there which she can clearly see through the windows are dead. And they are ghosts. She so wants to go there for Halloween. Spooky!