Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farmer's Market Ooh La La

I have been wanting to hit up the Little Italy Farmers Market for a long time and I finally got the chance when my neighbor invited me this Saturday.
Parking was a bitch...I think we arrived there around 11-ish? There were a sea of, dogs, babies, musicians, etc. It was friggin' awesome. And oh my holy heck...the smells of every exotic spice and herb from here to Never Never Land was thick in the air. I think the market extended 3 blocks or something. Most, if not all things the merchants were peddling were organic and/or pesticide free. There were stands with local fruits and veggies to organic raw white cheddar sage cheese...which by the way was a total foodgasm in your mouth. I have never tasted anything quite like that. Olive oils from different regions , hummus, meats, fish, eggs, jewelry and cutting boards made of sustainably harvested wood. It was so awesome, I literally could have stayed there the entire time they open (every Saturday 9-1, rain or shine).
I talked to a local farmer about his CSA, since the one we belonged to ended up closing up shop and the farmer went on to other good things.
After strolling through the market we hit up Princess Pub and Grill. That place is way cool, nestled right smack dab in the middle of the whole market. after developing quite a thirst the girls and I went in for some grub and much needed drink. I ordered a portobello shroom burger and it was fantastic! Swiss cheese and grilled onions. I mean really? You could have a piece of wood smothered and grilled onions and it would be tasty! It is the closest you will find in San Diego to an authentic British Pub....they even have Whiskey on tap!
So heres to a fabulous neighbor inviting me to go and also, the dude selling the jerky that encouraged my mister to come next time! Sa-weet!

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Rob Wynne said...

Good story on the Farmer's Market. We joined a CSA in Los Angeles.
- Rob