Thursday, February 24, 2011

Screw you McDonald's, McMom's is way better!

Mornings are always crappy. Well at my house anyway. Justin has the alarm set for like some ungodly hour around 5 something. He drags his sorry ass to the shower and then I hear the little footsteps of a zombie- like 6 year old that seems to ALWAYS wake up on the wrong side of the bed...He follows suit and takes a shower too. Time for the girl-child. I see her silhouette by my door, scratching her bird nest like hair and grumbling something to the likes of...'whats for breakfast? Can I have some coffee? Mom? Ma? MOOOOOOM!"My turn to roll out of my bed and wipe the sleep out of my eyes and take a second to figure out what is going on and who I am. I can't really be of any help to anyone until the first sip of hot coffee hits my lips.After having a cup I look around and wow, guess its cereal, again.....sometimes waffles, but that actually requires me getting out the toaster and shit..You know, effort. Once in a great while I will whip up some eggs, sausage and even some toast if I am feeling frisky.
Everyone loves those McDonalds breakfast Mcmuffin thingies with the sausage, egg and cheese. Those are the bomb. Then I bought some of the frozen
ones...Jimmy Dean me thinks..?? And ehh those are pretty good...but has a crapload of ingredients and we wont even talk about the sodium content...
I decided to make my fact I had seen someone else do this and thought that was bloody brilliant! So I spent the entire afternoon making these kick ass morning bites. I made 24! And on those busy mornings when you can barely open your eyes due to too many cocktails the night before
watching American Idol, or you just need 5 more minutes of zzz's but your offspring refuses to grant
you that wish....drag your butt to the freezer, nuke it for one
minute..check it after 30 seconds....and then
continue heating...and the time you take your morning pee, breakfast will be done. I know. you can thank me
later. Here's the pictures...

First get this stuff...
I used 20 organic brown eggs, whisk them up real good:

Pour them in a long-ish glass pan like this..not sure the size,
and bake on 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until eggs are not
jiggly in the middle...then cut up into 24 squares..I forgot to get that picture...oh well, it was boring anyway.

Next cut up the sausage (24 pieces) and put them on a sheet pan
...and bake on same temp as eggs, but for 20 minutes..

Get some cheddar cheese and fold each slice in half, then half again...

Toast you english muffins for a few
Add a pat o' butter
Lay 2 of the pieces of cheddar on on piece of muffin
Next up add the egg
Then the sausage
Top with the other half of muffin..... and viola!

It was so good, I had to eat one....

And see, look how many it makes.....