Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updates and Thanksgiving 2009

Things sure have been quite hectic around here. After our brief stint in homeschooling things are slowly starting to get to some sort of 'normal'.
After starting kindergarten Jack become sick. Like sick..going to the doctor than being admitted to the hospital kind of sick. After the first week of school he got pneumonia. He missed a week of school and after healing up a good bit returned. Not even 2 and a half weeks later, sick again..this time what was a basic cold, turned into a upper respiratory infection requiring hospitalization. We were giving his treatments..(nebulizer) and that wasn't working. He was puking all night. Asthmatics tend to barf because they are trying so hard to get enough air, that all the contents of the belly are ejected. What fun that was. Jack is now the master puker. He gets the trash and/or toilet every time. Makes clean-up so much easier.
After xrays and nebulizer treatments at the doctor that proved unsuccessful, his pediatrician admitted him to the hospital. It was so scary. He was hooked up to an IV and had and oxygen mask too. Jack was a trooper and did very well. They gave him Albuterol every 2 hours thru the nebulizer. You can imagine what that was like. Albuterol is like a shot of espresso for a kid. So having a 20 minute dose every 2 hours Jack turned into a wild man. I did not spend the night with him, Justin did. I had to come home and be here for Lily.
He did well all night and was discharged the next morning. Since then we had decided that we would give homeschooling a go. We did it for health reasons. All in all it lasted one month. Jack was begging to go to school to run with his buddies and I was loosing my mind trying to school a fidgety 5 year old. With my sanity on the line and Jack not having social interaction..he is happily back in class with his friends. His immune system got a month to heal. Now anytime I think he is sounding like he is getting ill, I keep him home and do a treatment. Jack's teacher also will let me know if he is having any problems at school as well.
Lily is doing great..she is getting so big, its ridiculous. She is almost as tall as me. She is growing up so fast. She is one smart little girl. I met with her teacher. Straight A's....again..
She loves horses, drawing comics, and wants a dog and cell phone for Christmas. She plays soccer everyday at recess and has friends over constantly. She is a bookworm and is constantly reading something. I think currently she is reading New Moon. She read Twilight..She wanted to see that movie but we told her to read the book first. And she did..that book is so long too.
Thanksgiving will be nice...kinda sorta...
I always wanted all family to be together and enjoy this day..but unfortunately that is not the case this year..(again). That's OK, I am thankful we are all happy and healthy.
This year's menu includes:


Creamy roasted garlic and onion meatballs
Salami and tomato folds
Fresh vegetables and dip


Eggnog and Captain Morgans Spiced Rum
Buttery Nipples
Sparkling Apple Cider for little people

The Main Course:

1 20lb herb roasted turkey...
Apple and Raisin Stuffing
Turkey Gravy
Cauliflower mash..(I may try this..its still iffy..but substitute the potatoes for smashed cauliflower..)


Home-made Rhubarb Pie w/ crumble topping and vanilla bean ice cream..
(we are ditching the usual pumpkin stuff this year)

Pictures will be posted Friday!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!