Saturday, June 30, 2007

What to do?

Justin took the kids to Toy's R Us (for a new family board game) and Trader Joe's and I am sitting here with alone time and I don't know what to do . I am listening to Loreena McKennitt (The Book of Secrets) and drinking some organic Ethiopian coffee. I guess I could clean my house, but what a bore. I do that all the time anyway. I could work on my knitting project..but I think Luna got into my yarn last night.
Its funny, when Justin and I went out alone last time when we had a sitter, we didn't know what to do, or how to act for that matter. we are so used to having the kids in tow. I think we ended up grabbing a bite to eat and go grocery shopping, how exciting!
I feel crummy this morning, I drank a whole bottle of Gewurztraminer all by myself last night. I was outside with the neighbors playing that game, Catch Phrase while the kids played, and before I knew it, the bottle was empty. Weird.

Lately I haven't been so obsessive about mulling over ingredients at the store. I even bought OtterPops. I am just so sick to death of worry about harmful chemicals and all the funky shit they put in products these days. Even Lily is reading labels and looking for high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. She knows if something has either one of those to put it back on the shelf. My neighbor made fun of me last night and said I worry to much. But she also said that all the gunk and chemicals in food would "boost their immune system and preserve the kids," WTF??
Yes it would be easier to just buy whatever..but I want what is best for my kids, who doesn't. It just ridiculous that if you want to feed your family a healthy organic diet you have to fork over a boatload of $ because it cost twice as much as conventional eats. Just like beauty products, and cleaning stuff. Sure I can spend a $1 on Palmolive or whatever, but I end up spending $5 on Ecover or 7th generation. Its better for the planet, yes, and it doesn't sport the harsh ingredients, but damn, it doesn't work good. Just like the laundry soap. I 've tried all kinds of eco friendly suds and the clothes still come out dirty. Maybe its just my family is extra dirty?!? Oh well..
I am sure all the stress and anxiety I have over what to get and feed my family is doing more harm that if I eat a freaking Twinkie..

Friday, June 29, 2007

Books and Poop

I would like to take the kids to the library today. Lily is an avid reader and Jack loves books with dump trucks and cement mixers. He can spout off so many trucks, for example, he's particularly fond of the giant excavator and the front-end loader..not to mention the back-hoe. Lily loves fairy books and scary stuff. She has the whole series of the Disney Fairies, which is about 7 I think. She really likes those funny Wheres Waldo books too. I remember at school last year she came home one day upset because it was the children's library day and she was told that she could not check out the book that she fancied because it was a fifth grade level book. How ridiculous. Aren't the kids suppose to challenge themselves and read books that are a bit more difficult, isn't that how they learn? I phoned the school and spoke with the librarian and gave her a piece of my mind, in a polite, friendly manner of course. She made a special note in Lily's file that she was able to get any book she pleases. The books that were sent home w/ the children in the literacy bag once a week were ridiculously books she would have read in Kindergarten.
Next week we are going to start our project. Lily will spin her globe around with her eyes closed, then point to a random place. Then we will research the place for the week, reading about the history, culture, listening to music of that origin, making tasty treats that are usually found there too. I think it will be fun, and hopefully she does too. Just because schools out doesn't mean the learning stops.
Luna has adjusted quite well to her new non feline family. She is so cozy. She sleeps with us, rotating from Lily, then over to Justin and then me. (Jack does not like her at night because she is so frisky, also because a few nights ago she was under the covers and she crept up and was licking Jacks toes, and that totally freaked him out!) She curls up right on my neck and purrs..adorable!
Its amazing how quickly my babies grow. Lily put on an old Hello Kitty night gown and it was so tiny and short on her, last time we saw that on her it was way longer. She is almost as tall as me. That's not saying much really because I am pushing 5'1 and 1/2!
Jack is just his little man so full of energy, playing with trucks, eating popsicles and harassing his sister. In the evening I take them outside in the front and they play with all the other children. Its so cute to see him ride a razor scooter at 2 years old. He is quite fast and can balance really well. He can keep up with the bigger kids too. Hes not a baby anymore. Lately our nightly dinner talk has revolved around poop. He thinks its hilarious to talk about poop and farting. I ask him "How's your chicken?" He and says "Its good Mom, it taste like poop!" lol "Ewww it smells like chair poop in here," or Wow that looks like fan poop" Huh?!? I guess its a boy thing..He loves to hang w/ Daddy and say over and over, "We're the boys, huh daddy?" and "Mommy and Lily are the girls, but We're the BOYS!" Funny.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Why is religion, or lack there of in my case such a big freaking deal? I am so sick of people that find out that I am not Christian gasp for breath and say,"oh really, why? What do you believe in then? Well perhaps if you just come to my church and..." blah blah blah...

What difference does it make anyway? Seriously.. I don't question others belief or religion..(as long as they don't become too pushy with it and start shoving it in my face) . I had a friend (who moved away) who was a hard core Christian..even played preachy tunes in the car, but we got along fabulously because I told her up front (when we got on that topic) that I was agnostic, borderline atheist and she was accepting of that. Such a rarity these days.
Just like when I was joining the home-school group so Lily could make some friends...I was told it would not be wise of me to mention that I didn't attend and church, nor planned on raising my children in any religious sect and that I would let them figure that out on their own. Why couldn't we just hang out and let kids play and not get the EVIL eye from the holier than thou moms who push religion/god/bible down their childrens throat. Why couldn't we talk about kids, and silly things they do, recipes, or even more important things like the condition of the planet and what we can do to help with the climate crisis for example? Hell, I'll even talk about the lame ass reality shows that are on every channel (yes I watch a few, Hell's Kitchen is my favorite! Gotta love Gordan Ramsey yo!) But apparently if I don't fit with the current Born again stuff, then I am an outcast..*sigh* I will start my own playgroup..anyone one wanna join?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today was so totally boring. We didn't do anything except go to the market for a few things. That lasted a whole whopping 20 minutes. I am the type of person that wants to be busy, be on the go, I guess thats because I am home. ALL THE TIME.
I thought about joining another 'group' but the last time I did that I felt weird. Because there is no happy medium per-say.
I don't fit in with the raw-vegan-natural-organic everything group, but also don't fit in with the 'I don't care what my kids eat or do and frankly don't give a shit' group either. I did join a homeschool group last summer which was cool, except for the fact the moderator told me not to mention I am not a Christian to any of the other mommys. red flags went up and I said adios to that.
Sigh...I am in dire need of adult interaction. And all the friends I have (which is a huge number... 2) are working full time and aren't home during the day.
If I have to hear Lily's Kids Bop or Jesse freaking McCarthy one more time....
at least she likes Jack Johnson..she snagged that cd from me last week.
We are so bored. I don't have a car. And, we've already been to the places that are in walking distance..none of which are fun for kids...except for the ghetto park 20 minutes away, which you pratically have to step over the homeless folk to get to the monkeybars.
Maybe we should hop on the buses and see where we end up...
now that would be an adventure.

Welcome Luna

We got a new kitty yesterday and we named her Luna. She was born May 12 and she is a Siamese mix. She is so cute and the kids love her. Luna slept w/ Lily all night last night during her first night here at our home. Jack especially likes her toys. I hope she doesn't rip our couches to shreds. I guess we'll go get her a scratching post and a kitty condo. I want to have her wear a collar w/ a bell so I know where she is..shes so small! Justin on the other hand is opposed to that idea because he said it would be annoying hearing the tinkering of a bell at night when you are trying to catch some z's.
We are all happy she is with us and look forward to watching her grow up and get to know us.


Here are the pictures I was to post of the kids at Birch Aqaurium and a few others of our yummy organic tomatoes..(which by the way were so awesome and sweet!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cocktails anyone...

Don't know if its just me, but damn, these children of mine have been exceptionally naughty as of late. Especially the little one. Apparently he cannot understand what 'no' means..he is a broken record, asking over and over and over for the same thing. Even if you let him do the 'said' activity he is begging for..when hes done, he starts all over again and seems to just forget that we just did said activity! Watering is his favorite past time, which is great, but he floods the veggies and makes mud piles everywhere. If he wasn't so damn cute...
And the bigger one...sigh..its all about attitude. Where does she get this shit? I mean really..
We tell her time and time again..all you have to do is listen to your parents and your set, your trouble..but I guess she didn't even listen to that advice either.
Yesterday was a crappy day..I needed to get away. For like 40 minutes I wanted to sit at the pool..alone, read, have a drink and just have my own time. I can't even go to the bathroom, take a shower, check the mail, anything without Jack freaking out..he is so attached to me..not Justin, me..its great and hes my boy, but I am feeling suffocated and I feel like shit saying that. But its got so bad. If we're all in bed and I get up for a drink of water he'll cry and scream bloody murder.
today so far is going great. I will probably take the kids to the pool. I am doing laundry and I finally got enough sleep last night to function properly today,(that's a whole other issue, I cannot sleep, seriously ,I will lay there for hours and maybe sleep 2 hours if i am lucky) Tonight maybe I will have some cocktails and hope I will doze off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ho Hum....

As of late I don't have much to blog about. Same ol' stuff, daily grind. I am constantly cleaning, feeding, cooking, cleaning some more, breaking up fights, getting snacks, playing toys, bathing,and wiping poopy butts (Jack hasn't mastered that art yet, still working on it). Now I have some alone time which is great. Lily is outside playing and Jack is napping. We spent all morning outside, kids riding bikes and scooters. We even brought out the schoolhouse tent outside. Then we had a picnic on the grass. I took Lily and her friend swimming. Jack can't get in as the chlorine will make his eczema worse. I have been giving both the kids flax and cod liver oil 2x daily and his eczema is slowly fading, thank goodness.
Lily is constantly on the phone these days...its weird. If shes not chatting with her friends she wants to play video games..(I wonder where she gets that from, lol). She even asked me last night when she can get her own cell phone. WHAT!?! are only 7!!! Sheesh!
I am making fajitas for dinner..haven't had that for awhile... those are always a hit. Saturday we are going to take the kids to the Birch Aquarium, I will post pictures later.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Schools Out!

Today is Lily's last day of school. The year went by so quickly, I can't believe shes going to be a third grader now! The weather has started to feel like summer. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees. This evening we are getting pizza for the kids and we (the neighbors and us) will take them out to play in the circle or swim. I think it will just be bikes and scooters, because i don't want to take Jack in the pool because the chlorine will make his eczema worse..if thats even possible. Its getting so bad. I am getting some powdered goat milk to use when I bathe him. The almond oil doesn't seem to work like it used to when he was and infant.
Justin bought me a new blender last night. I have been on a smoothie kick ...and strawberry dacquiris(sp?) and the old one was on the verge of breaking. The gals and I are having some fru fru drinks tonight outside. Fun! We recently made mojitos..that was time we are trying it w/ the raspberry Bacardi.
Jack has been obsessivley watching Toy Story...everyday....he sits there and laughs hysterically at some of the toys..its so cute. He loves the tiny, green, plastic army men.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Park Fun

This morning we took the kids to a park. It was a beautiful morning. The kids had fun. Tonights dinner is salmon cakes w/ steamed broccoli...and dessert..moose tracks!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Random musings....

Things have been pretty busy around here.. we painted Jack's room a color called 'zesty lime' its great. A citrus,bright green, looks great in contrast with his bedding which is dark blue w/ planets. Lily's room is next and it will be 'vintage violet'.
Our tomatoes are growing so fast and getting huge1 last count was 45 cherry and 5 beefsteak! This evening we are going to pick some of the cherry tomatoes and munch away. Lily's last day of school is Thursday. They are having a party and I think Jack and I will go to this one. I volunteered to bring some goodies which will be 2 bags of Pirate Booty(Jack's fav) and some Newman O's..a more healthy,organic alternative to Oreo's.

I took the kids to school yesterday and on the way home I decided to stop in this barber shop and have them give it a go with Jack's hair. He has great red curls, but it was getting alittle outta hand..even gel and hairspray couldn't contain those locks! It was very cute yes, but since summer is approaching I thought it would be much cooler on his wee little head. He was such a wiggle worm, he was terrified of all the old Italian men there hovering over him and bribing him w/ candy. It turned out great. I don't see how they do that with out cutting themselves or messing up the haircut. It is a very short cut..he looks so much older, like a little dude, a marine even! I will post pictures soon.
We bought a new computer and I don't know how to get the pictures downloaded as of yet! No one is allowed to touch his 'new do' either, he will get mad and say 'don't touch, you'll mess up my hair!'

In other news, Jack is finally potty trained! He was such a stubborn boy about this, I thought he would be 4 and be in a diaper. He was way harder than Lily was. She was done in a week. the beginning of the week, he just decided to start telling me he had to go potty. He even stayed dry over night the other night, I still put him in a pull up just in case. He even was doing the pee pee dance when he had to go a few days ago. They have BuzzLight Year and Woody on them, (which is his current favorite)

Today Justin and I are getting some alone time. Lina is watching the children and we are going to lunch and a movie! Thank goodness! We need a break. Tomrrow , off to the farm where they have a huge chemical free garden full of seasonal goods, now its strawberriess. We did it last year and they were the best strawberries...EVER!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Tween at its best...

Lily is growing up so quickly..going through so many changes in her life. At almost 8 she is very mature and insanely smart. She is the top student in her class and aces every spelling test she has on Fridays.

This past weekend she was invited to her friend Angela's birthday party..ok, that sounds fun, but was also a slumber party! We were very hesitant at first. I had already met the parents, as Lily hosted a girlie lunch here, including Angela and 2 other girls. We decided it was ok. We dropped her off at 2pm Sat. I sent her with my cell phone so she could call us and we could call her.
She had a blast! We picked up at 11ish Sunday. Needless to say I couldn't sleep a wink Sat night. She was so tired. Apparently the girls didn't go to sleep until after midnight and woke up 6ish... She took a nap when she came home.
Its weird, all these little girls call the house for least 2 different ones a day, and Lily will go chat it up in her room with the cordless phone. She then puts on some music Vanessa Hudgens or Hanah Montanah. She even got phone calls while she was away at the slumber party.
Its exciting to see her growing up and becoming so independent..but it also makes me a little baby girl is approaching the tween stage..Yikes!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Damn Ankle

A few years back I broke my right ankle, it was the most insanely painful experience..(right up there with being sliced opened and having 2 babies removed). It took awhile to heal, but it did, slowly. No problems.
Wednesday I went to yoga class and and it started to ache, then 20 minutes later it was pulsating and hurting like hell. I stuck it out for 45 minutes, then in between asanas I had to motion to my instructor that I had to leave the room as I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore. I feel like a complete failure. I was doing so good with the yoga, I didn't even get dizzy or feel light -headed and did not even have to take a break. (the first class I had to sit in savasana like 8 times!) I went to the locker room and just sobbed. So disappointed that I couldn't just suck it up and deal with it and focus and get past the pain. The one time I found (w/ Cryssy's help) something for me, something that made me feel amazing I can no longer do. Disappointment is putting it lightly. Justin said maybe there is another type of yoga I could do, but most if not all yoga is about focus/balance/strength/ I can't balance let alone focus with a lame ankle.I really liked this yoga. The second time in class I wasn't bothered by the 110 degree atmosphere we were in. ( I thought it was 105, but I was corrected by the instructor that is was indeed 110).
I feel like my body is just crumbling to pieces..I am deathly afraid that my ankle will break again. I guess I need some extra calcium and perhaps some glucosomine w/ condroitin..but I think the latter is for joints.. what..??? I need a brace for my ankle but I don't want to be dependent on it. It hurts in the middle on the night, it hurts (not all the time) when just walking around the house. Damn ankle...